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How to Secure Your Trailer from Theft in 7 Genius Ways?

Imagine you are on a road trip, and it’s time to rest for the night. You park your trailer in a dimly lit place. Little do you know, thieves are lurking nearby. How can you protect thieves from making your valuable cargo vanish into thin air? Here comes the urgent need for trailer tracking. 

CargoNet’s 2022 data reveals that the average value of stolen cargo increased by 20% this year, reaching $214,104. California witnessed 417 reported cargo thefts in 2022, a 41% year-over-year increase, followed by Texas with 223 and Florida with 153. Don’t let your business become a statistic. 

Learn how to outsmart thieves and keep your cargo safe with our expert advice. Explore seven genius ways to secure your trailer and have peace of mind.

Why are trailers targets for theft?

Picture this: You saved your trailer during the road trip and have just returned home with your trusty trailer. But as you pull into your driveway, you can’t help but wonder: Why are trailers such hot targets for theft?


First, it’s all about accessibility. Thieves often target trailers parked in driveways or alongside the road, waiting for an opportunity to hitch them up and drive away. Thieves find them easy pickings for a quick score.

High Resale Value

Then there’s the resale value. Trailers can fetch a pretty penny on the black market. Their parts can be sold individually to earn a high price. That means they are tempting prizes for criminals looking to turn a stolen trailer into hard cash.

Low-Security Areas

Moreover, trailers commonly reside in low-security areas. Think about it: when did you last see a trailer secured behind multiple layers of security, like a fancy car or a house? Not often, right? This lack of protection makes them even more enticing to thieves. 

So, to sum it up, trailers are irresistible to thieves because they are easy to access, have a high resale value, and are often found in low-security spots. To keep your trailer safe, invest in quality locks, store it securely, and consider using tracking devices to deter potential thieves. It is very important to secure your trailer by incorporating genius strategies and tricks.

Basics of trailer security: 101 Guide

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable cargo or even your trailer itself, common-sense measures can make a world of difference.


Common sense is often a mighty rescuer when it comes to trailer tracking. Practical and easy-on-the-go measures are lifesavers. We need to make sure that thieves don’t have a golden ticket and that our trailer is served to them on a plate.

Locking the Hitch

First and foremost, locking the hitch is a fundamental step. Imagine you are making a stop on your road trip, and you decide to grab a bite to eat. By simply locking your trailer hitch, you deter opportunistic thieves who might try to hitch up your trailer and drive off while you are enjoying your meal. It is a quick, easy, and effective way to protect your investment.

Parking in well-lit areas

Another vital aspect is where you park. Always aim for well-lit areas when leaving your trailer unattended. Dark, secluded spots are a thief’s dream, providing cover for their misdeeds. On the other hand, a well-lit parking lot or a spot under a streetlamp can be a strong deterrent. Thieves prefer to operate in the shadows, and good lighting can make them think twice. 

It all comes down to taking these common-sense steps. Lock your hitch to prevent easy theft, and choose well-lit areas to discourage criminals. Doing so will significantly reduce the risk of becoming a target and ensure a safer journey for you and your trailer.

7 Ways to Secure Your Trailer from Theft

After a series of analyses, our experts have come up with these seven genius ways to secure your trailer from theft:

Invest in high-quality locks

When it comes to trailer security, your first line of defense is investing in high-quality locks. Two main types stand out: hitch locks and wheel locks. 

Hitch Locks

These locks secure your trailer to the hitch on your towing vehicle. They prevent thieves from easily unhitching your trailer and making off with it. Look for hitch locks made of heavy-duty materials like hardened steel. A popular recommendation is the MasterLock 389 DAT, known for its robust construction and exceptional design. 

Wheel Locks

Wheel locks immobilize your trailer by clamping onto one or more of its wheels. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to move your trailer without removing the lock. According to our experts, the Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock is a top choice, praised for its durability and ease of use.

Use GPS tracking devices

GPS trailer trackers are powerful tools to avoid theft. They work by constantly transmitting the trailer’s location to your smartphone or a designated monitoring service. When considering GPS trackers for trailers, opt for models with real-time tracking capabilities, such as Matrack GPS Tracking. This allows you to track your trailer’s movement immediately. It is known for its accuracy and reliability in providing real-time location information.

Install security cameras

Installing security cameras around your trailer provides an extra layer of protection. CCTV cameras are pretty useful as they capture evidence in cases of theft. Place cameras strategically to cover all angles, especially focusing on vulnerable areas like doors and hitches.

