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Real Time Geofence In Or Out Alerts

Instantly be notified when trailer enters or leaves geofence. Option to get more frequent updates when leaving a geofence.

Updates Based On Time Interval Or Movement

Configure for timed update (upto 6 times daily) or based on movement. Get alerts when unit starts moving, stops moving.

Magnetic Mount Option For Quick Install

Screw the units on to assets or attach it with built in magnets

Triangulation Mode When There Is No GPS

When indoors, locate it with triangulation.

Perform Yard Checks

Know exactly location of trailer, when it is loaded, unloaded and detached.

Estimate Detention

Secure money for detention times using Matrack Trailer and Asset solutions.

Aggressive Mode for

Get real time locations when trailer is stolen. Tracker can be set to aggressive mode easily from platform

Tractor Attach and

Know precisely the location of the trailer in relation to tractors.

GPS Trailer Tracking Case Studies

GPS Trailer Tracking Case Studies

Gps Trailer Trackers & Asset Tracking Solutions

We provide user friendly and economical solutions to asset and GPS trailer tracking, thereby providing revolutionary affordable and straightforward solutions to individuals and companies. We also provide expert and timely technical and customer support; continuously adapting and adjusting to each individual and company’s unique needs.

MA-Asset Classic
GPS Trailer Tracker
  • Data Network: 4G LTE
  • Dimensions: 2.87in X 2.4in X 1.69in
  • 1 minute installation
  • 2 pings per day
  • Built-in magnets attaching to metal surfaces
  • Battery life up to 7 years
  • Best coverage with AT&T SIMs
  • Geofence alerts via email/SMS
  • Repo mode for asset recovery


Introducing our new asset tracker, the best and most convenient tool for preventing unauthorized use of your assets. This asset tracker is perfect for many asset types, including such as detachable trailers, vintage autos, boats, construction equipment and RVs. It can survive the most extreme conditions. Its casing and structure make it both water-resistant and weather-proof.

The MA-Asset Classic is considered to be our standard in the world of asset tracking systems, simple sturdy and with enduring battery power, this piece of equipment practically sells itself.

Key Specifications

  • Dimension : 7.3cm X 6.1cm X 4.3cm (2.87in X 2.4in X 1.69in)
  • Weight : 204g (7.2oz)
  • Battery : 3.6V Lithium, 13Ah
  • Current consumption : ~10.4mA per day for reporting every 12 hours
  • Supported bands : 4G LTE: 12(700MHz), 5(850MHz), 4(1700MHz) and 2(1900MHz) 3G UMTS: 5(850MHz), 2(1900MHz)
  • GPS : Accuracy: 2.5m, Coldstart: 29s, Hotstart: 1s
  • Navigation : Update rate: 18Hz (Max.), Sensitivity: -166 dBm
  • Operational limits : Altitude: 50,000m (164042ft), Velocity: 500m/s
  • Operating temperature : -25OC to +65OC (-13OF to 149 OF)
  • Storage temperature : -40OC to +85OC (-40 OF to 185 OF)

Installation Guidance

  • The device needs to have as much access to the open as possible to retain a connection to GPS satellites
  • Device cannot have full metal enclosures.
  • Do NOT place the device in the glovebox, trunk, middle of the undercarriage, in wheel well, inside metal bumper or any enclosed space.
  • We suggest placement of the tracker under or behind the driver or passenger seat or underneath the vehicle as close to the edge as possible.
MA-Hardwire Classic
GPS Trailer Tracker
  • Data Network: 4G LTE Cat M1
  • Dimensions: 2.75in X 1.97in X 1.05in
  • Real time location alerts
  • Real time tracking
  • Hard braking, hard acceleration
  • Engine running data
  • Works seamlessly with Matrack Dispatch and Fleet management


A discreet, tamper resistant device specialized for Fleets and Transport Services. The MA Hardwired Classic GPS tracking device sets the standard for vehicle monitoring and fleet management. With its compact design, direct battery connection, and expansive feature package, this real time tracker can be covertly wired in the vehicle.

