Dash Cam Guide – Read This Guide Before Getting A Dash Cam For Your Fleet!
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Dash Cam Guide – Read This Guide Before Getting A Dash Cam For Your Fleet!
AndrewJune 17, 2022Dashcams

Dash Cam Guide – Read This Guide Before Getting A Dash Cam For Your Fleet!

The use of video dashcams has increased dramatically in recent years. The days of providing only low-resolution, narrow perspectives of the street in front of the vehicle are long gone. These tools combine broad views with crystal-clear imagery and artificial intelligence to monitor many aspects of driving.

While there are several kinds of dash cams, people with dual-dealing cameras can enjoy the features of advanced technology. These dash cams can track and recognize drowsy driving, fatigue, and distracted driving. Forward-best cameras capture what takes place in front of the vehicle, while dual-dealing with dash cams show what takes place in the cabin along with the street.

We’ll examine the advantages of dash cams for fleets, the multiple kinds available, and how to choose the best one for your fleet below!

What Are Dash Cams For Fleets, And Why Do You Need Them? 

Truck dash cams, also known as dash cameras, are small cameras that attach to the truck’s windscreen or rear-view mirror to protect the front and rear of the vehicle. They give truck drivers and fleet operators more authority over their fleet’s security by capturing video evidence of reckless driving, dangerous events, and accident context.

Dash cams have been the industry’s principal incident minimization tools for several years. They are an efficient and dependable method of protecting your fleet from fraudulent insurance claims. We can assist you in making the best decision for your fleet, whether you want to enforce an innovative dash cam program or want to optimize your current system. Because dash cam technology is constantly evolving, staying up to date on the various data processing and camera varieties accessible can help you build the system you need. When you supervise a fleet, security is of the utmost importance. It is also critical to ensure that your drivers control the vehicle safely.

“Tiredness and fatigue can affect your ability to focus long before you’re aware you’re getting tired. Fatigue-related crashes are frequently more severe because the driver’s reaction time and ability to maneuver to avoid or mitigate a crash are delayed,” said Jeff Maconaghy, President of Encompass Risk Solution. “

Dash cams can be beneficial in this situation. Dual-facing dash cams can utilize artificial intelligence to gather data like tiredness and inattentiveness, then instantly generate a notification in the cabin to notify the driver that they’re not focusing. In the meantime, fleet managers can monitor alerts and track driver behavior.

In the event of an accident, installing a dash cam is a great way to protect your company from false claims. According to research, passenger vehicles are to blame for nearly 80% of truck-and-passenger vehicle collisions.

Dash Cam Features You Should Keep In Mind

When it comes to dash cams, there are numerous options. Which is best for you and your fleet? Whatever option you choose, ensure that your cameras capture high-resolution footage that you can access at your convenience.

Before selecting the best dash cam for your fleet, consider the following features:


All of the fancy dash cam features will be useless if the documented footage is not accessible in the future. Micro SD cards or memory cards with preset storage limits or web dash cams that instantly share footage to the Cloud, minimizing the need for manual retrieval, are the two most popular storage options.

Real-Time HD Footage

What good is all that video if you can’t view it for several hours from the incident? Your truck dash cam will notify you via email or mobile if an incident has occurred recently, thanks to its real-time video capabilities. You can obtain the recordings as soon as it happens by logging into the system. You can respond better to your situation and determine if and how much you need to be involved. If there is a court case, you can use the video (as evidence) to acquit your driver, saving you money on legal bills, time spent waging your lawsuit, and the emotional baggage that comes with a legal battle.

Internet Connection

WiFis and car-embedded network connections allow dash cam footage to upload to the Cloud easily.


Suction cups or hardeners can mount dash cams on your vehicle. Adhesive attachments are a high-quality option that provides quick, simple, and secure installation.

24/7 Safety

Fleet managers are concerned with the security of vehicles and cargo when drivers are not consciously driving. Leaving your truck unattended for a quick bite to eat or stop overnight is risky. The finest fleet camera systems will include anti-theft and damage warnings. When a predetermined event occurs, such as shattering glass or a door opening when it should not, the interior camera activates LED spotlights, and the exterior camera sounds like a caution beacon. You can keep thieves away with this feature.