Chain Your Trailer to an Immovable Object

Another effective method is chaining your trailer to an immovable object. But remember, not all chains are created equal. Invest in high-strength chains, preferably ones designed for securing heavy equipment. Pair these chains with sturdy padlocks to create an additional barrier against theft. Anchor your trailer to substantial objects like concrete bollards or securely anchored posts for maximum effectiveness.

Use security alarms

Security alarms are a sound choice to deter potential thieves. Two main types of alarms stand out: motion sensor alarms and break-in alarms.

Motion sensor alarms

These alarms detect any movement in and around your trailer. They trigger an audible alarm or send notifications to your phone, alerting you to potential theft attempts. Look for models with adjustable sensitivity to avoid false alarms due to minor movements. 

Break-in Alarms

Break-in alarms activate when someone attempts to force their way into your trailer. They often emit a loud siren or send alerts to your phone. Choosing an alarm system with tamper-resistant features is essential to ensuring effectiveness. Consider systems from reputable brands known for their reliability in keeping your trailer safe.

Employ vehicle immobilization techniques

Vehicle immobilization techniques add an extra layer of security to your trailer. Two common methods are booting and electronic disabling systems. 


Booting involves attaching a heavy-duty wheel clamp, often called a “boot,” to your trailer’s wheel. It immobilizes the trailer, making it extremely challenging to move. 

Electronic Disabling Systems

These systems disable your trailer’s electrical or fuel systems, preventing it from starting or moving without the proper authorization. Some systems even allow remote control via a smartphone app.

Increase Visibility

Increasing the visibility of your trailer not only deters thieves but also helps in recovery if it is stolen. Here are two strategies: 

Conspicuous Markings

Apply conspicuous markings or decals to your trailer. These can include unique patterns, reflective tape, or bright colors. Thieves are less likely to target a trailer that stands out, as it’s easier to spot and identify. 

Registering with a Trailer Security Database

Many regions have trailer security databases where you can register your trailer’s information, including its make, model, and VIN. In cases of theft, law enforcement can use this data to track and recover your trailer more efficiently. 

By investing in high-quality locks, utilizing GPS tracking devices for trailers like the Matrack GPS Tracking Device, installing security cameras, chaining your trailer to immovable objects, using security alarms, employing vehicle immobilization techniques, and increasing visibility, you can create a formidable defence against trailer theft. Remember, precautions are better than cures. It is always better to prevent theft than deal with the aftermath, so take these proactive measures to safeguard your trailer.

Additional Tips To Prevent Trailer Theft

Still not convinced? Worry not; we got you. Here are a few additional tips to consider:

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Don’t underestimate the power of a vigilant community. Joining or starting a neighbourhood watch program can significantly enhance your trailer’s protection. When neighbours look out for each other, it becomes much harder for thieves to operate unnoticed. Share your security concerns with your neighbours and encourage everyone to keep an eye out for suspicious activity near your trailers. Remember, an extra set of watchful eyes can be a game-changer. 

Using Multiple Security Measures

A multi-layered approach to security is your best bet. Don’t rely on a single security measure; combine several to create a formidable defense. For example, use high-quality locks, install security cameras, employ an alarm system, and utilize a GPS tracking device simultaneously. Think about it: thieves would not want to attack a trailer with multiple security layers. 

Seasonal Considerations

Be mindful of seasonal factors that can affect trailer security. For instance, during the winter months, when trailers might sit idle for longer periods, ensure they are well protected. Snow can obscure security camera lenses, and cold weather can affect the battery life of GPS tracking devices. Regularly check and maintain your security measures for changing weather conditions and seasonal challenges. 

By implementing these additional tips alongside the previous seven genius ways, you will create a comprehensive security strategy to safeguard your trailer year-round.


So, how are you feeling now knowing that your trailer is finally secured?

Throughout this guide, we have highlighted seven genius ways to secure your trailer, from investing in high-quality locks to using GPS trailer trackers. We have also touched on additional tips like neighbourhood watch programs, multiple security measures, and seasonal considerations. 

Now, it’s time to take action. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your trailer today, whether it’s for business or leisure. Imagine the relief of knowing your trailer and its valuable cargo are protected, whether you are on the road or parked at home. 

Safeguarding your trailer from theft is not just a smart move; it is a necessity to protect your investments and enjoy peace of mind during your travels. 

You are not only preventing robbers by establishing these security measures and remaining watchful; you are also guaranteeing that your trailer remains under your control. So go ahead and invest in the proper locks, install those cameras, and set up that GPS trailer tracking. You are responsible for the safety of your trailer, and with these brilliant techniques, you can hit the road with confidence and enjoy your adventures to the utmost.