Fleet And Road Safety With Dashcams
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Fleet And Road Safety With Dashcams
AndrewNovember 22, 2022Dashcams

Fleet And Road Safety With Dashcams

As a fleet owner or manager, the safety of your drivers and vehicles is paramount. Even the most experienced drivers can face unpredictable situations on the road, which can lead to costly damages and legal complications. 

No matter where you are, you need to keep an eye on your vehicles and drivers to prevent this. Fleet dashcams can help by giving you a remote sight of the movements and driving performance.

By analyzing the captured data and videos, you can identify potential risks and take timely actions to ensure safety. In this article, we’ll explore how you can leverage dashcam features to enhance safety, efficiency, and reliability in your fleet operations.

Is it Worth Installing Dashcams?

As a fleet business owner, you can achieve several benefits from dashcams that keep your trucks safe and your drivers accountable or protect your vehicles from accidental damages and misuse. 

It is worthwhile to equip your fleet vehicles with in-car video cameras and get peace of mind. The following features of dash cameras contribute to efficient fleet operations and increased road safety. 

  • Dashcams act as surveillance cameras that can detect any potential risks on the road and guide drivers with visual and audio alerts to manage routes for optimum performance. 
  • The cameras provide a complete picture of the vehicle’s driving experience and help you focus on specific driver behaviors and road situations that enhance safety and efficiency. 
  • The suitably positioned in-cab camera monitors the driving pattern and generates immediate alerts to rectify reckless behavior. 
  • The cameras produce reliable visual evidence with an unbiased view of events so you can protect your drivers from any fraudulent claims related to an accident.
  • The real-time recording of events provides crucial visual information that helps you identify the culprit in an accident, damage, theft, or tampering with your vehicles. 
  • Cameras paired with existing fleet management software provide critical visual references of routes, speed, location, and harsh driving patterns throughout the trip. 
  • The advanced cameras have night vision technology that captures clear images even under poor lighting and adverse weather conditions. So, by installing dashcams, you can equip your vehicle and drivers with added protection. 

How Do Dashcams Improve Fleet Safety?

Dashcams are an enhancement mode of simple GPS vehicle tracking systems and are becoming more popular in fleet business operations for ensuring fleet safety. They have several features that help track everything from distractions to risky driving to protection for your driver in case of an accident. 

An efficient camera solution aids you in saving money on insurance and other fleet costs and provides insight into how your drivers perform on the road. This clear visibility allows you to make decisions regarding coaching, training, and rewarding good driver behavior. 

Fleet business companies experience many benefits and overcome other safety challenges through implementing dashcam solutions. Below are some of the crucial advantages of dashcams in improving fleet safety. 

Risk Assessment and Theft Prevention

Dashcams allows you to see the routes with risky road conditions and other hazards. This real-time visibility helps to assess the situations and take prompt actions. Dashcams can help you detect if your drivers are engaging in risky behaviors or inefficient practices, such as harsh driving, over-speeding, rapid acceleration, etc., that might lead to accidents. 

The front and rear-view cameras provide a valuable visual reference to monitor other vehicles’ movements and allow drivers to be more careful while driving, parking, or lane changing. 

Dash cameras can be a great tool in theft prevention because, with the visibility of the exterior and interior of your vehicles, you will have footage of any illicit activity or unauthorized access to your vehicle. 

The front-facing camera can record high-quality video of the road in front of the large truck while the camera facing the driver monitors potentially dangerous behaviors and distractions within the vehicle. The AI capabilities help assess and analyze the risk and warn the driver of any problems. 

Detecting and Preventing Distracted Driving

Dashcams can monitor your driver’s activity and provide genuine visual evidence if the driver is engaged in distracted driving or risky behavior. Cameras with advanced AI-based features can detect safety violations and inform fleet managers about risky behavior like using a mobile phone, eating or drinking, and taking one’s eyes off the road. It also warns drivers about things that might lead to potential risks. 