Key Specifications

    GPS Specification :
    • Receiver Type : 50 Channels
    • Receiver Sensitivity:-161 dBm
    Power Specifications
    • D.C Power 10-16 VDC
    Physical Connection
    • Power and input/output :14 pin Micro Fit Connector
    • Case Material:ABS plastic, Dimensions: 2.0? X 1.8? X 1?
    • Weight : < 2 oz, Operating Temperature: -30°C to +70° C
    • Storage Temperature:-30°C to +70°C
    • PTCRB
    • FCC
    • Verizon

Installation Guidance

  • The device comes with three mounting options: screws, double sided tape and magnet. The mounting kit which comes with device includes screws only.
  • 3M Weld Tape and Mounting Magnets are optional. Do not install under the hood or in an enclosed space surrounded by metals.
  • The device needs adequate access to GPS signals, so make sure that the install position provides this access.
  • It can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle/trailer and must have access to the open sky. Make sure the blue and green LEDs on the unit are blinking.
  • A. Normal Ignition: Connect all 3 (red, black and white) wires during the installation. It&apo;s the default mode of operation and all features are available.
  • B. Virtual Ignition: Connect only red and white wires during installation. Most suitable for installing on trailers, RVs or assets where ignition wires are unavailable. The tracker is powered by the battery and updates based on the movement of the vehicle. Ignition ON/OFF and Engine status reports are not available.
MA-Hardwire Silver
GPS Trailer Tracker
  • Data Network: LTE (FDD)
  • Dimensions: 2.4in x 1.8in x 1.1in
  • IP67 case, suited for heavy industrial use
  • 1 month long back up battery
  • Real time location
  • Vehicle running or Equipment use data


A discreet, waterproof, tamper-resistant device powered by solar panel. Most convenient tool for making sure your property goes nowhere. Just attach it and forget it! This device is a perfect fit for assets such as detachable trailers, vintage autos, boats, construction equipment, and RVs.

As our most environmentally conscious and eco-friendly asset tracking device, the MA Hardwired Gold is in a class of its own. This tracker also revolutionizes the world of GPS asset tracking by granting you the ultimate freedom to deploy the device without ever having to worry about physically accessing and retrieving it.

Key Specifications

  • Dimension : (30.5 x 68.6 x 104.1 mm)
  • Harness connector : 8-pin circular bayone
  • Serial Interface : UART
  • Optional I/O : 2 Digital Input, 3 ADC Inputs
  • Multi-function button : WiFi/BLE Pairing, device wake-up
  • GPS : Accuracy: 2.5m, Coldstart: 29s, Hotstart: 1s
  • Operating Temperature :–22 °F to 158 °F (–30 °C to 70 °C)
  • DC Power : DC 8-30 V
  • Internal Battery :1 Ah Li–Ion battery
  • Receiver Type :72 channel
  • Tracking Sensitivity* :–165 dBm
  • Accuracy* :+/– 2.5 CEP
  • TTFF Cold Start*:27 seconds (Typical)
  • TTFF Cold Start*:1 second (Typical)
  • Certifications:FCC, PTCRB, IC, AT&T
    • 1)LTE FDD Bands:2, 4, 12
    • 2)Power Class:3 (23 dBm)
    • 3)SMS:MT / MO
    • 4)LTE Cat. 1 ,3GPP Release 13 ,Frequency Division Duplex
    • (FDD) ,Power Class 3 (23 dBm)

Installation Guidance

  • The mounting kit which comes with device includes screws only. 3M Weld Tape and Mounting Magnets are optional.
  • Do not install under the hood or in an enclosed space surrounded by metals.
  • The device needs adequate access to GPS signals, so make sure that the install position provides this access.
  • It can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle/trailer and must have access to the open sky. Make sure the blue and green LEDs on the unit are blinking.
  • Connect only red and white wires during installation. Most suitable for installing on trailers, RVs or assets where ignition wires are unavailable.

Industry Best Trailer Tracking Solution

Matrack GPS Trackers provide asset management solution to efficiently manage your fleet and to monitor driver activities to prevent any vehicle misuse. Our GPS trailer tracking system can help decrease cost and improve the overall productivity of your business.

