Industry's Best Guarantee - Save Over $2000/Year per Vehicle OR OUR FLEET TRACKING IS COMPLETELY FREE!

Matrack's tracking AI always directs you to the cheapest fuel prices wherever you are, saving you over $1/gal in many locations

GPS Fleet Tracking Case Studies

GPS Fleet Tracking Case Studies

All-in-One, Easy-to-Use Platform

Matrack offers a straightforward, easy-to-use, yet robust platform to monitor vehicles and valuable assets.
We give fleets and drivers accurate and actionable intelligence and reports to enhance performance, safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
Quick Install

Easy-install, durable trackers


Track location & performance of vehicles & equipment


Monitor driver habits and optimize delivery routes


Access data via desktop, mobile phone, or tablet

Flexibility & Freedom

No contract, pay month to month, no activation and hidden fees


Analyze your fleet's performance with a variety reports


Lowest monthly subscription ($14.95)


No contract, pay month-to-month, 30-day trial

Free Device

No upfront device cost


30-day money back guarantee

Tax Support

Automate and simplify tax filings (IFTA)

Easy Compliance

HOS compliant editable log reports

Fuel Use Optimization

Fuel Managment - integratible with GPS and Dashcam

Fuel Cost Minimization

Save 50 cents/gal or more by locating cheapest stations

Control Costs

Monitor expenses & wastage

Limit Expense Risk

Set card transaction limits to avoid budget overages

Fuel-Based Routing

Optimize routing by choosing routes w/best fuel prices

Ease Tax Workload

Simplify IFTA reporting with state-wise reports at your fingertips

See Road & Driver

Front and rear facing 1080p cameras


4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS Wireless connectivity

Safety-Assist AI

Lane departure warnings

Crash Protection

Forward Collision warnings

Driver Status Alerts

Driver monitoring system (fatigue, distraction, smoking, calling)

Easy on the Budget

Very affordable low price

Asset Monitoring for Highest Accuracy, Visibility, Accountability and Safety

Matrack’s trailer and asset tracking solution provides device visibility and control. It is built on a robust customizable platform for in-house hardware innovation and reliability, with an unprecedented 7-year lifetime warranty. Allows managers to maintain and harness granular vehicle data by pulling real-time and historical reports.

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Monitor activity to minimize roadside maintenance, reduce accidents, and maximize uptime to drive strategic ops decisions.

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Gain visibility of your trailer and non-traditional assets all on one platform. Streamline your operations with location updates from every 5 secs to twice a day, depending on your needs.

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Plug-and-play ELDs allow users to create an easy and accurate tracking system, manage, and share data for visibility, quality-assessment and training.

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Tamper-alert devices are an investment to protect and monitor your collateral. Feel confident about the security of your portfolio. Know immediately if a device is compromised

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Automated, hands-free notifications and weigh-station bypass clearance to save time, fuel and money. Also, automatically supports and improves safety for the entire community of users.

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A cashflow solution and fuel charge-card in partnership with American Express for your business eliminates factoring fees and offers cashback on fuel, etc., with no hidden costs.


Matrack Telematics Solutions help maintain a safe working environment and protect valuable assets. Safety, accountability and fleet efficiency is our goal. We provide revolutionary, customizable, user-friendly and economically straightforward solutions to individuals and companies. We offer expert and timely technical and customer support - constantly adapting and adjusting to each individual and company's unique needs.

Fleet Tracking

Empower fleet operations with comprehensive fleet tracking solutions to simplify compliance, and improve customer service. Get real-time vehicle tracking and performance data and greater visibility over your entire operation all in one place. From streamlining operations to maximizing availability of resources, Matrack’s tools can boost your business productivity and profitability:

  • See asset locations, drivers, trailers, equipment, and other information all in one place
  • Streamline work orders, optimize dispatch routes
  • Improve workflows and make informed decisions
  • Track asset utilization and schedule preventive maintenance
  • Monitor Vehicle Diagnostics and Driver Behaviour
  • Increased productivity and safety

Asset & Trailer Tracking

Stay in complete control of your trailers and other assets with Matrack’s Asset and Trailer Tracking Solution. Keep them safe with immediate “geofence” alerts (tells when a tracker entered or left any pre-defined area). Get real time insights of your assets’ location, usage, mileage and much more through our integrated platforms and leverage the data collected to boost business capabilities:

  • Reduce risk and protect you asset and equipment
  • Create virtual boundaries to prevent unauthorized use (i.e. geofences)
  • Get timely and instant alerts and notifications for pre-set incidences
  • Monitor driver behavior for unsafe driving like speeding, hard braking, etc.
  • Proactively manage maintenance and repair schedule
  • Get intelligent reports on fuel usage, mileage, driving time, and more

ELD Solutions

Meet FMCSA and DoT compliance requirements with Matrack ELD Solution. Our easy to install devices are Bluetooth compatible and are scable with fleet management capabilities to create a full-function platform. The system provides stress-free experiences for both drivers and administrators:

  • FMCSA and DoT complaint and approved GPS-enabled ELD
  • Accurate and authentic record of HoS
  • Voice-enabled status change through ELD logbook app
  • Speed up idle time, loading/unloading time
  • Automated IFTA calculation and filing support
  • Intelligent reports for enhanced visibility and improved productivity


Over 1 million dollars saved / 30% improvement in fuel efficiency

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Owner of Integrated Marketing Services

They are very efficient and my
customers are happy

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Matrack attracted me for
their depth of knowledge

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The Best Solution For GPS Tracking


The Best Solution For GPS Tracking

Empower Your Fleet.
Get Real Results.

Gain full visibility into your fleet activities, daily operations, and other real-time data, in order to organize, schedule, and assign jobs and deliveries. Manage and maintain vehicular and non-traditional assets from acquisition to sale/disposal. Eliminate disconnections and data-vacuums between departments and managers. Monitor and curb wasteful habits, such as excessive idling, heavy acceleration, and set virtual boundaries to pinpoint departure and delivery times. Integrate fleet maintenance software with your asset management systems to effortlessly track and analyze increasingly complex driver and vehicle data.

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Reduction In Accidents
Increase In Efficiency
Reduction In Insurance Premiums