Wired Vs Wireless Dash Cams: Everything You Need To Know
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Wired Vs Wireless Dash Cams: Everything You Need To Know

Building a world-class fleet system with the best safety precautions and speedy network is now easily achievable. Keeping an eye on the drivers at work is as crucial as assigning them daily tasks. 

For this particular reason, the fleet managers install cameras in the trucks.

However, if they choose any regular camera, the driver can easily trick them and increase the risk of accidents. For example, drivers may use phones while driving and get distracted, ensuing in severe road accidents and injuries. The ultimate solution to these problems is to install a dashcam. 

You may be wondering how a dashcam is different than a regular camera. A dashcam is a digital video recording camera that records the front and the rear view through the vehicle. It is a type of camera made specifically for moving vehicles and gives real-time updates about any movement. 

In the market, you will come across two different dashcam options. One is – wired, and the other is wireless dash cam. You may get confused about choosing the best one for your vehicle, so consider this article as a boon and read it till the very end. 

One of the most prominent features you must know while purchasing a dashcam is how they store the data.

The video footage is normally stored in two of the following ways: 

  1. Wireless dashcams: These cameras are connected to the internet and save videos on a cloud-based system.
  2. Wired dashcams: These cameras store all the video footage on a memory card. 

One of the main discrepancies between these two dashcams is the wired connectivity. However, you will always find some minimum wires with the wireless dashcams. The power is required to store data. In the case of wired dashcams, you need to manually remove the memory card to transfer the video footage for your access. 

On the other hand, wireless dashcams will automatically move your data to the cloud, and you can access this data without taking any extra effort. 

In addition to this, the videos stored are of very high quality. You will be able to protect the drivers and also lower your overall operating costs. 

How are Wireless Dashcams Better than Wired Ones?

Now that you know about the differences, you already understand why people prefer wireless cameras to wired ones. 

Take a look at the list of three benefits of wireless AI-supported dashcams: 

But with the wired camera, you need to transfer the data manually. With a high-speed internet connection, you can watch videos within a few minutes with the wireless dashcam. This particular feature of the wireless camera is useful when there is an accident. You can use the videos as proof and safeguard your driver from any kind of penalties or punishments. In case of a severe accident, the camera will collect high-quality videos. 

At such time you can even find out if it was the driver’s fault or not. The drivers are captured while using their phones. A distracted driver is always the reason behind accidents. The dashcams will also tell you if the driver has seatbelts on. Dealing with insurance companies, police, and legal team is very troublesome. But with solid video proof, you can easily fight for your driver’s justice and get a claim if the opposite party is at fault. 

Some cameras give alerts in the vehicle when they detect the driver not paying attention. Hence, making it a full-proof safety net for drivers.

You have to be ready for these extra costs related to wired dashcams. On the other hand, wireless or AI dashcams provide limitless video storage capacity. A video of very high quality gets uploaded to your cloud system. 

The enormous capacity of dashcams saves HD-quality videos in any case. It collects them for future reference. For example, your vehicle had an accident, and the wired dashcam couldn’t record anything due to low storage. 

You will lose all the pieces of evidence against your driver or the opposite party, resulting in losses. But if you have a wireless dashcam connected, you can record all the incidents and get solid proof against the driver or prove the driver’s innocence to the legal team. 

The insurance claim procedure gets way too simple with video evidence.

However, these videos need to be protected and safeguarded against misusage. The wireless dashcams provide you utmost safety and security. Any video uploaded on the cloud system cannot be accessed without security codes. Thus, you can say that the videos are encrypted. 

Unauthorized access is quite difficult. You get complete control over who can access the videos by giving admin access.

Data security is a prominent feature of most of the wireless dashcams available in the market. 

After knowing all the benefits of wireless dashcams over wired ones, you can now make a sensible choice for your trucks. Wireless dashcams are a one-time investment for your fleet business or even personal use that will give you the best results in the future. The dashcam gives you much-needed peace of mind while running a fleet business. 

Taking about the best wireless dashcams in the market, you have to check the Matrack dashcams. With so many brands available in the market, the Matrack is by far the best one loaded with great features. 

The Matrack dashcam enhances fleet efficiency with dual 1080p front and interior cameras giving you the finest quality visuals. These AI-based cameras come with 4G LTE wireless integration and Wi-Fi connection. 

It also provides CAN bus support. With such commendable features, the Matrack dashcam is the best pick for commercial use. The application of this dashcam varies from the taxi, ride-hailing, long-distance trucking, logistics, and law enforcement. 

Preventing accidents is highly possible with breakthrough features like Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

The device will help you to identify any potential dangers on the road. The driver’s safety is taken care of by the Driver Monitoring System (DMS). 

It prevents accidents by detecting distracted driving, drowsiness, smoking, and usage of mobile phones. Even when the driver’s eye is off the road, the system will capture such a moment. You will receive an alert immediately when the driver is distracted. The drivers get warning alarms when they use phones or smoke while they drive. If the vehicle is very close to another one or an object, the AI detects and sends a warning against collision. 

This feature immensely helps in preventing any accidents. 

The dashcam is available in two combinations that you can pick: 

You can choose the one that suits your requirements the most. Matrack offers high-quality dashcams with a ‘Cancel Anytime’ policy that does not require contracts. 

Other prominent features provided by Matrack dashcams are as follows:

All these powerful features make Matrack hands down the best dashcam on the market. 

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