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Did you know that 87% of commercial crashes in the US occur because of risky driving practices?? As a fleet manager, it’s completely understandable to have concerns whenever a delivery truck departs from the yard. However, there’s a solution that can bring you peace of mind, and that is through the use of dashcams.

Installing dashcams in your delivery vehicles allows you to monitor, protect, and manage their movements effectively. These dashcams provide reliable real-time video evidence, allowing you to monitor your drivers, streamline route planning, and enhance operational efficiency while prioritizing safety. This article explores how dash camera solutions can ensure safety, liability, accountability, and efficiency in your delivery fleet operations.

Key Features of Dash Cams for Delivery Fleet

Dash cams come with many cool features designed to meet the unique needs of fleets, whether big or small. To boost your customer service and make things smoother and more reliable, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. So, let’s check out the key details about vehicle cameras that can make your operations more efficient and save you some bucks.

In-Built GPS Tracking

Tracking your vehicle’s location and movements is made easy with GPS technology. It provides precise video footage and location details, keeping you updated in real-time. You can effortlessly monitor if your truck has stayed on the intended route, entered specific zones, or experienced unexpected delays. With GPS tracking, you’ll have a clear picture of your vehicle’s whereabouts and any relevant events happening around it.

Favorable Design Features

When it comes to dash cameras, it’s important to consider their design, compactness, and installation options. These factors are key in finding a camera that perfectly fits your vehicle’s needs and movement mode. Additionally, a robust camera system can handle the impact of rough roads and withstand challenging weather conditions like extreme heat, cold, and dust. This ensures less wear and tear, even during long-haul journeys.

Low-Light Vision

When it comes to a delivery fleet operating at night, having cameras with low-light or night vision capabilities is crucial for safety. These advanced cameras provide real-time visibility, allowing clear identification of potential dangers and enabling prompt corrective actions. Moreover, the superior quality footage they capture under poor visibility helps assess incidents thoroughly, providing valuable insights into their causes and consequences.  

Extensive Storage Capacity

Live streaming is essential for accessing crucial information and visual references whenever needed. And when it comes to modern dashcams, they have revolutionized the game by utilizing a cloud-based system. This allows the seamless storage of live-streaming videos on a remote server, ensuring easy accessibility without any worries about storage capacity on your device. It’s like having a virtual archive of valuable footage available at your convenience.

Effective Connectivity and Compatibility

Having cameras with reliable network connectivity and compatibility is crucial for the optimal performance of the tracking system, no matter where your truck is located. With stable network support, these cameras can swiftly upload videos to cloud storage, providing instant access through your digital device. This empowers you to make well-informed decisions based on real-time information. By staying connected with your vehicles at all times, you can enhance monitoring and maintain better control over your fleet. 

Real-time Alerts

Having advanced AI-powered cameras in dashcams is a game-changer for road safety. These smart cameras can detect risky and distracted driving behavior, providing valuable alerts to drivers. With frequent traffic disruptions and congested streets, losing focus is easy. That’s why a dashcam with detection and live audio feedback technology is so beneficial. It guides drivers to follow optimized routes and helps them maintain safety practices and avoid unnecessary delays. 

Key Benefits of Dashcams

As a fleet manager responsible for delivery trucks, your primary focus is on ensuring control, productivity, and efficiency in your operations. To achieve these goals, dashboard cameras fitted on the trucks play a crucial role. These cameras provide enhanced visibility on the road and a comprehensive visual overview of the vehicle and driver behavior. They offer valuable insights into vehicle location and movements, empowering you to make informed decisions that optimize delivery efficiency. 

Furthermore, dashcams maintain safety, compliance, and reliability throughout your operations. The major advantages dashcams provide to streamline your delivery operations are as follows:

Increased Efficiency

In the competitive landscape of delivery fleets, having immediate knowledge of vehicle locations is crucial for efficient services and gaining an advantage. A powerful dashcam solution provides real-time updates and a visual reference, giving you an edge in planning routes and coordinating with drivers for timely consignment deliveries.

Dashcams come with the valuable feature of real-time geofence alerts, notifying you whenever a vehicle enters or exits pre-established zones you’ve set up, such as customer locations, distribution centers, or dockyards. This allows for better monitoring and coordination.

