Act Fast To Protect Your Assets

Act Fast To Protect Your Assets

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there are around 5000 boat thefts per year.  The Boat Owners Association of the United States (Boats US) notes that thefts are always one of the top 10 insurance claims and often– are total losses. As for motorcycles, the National Crime Bureau reports 1 motorcycle is stolen every 11 minutes across the country and only 30% of them are ever recovered.  Bicycle theft is on the rise, according to FBI statistics.  The increasing popularity of bicycling as a sport and a means of transportation have made bicycles an easy target for thieves.  It is estimated that over 1.5 million bicycles are stolen every year.  In all, the FBI averages that about $6 billion dollars were lost to motor theft in 2017. The average loss per theft was $7,708.

Possessions such as boats, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, RV’s and trailers are precious to us.  We use them for our practical daily transportation needs and also for spending time quality time with our spouse, children, and friends.  Countless memorable vacations and relaxing moments are spent out on the lake in our boat, taking cross country road trips in our RV’s and cars, or mountain biking through the hills.  We rely on them for our livelihood, recreation, relaxation, exercise, travel, and more.  The reality is though, most of the time, these possessions have been acquired through tiresome hard work and endless savings.  If we don’t protect our assets well, we risk losing invaluable belongings and cherished time with our loved ones.

While all of the statistics of theft seem daunting, Matrack has developed an affordable and consumer-friendly product to protect your assets.  By using Matrack’s MA-Asset Classic, the world’s most compact asset tracker, you can make sure that you won’t lose any money on your hard earned assets.  This GPS tracking device is both weatherproof and water resistant, which is a must for this time of year.  You will receive SMS alerts and can even set up geofencing with the device.  The battery life is for 3 years so you can rest assured that you can keep all your assets safe all year long.  Don’t risk losing what you have worked so hard to get.  Protect your assets and share and enjoy them for generations to come.

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