5 Best Wireless Dash Cams For Fleets, Trucks & Cars In 2023
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5 Best Wireless Dash Cams For Fleets, Trucks & Cars In 2023

The fleet industry is one of the most dangerous occupations. Drivers must train to operate heavy machinery in various traffic and weather conditions. There is no room for error. And fleet tech companies strive to create a comprehensive solution that offers safety and helps improve fleet operations. One such comparatively newer technology is Dashcams. 

Dashboard cameras, popularly known as dash cams, are potent safety tools for commercial fleets. These cameras let you know the incidents on the road and inside the vehicle – happening in real time. The dashcams enhance the visibility and alertness of drivers in potentially dangerous situations. They also provide substantial guidance to fleet operators in improving fleet safety, driving standards, and reducing costs.

Dash cams capture real-time incidents and road conditions and provide relevant information to the concerned. These wireless devices can be fixed easily in the vehicle and detect driving performance and risky behaviors through a sensor connected to the vehicle’s telematics

Moreover, they give better visibility of the road ahead to ensure safety and capture in-car activities to alert and educate drivers to avoid violations and maintain compliance. Dashcams are used worldwide in many applications, such as public and commercial transport and police vehicles. When integrated with GPS tracking, dashcams can allow more transparency for fleet managers and provide several benefits. 

Why Do Fleets Need Dashcams? 

Dashcams for fleets solve a host of issues. From added safety to streamlining fleet functions, thereby saving time and money. Dash cams are surveillance cameras mounted to the front or inside your vehicle. They continuously record footage of the vehicle interior, the road ahead, or sometimes even both. 

The initial investment in a dash cam is expensive. Still, this video-based safety solution has effectively reduced overall fleet operating costs by avoiding accidents, damages, and repairs. It also helps improve driving standards and avoid penalties due to safety violations. The main advantages of installing dash cams in your fleets are as follows:

Improve safety

Dash cams enable you to monitor any risky driving behavior or wasteful activities. The video recordings allow you to communicate with drivers with clear evidence and guide them to control their performance towards ensuring safety. The presence of dash cams improves drivers’ accountability to follow safety norms, avoid violations, and ensure safety.

Lower insurance costs

Safety becomes a crucial factor in vehicle insurance. Dash cams are bound to improve safety and reduce risk, so the insurance company may offer a discount, credit, or subsidy on premium for installing dash cams that ensure automobile safety and reduce the chances of claims. Dash Cam is favorable for insurance companies insuring your vehicles and premium calculations.

Reduce vehicle wear and tear

Dash cams monitor driving performance and alert drivers to avoid harsh braking that can wear out brake pads and cause unnecessary stress on other vehicle parts. Dash cams can generate in-cab audio signals when safety-related violations are detected. This feature helps drivers follow safe practices and discourage harsh driving, reducing physical damage and subsequent maintenance needs.

Better Resource Utilization

Dash cams can help better resource utilization by coaching drivers through video-based tools and help improve their performance. The digital safety scorecards and video-based guidance encourage drivers to follow safety practices. You can increase engagement and retention of the workforce by creating a rewards program based on dashcam data and utilizing them more efficiently. 

Avoid False Claims

Internet-connected dash cams can auto-upload safety incident footage within minutes, making it easy to identify the cause of accidents or damages. It helps settle the claims processes smoothly and avoid unnecessary payouts due to false claims. The recorded events can prevent fraudulent claims and protect innocent drivers from unwarranted harassment.

 Legal support

The video footage recorded by dashcams can provide supporting evidence for legal proceedings and influence legal verdicts. In case of an accident, it acts as reliable proof of the actual scenario and helps to settle insurance claims and damage liabilities. These devices provide solid visual evidence when drivers face allegations of committing an offense.

Different Types of Dash Cams For Fleets 

Dash cams for commercial fleets have robust features that provide safety solutions to fleet operators and owners. Dash cams for commercial fleets connect to a telematics device that generates signals about safety-related events like harsh braking, speeding, and collisions. These dash cams capture and auto-upload video footage, helping you review safety-related events and guide drivers effectively. The dash cam configurations vary to suit your specific requirements and are available in the following options:

Dash Cam Advanced Features

Dash cams have different aspects to suit the specific customer needs looking for safety solutions for their fleets. Some of the most significant features of dash cam are as follows:

The Best Dash Cams For Fleets

An entrepreneur or owner overseeing an entire fleet always looks for an efficient safety device like a dash cam on each vehicle that could help improve road safety and avoid unnecessary financial burdens. The dashcam offers valuable support for your fleet operations, such as protection from false accident reporting, faster insurance claims, improved driver behavior, and assessment of potential risks. We will provide details of the best five dash cams for fleets to help you determine the right one that suits your needs. 

1. Matrack Dash Cams


Matrack Dashcam is one of the best tools to keep your fleet safe and productive. This dash cam works with 4G LTE, Wi-Fi capabilities, and CAN bus support. It has dual-facing cameras to let you know the incidents on the road and inside the cabin. The solution has both lane and driver-facing cameras, giving a comprehensive remote visual of the truck. The audio alerts notify the driver and ensure using a mobile phone or smoking. You can get alerts when the vehicle changes lanes without the indicator and when there is a potential risk ahead of a collision. 

The AI-enabled sensor detects the potential danger and immediately sends the driver an audio alert to enable the driver to focus on safety behavior. It uploads video footage of an event to the cloud platform with tagging based on severity.