With an advanced dashcam solution, you can track journey details like the trip duration, driving distance, start and stop locations, and downtime. This information helps you assess individual vehicle performance and proactively enhance overall efficiency. This level of control and insight into your fleet’s operations ensures smoother operations and greater customer satisfaction.

Ensured Safety

Managing the performance of multiple drivers on the road, each handling different deliveries, can be quite a challenge. However, with a delivery fleet dashcam solution, you can virtually ride along with the drivers and ensure they maintain productivity, safety, and efficiency.

By reviewing recorded footage of risky driving behaviors like harsh braking, lane departure, and overspeeding, you can coach and motivate drivers to improve their driving patterns and reduce accident risks. But that’s not all! Some dashcams even have real-time alerts to help drivers take immediate corrective actions, ensuring safety and preventing delays.

With Matrack dashcams equipped with front and rear cameras working simultaneously, you get a comprehensive view of the truck, ensuring high safety standards for both the vehicles and the public. It’s like having an extra set of eyes on the road, helping you maintain control and enhance overall fleet performance.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Happy and satisfied customers are the driving force behind a successful and profitable business. With a clear view of road activities, communication with customers and drivers becomes more effective and transparent.

Vehicle cameras equipped with tracking features enable continuous monitoring of truck movements, allowing you to estimate delivery times and keep customers updated. The dashcam’s GPS tracking provides precise location information, helping drivers reach their destinations faster by taking the shortest routes.

Real-time visibility of road and traffic conditions allows you to assess situations and optimize routes, ensuring on-time deliveries and enhancing the customer experience. Incorporating dashcam solutions in your delivery operations improves your reliability and credibility as a service provider.

Risk Prevention and Vehicle Protection

Dashcams serve as surveillance cameras on the road, alerting drivers with visual and audio cues to ensure optimal performance and safety. You can strategically position these in-vehicle cameras to monitor specific driver behaviors and guide them toward improving safety and efficiency.

The real-time recording of events becomes invaluable when dealing with accidents, damages, and unauthorized access to your vehicles. With exterior and interior visibility, you’ll have footage of any illicit activities or unauthorized attempts to access your vehicle.

Dashcams equipped with parking mode can detect any unusual movement, impact, or shock, capturing details of the surroundings. When your truck is parked, rest assured that the dashcam surveillance will protect it against hit-and-run incidents, vehicle theft, and vandalism. Installing dashcams not only protects your vehicles but also provides peace of mind.

Cost-efficient Operations

Having a dashcam installed in your fleet not only enhances security but also helps reduce risks, which means you may be eligible for a discount, credit, or subsidy on your insurance premiums. These dashboard cameras provide favorable conditions for insurance companies by minimizing the chances of damages, theft, or misuse.

By recording, uploading, and saving real-time incident footage, vehicle cameras enable you and relevant agencies to determine the cause of accidents, thefts, or damages. This smoothens the claim settlement process and prevents unnecessary costs arising from false claims.

The recorded videos are crucial visual evidence, ensuring a seamless claim process and preventing unnecessary liabilities and repair losses. Moreover, real-time footage can be used as evidence to defend against false claims or unjust fines.

Dash cameras also facilitate better resource utilization, route planning, and fuel efficiency, resulting in significant cost savings in delivery operations. So, installing these cameras provides added security and improves overall operational efficiency.

Matrack Dashcam Solutions for Delivery Fleets

Matrack offers dual-facing dash cams that significantly improve your visibility, providing a complete and real-time view of your surroundings. You can instantly assess the road conditions and evaluate your driving performance by checking the live video footage. Moreover, the live alerts feature helps you control risky driving behaviors and avoid violations, ensuring a safer journey. 

By constantly monitoring and updating the location information, Matrack enables you to manage your vehicle trip effectively, assisting drivers in selecting the shortest and safest routes to reach their destinations more quickly. Even in low-light situations, the high-resolution camera ensures clear and vivid video footage, enhancing your ability to observe real-time incidents.


Dashcams bring significant and quantifiable solutions to delivery fleet management that extends to increased safety and efficiency in operations. It is proven that people act with more accountability when they know they are under surveillance. Implementing a dashcam in your fleet vehicles ensures that your drivers act in the best professional way possible to achieve the targets.

This article emphasizes the features and benefits of dashcams with a better focus on safety, reliability, and customer service, which are crucial for effective delivery operations. The purpose is to help you utilize the camera features to your advantage and improve your overall business reliability and credibility.

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