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GeoFence Push Notification
  • Get instant email/text alerts
  • Realtime geofence in and out alerts
  • Unlimited alerts
  • Manage the geofence radius in a click
  • Allocate different geofences to each vehicle
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Create your own subgroups for your loved one or teammates
  • Create your own subgroups for your loved ones or teammates
  • Create unlimited Subgroups
  • Facility to add new users to platform with individual logins
  • Subgroups can allocate particular vehicles to their list
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All new dashboard with user friendly UI
  • Easy to use
  • Create unlimited Subgroups
  • Adaptable to any IOS/Android devices
  • Uniquely Featured and analytically loaded
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Stay connected with your vehicle/asset through Real time Tracking
  • Customized tracking subscriptions
  • Unlimited tracking
  • Various alerts like Tow Alert, Ignition On /Off, Low battery alert, Speed alert etc
  • All new 4G connectivity
  • Easy recovery in case of theft
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Vehicle safety score reports
  • Total miles driven
  • Miles driven at or above 80 mph
  • Hard or extreme breaking activity
  • Time spent driving very late at night
  • Monitor and generate driver behavior reports easily


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Tracking Platform
Card image
Tracking History
Card image
Geo Fence
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Travel Log Report

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The Very Best GPS Tracker For Trailers

Matrack trailer tracker solutions give you up to the date and pin point information in real time. Get insights into the location, use and details of your trailers and assets. GPS with real time ephemeris enabled provides pin point location at all time and under all conditions. Track trailers, heavy machinery, lawnmovers, construction equipment. Login to Matrack to use trailers with dispatch, ELD and fleet management.

  • See Location In Real Time
  • Access Drive & Operator Behavior
  • Tracking Electronic Driver Logs
  • Know when Asset Leave Designated Area
  • Track Maintenance Needs

Matrack Advantage

The Matrack trailer and asset tracking solution is built on a platform of extreme hardware reliability, round the clock customer support, inhouse hardware innovation that gives an unprecedented lifetime of up to 5 years and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. All of this works in tandem with the Matrack ELD and fleet management solution

Predict Usage, Ensure Timely Maintenance

Ensure highest trailer utilization for all your trailers and assets. Ensure timely and prompt maintenance to prevent. Use Matrack Maintenance Monitor to schedule and review historical maintenance. Use color coded in field mapping technology to ensure maintenance of actively used equipment

Empower Your Fleet.
Get Real Results.

Manage your fleet with fewer resources. Maximize output by organizing, scheduling, appointing jobs and deliveries to your drivers with our integrated Dispatch platform. In a field-based delivery operation, when your drivers are beyond the reach, you truly need to recognize what is happening. Integrate fleet maintenance software with your asset management systems to track and analyze increasingly complex driver and vehicle data.

Our Customer Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can someone assist with GPS tracker for my trailer?

You can reach tech support 24*7 via email at For phone support, we are available Monday through Friday 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM PST.

Can I use GPS for trailers to locate my lost or stolen trailers?

Yes. In fact, Matrack Trailer trackers have in-built aggressive tracking mode that helps in theft prevention. In case your vehicle/trailer is stolen, the real time location tracking feature allows fast recovery, thereby minimising your losses.

Is there a warranty for the devices?

Yes, we provide one year warranty for the trailer tracker.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

Depending on the plan selected and the device type, there will be a monthly fee for availing the tracking services.

Is there any hidden fees or charges?

There are NO hidden charges and NO contracts also.

How long does the battery lasts?

Low power consumption gives the trailer tracker a stellar battery life of up to 7 years

Can I see a demo of the GPS trailer tracker before I buy it?

Yes. Of course! All you need to do is to contact our experienced and friendly sales staff, and we can schedule a meeting for demo accordingly.

Does the GPS tracker provide state mileage and fuel tax reports?

Yes, the trailer tracker by Matrack provides reports for state mileage and fuel tax. With our trailer tracker, you can get free IFTA reports for all the vehicles in your fleet. There are no additional or hidden charges for the same