The videos help in the analysis of driving behaviors and risk assessment. Multiple warning systems like lane departure and forward collision alerts help drivers to practice safe driving and proactively avoid accidents. It is easy to integrate the Matrack dash cam with an existing fleet management system and achieve the following benefits: 

2. Samsara CM32

Samsara CM32 is a dual-facing dash cam that enables you to look into the road and the driver. This dashcam records high-definition video of an event clearly from both sides. The most advanced feature of this camera is that it can capture images very fast, up to 30-frame-per-second. It also features an in-cab infrared LED for nighttime video capturing. It will ensure that you have the recording of any critical event by making full utilization of this dashcam. 

The dual-facing dash cam can be used to monitor road conditions and driving behavior in real-time and provide alerts in the form of audio signals. The CM32 identifies high-risk driving behavior like distracted driving, jumping red lights, or crossing speed limits. You can provide feedback to the driver through the speaker and guide him to follow the desired safety practices to avoid any unfortunate incident. 

Samsara dash cam offers valuable support while analyzing any accident and for fast insurance claims. It allows you to access and use video recordings before and after the accident or even alert drivers for reckless driving activity. These dash cam features help to prevent your fleet from any faulty liabilities, damages, or losses and achieve the following benefits: 

3. Verizon Connects Dashcam

Fleet dashcam | Verizon Connect Ireland

Verizon Connect Dashcam is an all-in-one solution for fleet operators. It can start functioning with a simple installation process and begin recording the event as the engine starts and will continue until it stops. It is durable enough to withstand heat, dust, and vibration and functions well, irrespective of how long or hard your journey is. It has a high-resolution HD camera of 720p that captures every detail with a 150-degree field of view. 

You can access the video recording afterward as the dash cam stores data in cloud storage for up to 90 days. The AI-based sensors detect harsh driving and send you an instant alert so that you can take appropriate and timely action. 

It also classifies the video into several categories depending on the severity, such as collision, dangerous driving, or low-risk activities. It helps you sort out the important ones as per your requirements. You can access the video from anywhere using your digital devices from anywhere. The dash cam is an effective safety tool to control reckless driving behavior or protect your fleet from faulty accident claims. The Ai-based system analyzes and categorizes videos of incidents to help you identify the relevant ones without much effort. The main features are as follows:

4. Blackvue DR900X Dash Cam 

Home - BlackVue Dash Cameras

Blackvue DR900X dash cam gives a unique experience of video capturing with its 8-megapixel front camera that captures high-definition video that is almost four times more than an HD video. It captures video with 60-frames per second and provides a smooth view of footage. Blackvue dash cam is Wi-Fi-enabled and has an optional LTE module to ensure better connectivity and faster video upload. 

The in-built GPS feature enables you to ensure that the drivers stick to the planned routes. The dash cam is easy to install and can be ready for recording significant events as soon as the vehicle engine is on. It automatically becomes inactive as soon as the truck stops. It has a built-in accelerator that detects any sudden speed change or impact. 

The device comes with a Blackvue app, a user-friendly mobile application that allows you to connect your camera to the cloud platform to upload videos for review and analysis. Blackvue arranges all videos into different modes so that you can find out the relevant ones conveniently. It uses imagery sensors to provide high-clarity video recording under low-light conditions. The key features of this system include the following:

5. SmartWitness CP2

CP2-LTE : 1080p Video Telematics Camera | SmartWitness

It is one of the most efficient cameras with advanced dash cam features like powerful LTE or Wi-Fi-based video transmission, built-in tracking tools, and telematics data-capturing facilities. It captures real-time events and can help protect your vehicles from unnecessary claims and liabilities in connection with a road traffic accident. 

It uses a 1080p high-definition camera with a wide-angle view that provides a clear sight of the series of incidents. Smart Witness also comes with a gyro sensor that allows the camera to turn on automatically, anticipating an impact or shock, and offers stable recording even under harsh conditions. 

It also allows you to store and access the recording for future reference. The dash cam provides a view of the road from the driver’s perspective and monitors risky driving behavior to help you take prompt action. The system provides you with the following benefits:


Dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular over the last few years and have become integral to fleet management solutions as they suit any sized vehicle. The dash cam can help you improve drivers’ performance, encourage safe driving, and record high-quality videos for reference or claim settlement. The primary purpose of a dash cam is to carefully register every instance that takes part on the road within the vehicle’s journey. 

The recorded footage serves numerous purposes depending on the circumstances it is required. The dash cam has features that aid your business needs and enhance the security of your vehicles. The picture quality, reliability, GPS integration, and easy accessibility of data are the crucial factors to consider when selecting a dash cam for your fleet. Integration of dash cam with fleet management software gives ample benefits like geofencing, GPS tracking, route planning, and relevant reporting. The most common purpose for installing dash cams into vehicles is to have first-hand evidence of events when the truck was involved in an accident or safety violations. 

The dashcam provides strong evidence that allows an insurance agency to settle claims quickly. Dash cams allow recording of reckless and incoherent driving on the road and forward the information to deal with those unsafe acts and violations. Dash cams generally have an embedded GPS device for tracking speed and location. It is worth investing in dash cams because it is an effective tool to improve the safety of your fleet and help you reduce cost by cutting down unnecessary expenses due to damages, repairs, and violations.

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