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Crosby Anderson Achieves 100% Customer Satisfaction with Matrack ELD


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Crosby Anderson Freights is a medium sized trucking company, serving many clients all over the United States. The company was incorporated in 2016, and with the changes in HoS rules and ELD mandate, Percy Crosby, the fleet manager for Crosby Anderson approached Matrack Incorporation for best solutions in electronic logging devices and related services:


Challenges faced before opting For Matrack’s ELD:

As a fleet manager, Percy Crosby was faced with the challenge of ensuring that all their drivers functioned within the rules of Hours of Service, as laid down by DoT. He wanted a solution that could help in adhering with DoT rules, as well as help in overcoming the following challenges:

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Hours Of Service

It was difficult to keep an authentic track of the number of hours a driver was actually on duty and driving, along with ensuring that no regulations of Hours of Service were being broken.

Wasting Precious Time

Keeping a track of idle time was challenging. Quite often the driver and vehicle would spend unnecessary time waiting for proper instructions at loading/unloading dock, wasting precious organisational resources.

Vehicle Whereabouts

Once the vehicle was out of the office/work area, it was hard to maintain constant communication with the drivers, and frustrating to keep asking them of their whereabouts.

Driver/Vehicle Safety

There was a possibility that drivers drove at a faster speed, thereby risking their own safety along with the vehicle and cargo, as well as other drivers on the road.

Minimize Expense

The organisation also wanted a way to minimise their expenses towards the fines they had to pay for violation of DoT rules.

Crosby Anderson Freight



How Matrack has benefited Crosby Anderson?

Crosby Anderson Freight, Inc. has been able to minimise its cost and maximise the use of its resources to have an optimal outcome. After getting Matrack ELD services, Mr. Crosby mentions the following benefits to their organisation:

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As it is easier to track vehicle location and movement because of the ELD, the company has been able to be in contact with their vehicles and drivers. This has helped them in minimising the wait time at a client’s dock, and create time-saving routes to ensure the maximum utilization of driver’s permitted working hours.


The organisation has also been able to minimise its expenses towards the maintenance of its vehicles as our fleet management system provides real-time information about engine diagnostics, fuel consumption and waste management, and also monitoring of engine coolant temperature and battery level.

Fuel Management

Mr. Crosby also found that through our ELD solution, he can monitor the usage of fuel, and thus eliminate the chances of any fraud or discrepancy. The data related to fuel is recorded automatically, and in most cases cannot be edited by unauthorized person. Our FMS has helped the organisation in streamlining the entire operation of the fleet, from identifying idle vehicles, to easier allocation, establishing a route, keeping clients updated, generating important reports, as well as compliance with various rules and regulations. Because all the available resources are used to their maximum capacity, Crosby Anderson Freight, Inc. have been able to improve their overall cost efficiency.


Why Crosby Anderson Freight Inc. chose Matrack?

Mr. Percy Crosby was looking for a solution that not only catered to all his challenges as a fleet manager, but also helped him in utilizing the organisational resources to the best of their capacity. He wanted to have more authentic and untampered records of driving hours in order to minimise his biggest expenses – the fines towards various violations. He looked for an ELD solution that would be easier to adapt, while also make the organizational functions more effective and productive. From several competitive ELD brands, Mr. Crosby chose Matrack Incorporation ELD solution for the following reasons:

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Complete Compliance:

Matrack devices and FMS (fleet management system) are FMCSA approved and compliant. The devices record driving hour’s data automatically, thereby helping in complete compliance of DoT’s Hours of Service rules.

Authentic Data:

As all the data is recorded automatically with minimal intervention from the drivers or other staff, the data such collected is absolutely authentic and correct.


Matrack’s USP is customer service, and we pride on our relationship with our clients. If you get in touch with us, we will always ensure to answer and offer the best possible solution to your query. We also have one of the most proactive service staff to assist our clients in every way we can. Our customer support team is available 24 hours throughout the year. Matrack Incorporation offers high-end product and cutting edge FMS platform at a very competitive price, making it affordable for fleet companies of every size.

Installation and Usage:

One of the biggest advantages of getting a Matrack ELD is that they very easy to install, and do not need any expert help. The hardware and the software system are designed so that they work seamlessly to provide user-friendly experience. Our devices are also simple in execution, and driver, staff, or fleet manager need to only input minimal instructions. There is no requirement of expert training for anyone.

Taxes and Reports:

Matrack also has intelligent device and smart software that work in tandem to collect all relevant information and generate required reports making it easier for the fleet managers in filing taxes and other important documentation.


To make things even more simpler, our FMS can be easily downloaded on any device, through which any authorised person can access information of location, mileage, drivers on duty, and much more.

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