Advanced GPS Monitoring

With GPS tracking built into your trucking camera systems, you can combine the strengths of real-time HG video with up-to-date location data. It’s effective not only in the event of an accident but also in several other situations. You rely on your drivers to arrive at their destinations on time. You can swiftly track your vehicle to confirm with the driver if something goes wrong. You’ll have the data for the trip history, which you can classify by day, week, or timeframe. When a client claims that your shipment was slow, you have solid evidence to back up those claims. Having a precise location for all your vehicles allows you to help enhance from a management standpoint because you can determine proper routes, work efficiency, and transit rounds.

Types Of Dash Cams That Your Fleet Needs 

Dash cams are available in several configurations, from lenses to mounts. As a result, it’s critical to understand which type will best meet the needs of your fleet. Here are the various dash cams and what they have to provide. 

Front-Facing Dash Cameras 

Front-facing dash cameras boost visibility for safety-conscious fleet managers by capturing advanced-quality video via a g-sensor of the path ahead. In less time than it requires to fill up a gas tank, the black box camera can be installed on the windshield, giving truckers and fleet operators immediate access to their operations. Front-facing dash cams use sensors to detect incidents and instantly upload footage to a dashboard- they can connect with Google Maps to provide fleet managers with multimedia and location history.

5 Best Dash Cam Front and Rear of 2022 - YouTube
Source : Howmuch tech

Location Of Mounting – Windshield.

Data Recorded – The path in front of the truck.

Dual-Facing Dash Cameras 

Dual-facing dash cams record inside and outside-facing recordings for a complete view of the street ahead and the truck (from the inside). The wide-angle lenses of this dash cam, designed to improve driver behavior, provide clear visibility of in-cab activity and the outdoor scenario. As a result, fleet managers can quickly identify dangerous or distracted driving. Later, distribute or share video footage with staff as a starting point for driver coaching. Are you concerned about driving at night? Take it easy. Specific dual-facing dash cams include an infrared LED for use in low-light conditions or on unlit roads.

TOGURDCAM Dual Dash Cam Front and Inside, CE41A Car Camera 1920x1080@30fps  for Taxi, Interior Driver Facing w/IR Night Vision, Cabin 2 Way Security  Parking Monitor Cameras, 1.5-inch display : Electronics

Location Of Mounting – Windshield. 

Data Recorded – The road ahead of the vehicle and the driver within the cabin.

Multi-Camera System 

Dash cams with multiple cameras offer a 360° view of every vehicle, safeguarding drivers and their CDLs. The drivers can learn what’s behind and alongside them, reducing blind-spot accidents and increasing clarity into vehicle interiors.

3rd-gen-multi Camera Dash Cam For Trucks. 2-4 Cam. Heavy Duty │ Falcon  Electronics — Falcon Electronics LLC
Source : Falcon Electronics

Location Of Mounting – Windshield. 

Data Recorded – A 360° vision of their surroundings. 

Exterior Dash Cameras 

Exterior cameras can be assembled on the vehicle’s exterior to acquire a 360° view of the truck and its surroundings. You can benefit from this feature when drivers are challenged with blind spots and have to make sudden movements or change lanes.

Thinkware Accessories - Exterior Rear Camera Dash Cam | Thinkware USA
Source : Thinkware

It can be difficult for a driver to see the big picture, especially when driving a large vehicle like a semi-truck or tractor-trailer. Exterior cameras record what drivers may miss, removing any doubt about accidents or property damage. Side cameras document an ultra-crisp view of items besides the vehicle. However, rear cameras capture other trucks or objects behind them that might go unnoticed in the rear mirror. License plates are readily absorbed by either camera, allowing in-accident identification of other vehicles.

Location Of Mounting – Outside the vehicle (usually on the side).

Data Recorded – The area in the vicinity of the vehicle. 

Interior Cameras 

Interior cameras record behavior within a vehicle to keep occupants safe and cargo secure. You can save the video and reduce vandalism and theft in public vehicles. Interior cameras in trucks and trailers can help reduce or eliminate cargo theft by observing all in-cabin activity. 

Aftermarket Supplier Offers New Interior/Exterior Dash Cam - RV News
Source: RV News

Location Of Mounting – Inside the vehicle (usually in the trailer).

Data Recorded – The area inside the truck (the driver and their behavior) is uploaded. 

Rear Dash Cameras 

These dash cameras capture footage of the street behind the vehicle. They’re excellent for recording objects when the driver is in reverse.

These Front & Rear Dash Cams Even Record Nighttime Video
Source: Gadget flow

Location Of Mounting – Outside the vehicle (usually at the back – near the license plate).

Data Recorded – The objects behind the truck. 

Benefits Of Dash Cams For Fleets 

The characteristics of these solutions are game-changers in transportation system management. The advantages of a dash cam with fleet GPS tracking can help you save money and time, efficiently maximizing the productivity of your activities. Let’s look at these systems to see the advantages of a dash cam for fleet vehicles.

Advanced Driver Safety

It should be a company’s biggest priority to provide a secure working environment. In several ways, fleet dash camera systems ensure the security of your drivers. As smart in-cab cameras recognize signs of exhaustion, they issue audible alerts to let your driver know to pull up for a rest or get off duty for the day. Having a 360-degree record of the surroundings also ensures that you can protect your drivers with solid evidence if other parties make false accusations after an accident. Your company can demonstrate its commitment to its principles. 

Improved Vehicle Security

When drivers know they are under watch, they will drive more responsibly and safely, minimizing the possibility of causing irreversible damage to your fleet. Furthermore, the enhanced coaching you will offer them because of access to driving footage will ensure that your drivers drive as safely as possible, further reducing the risk of vehicle damage.

Reduction In Idle Time

Drivers know this and avoid idling because of GPS tracking and real-time footage monitoring. It increases productivity and accelerates the supply chain, allowing you to provide faster service while reducing labor costs affiliated with additional time worked.

Efficient Customer Service

Drivers can be on their best behavior when under surveillance. Once you combine this with quick service provided by efficient routing and track the time of entry at client locations – it is guaranteed that your customer service will remain at the top. In addition, any customer complaints can be compared to video evidence, allowing the wronged party to receive compensation as soon as possible.

Efficient Routing

The efficiency of operations is critical to the lucrative management of a company. You can choose the swiftest and safest routes for basic routine tasks by having the area of the fleet’s vehicles integrated into maps. You can also ensure that your employees take the quickest path on their own. It results in significant time savings by accelerating the process and cost savings by lowering fuel, labor time, and vehicle wear and tear. 

Reduction In Fraud

Fraudsters are kept on their toes by monitoring. Increased driver responsibility facilitated by constant monitoring and historical evidence upkeep will protect your company from deceptive practices. A company can remove the risk of activities such as scammer attempts to crash into commercial vehicles with the intent to get money out of civil suits against large corporations.

Final Words

That was all about dash cams and why they are essential to your fleet – the next step is to understand your requirement and invest in the right dash cam for your fleet immediately. Matrack Fleet Management Solution is compatible with all the dash cams available in the market, offering you 360-degree control over all fleet operations. 

Now that you know so many things about dash cam and are convinced to buy one for your fleet- look no further than Matrack. 

Matrack dash cam is one of the most powerful dashcams in the market, integrated with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi capabilities, and CAN bus support. No matter where you stand in the transport industry, it can cater to your needs.

It is a dual-facing dash cam, so you can know what is going on on the road & in the cabin. You can view the footage in 1080p to ensure that you don’t miss out on any details. 

It comes with safety features like lane departure warning and forward collision warning. It gives alerts to the driver to avoid accidents beforehand. Additionally, it has a driver monitoring system that monitors the in-cab activities of the driver. 

The AI sensor can detect if the driver is engaged in distracted driving. It will send an instant alert if it catches that the driver is drinking, smoking, or using a phone behind the wheel.

Apart from these, you also enjoy real-time location updates, track vehicle health, get preventive maintenance reminders, geofencing, driver driving behavior, etc. 
Don’t waste any more time & get your Matrack dashcam today. For more information, you can email us at support@matrackinc.com or call +1 (855) 658 7225.

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