The alerts can work as a preventative measure to make drivers aware of their risky driving pattern and rectify it before it results in a complaint, penalty, or an accident. You can store the relevant footage in the cloud and review it to identify patterns of aggressive driving behaviors. It becomes easier to coach drivers through proper training, which eventually makes your fleet operation safer. 

Accident Investigations with Dashcam Footage

In case of an accident, often, you may find it difficult to determine the actual scenario or who is at fault, as eyewitnesses and drivers involved may provide different accounts of the incident. Dashcams come as a reliable solution here by offering video evidence of how events unfolded. 

You can aid visual evidence to help authorities investigate the matter and prove whether your driver is at fault. Sharing the video footage with the insurance company can speed up the settlement process avoiding excessive liability claims. 

The presence of dashcams in trucks encourages your driver to be more accountable for safety, knowing that the footage can detect their activities and provide support if they do the right thing. 

Enhancing Driver Training and Coaching 

You need to drive efforts to train and coach your drivers to improve efficiency and productivity in operations and ensure safety and reliability. A dashcam can let you know what is happening around your vehicle and how your driver responds to different situations in real time. 

You can inform drivers about risky behavior and allow them to rectify it in the coming moments. You can also identify positive behaviors from the camera footage and encourage drivers to continue following the same. In both cases, it will improve their performance and overall safety on the road. 

The videos provide objective proof of performance for review and reward drivers in specific cases. The data also provides managers full access to the driver’s behavior behind the wheel, which makes individualized driver coaching more relevant and convenient. You can discuss specific points with drivers based on video recordings and can coach them for further improvement.

Helping Your Drivers Feel Secure

A crucial aspect associated with dashcam applications is to educate your drivers about their significance and benefits. The drivers may hesitate to have them around, but they must understand that dashcams can protect and keep them safe and defend them in case of an accident or complaint. 

In the long run, your drivers will change their perceptions and become supporters of dashcams when they realize the potential benefits. Drivers often are not aware of the bad habits they have developed, so when they visualize their behavior and receive proper guidance, they become motivated to follow the safety rules and reduce the risk of being involved in accidents.

Protection of Vehicles in Parking Mode

You may return to your parked truck to discover that damages have taken place. If you activate the camera in parking mode, it can provide the footage to determine who was responsible for the damage. Cameras can record events when the vehicle engine is not running. 

Dashcams with parking mode have features that sense any unusual movement, impact, or shock and start recording the details happening around the vehicle. It can capture images even at night or under poor lighting conditions. 

You can ensure the safety of your parked truck by knowing that the dashcam will keep a watchful check on it to ensure that no one can break into or tamper with your vehicle. 

In parking mode, whenever the camera detects motion in front of the lens or the sensor identifies any impact, it turns on and begins recording. This feature can provide safety assurance by protecting your truck in situations including hit-and-run, vehicle theft, and attempts of vandalism. 

Matrack Dashcam System

The Matrack Dashcam has AI-enabled features that can help you enhance your driving safety and prevent potential risks. The dual-facing cameras let you view the incidents in front and behind the vehicle. It detects and analyzes potential risks and generates alerts for corrective actions. 

One of the significant features of this camera is the resolution that ensures clear and detailed capturing of images. The high-performance vehicle camera system provided by Matrack can keep your fleet safe, efficient, and productive. 

The key features of the Matrack dashcam that improve fleet and road safety are as follows:

  • Both front and rear cameras work simultaneously to capture the front and behind view of the vehicle and assess potential hazards. This system gives the most comprehensive vision of the truck and ensures high safety standards for trucks and the public.
  • The cameras can identify lane changes and notify when another vehicle changes lanes without utilizing its lane change indication. It allows your driver to be alert and maintain a safe distance.
  • The advanced AI-enabled sensors detect proximity to another vehicle that can be dangerous and immediately issues a warning to avoid a collision. 
  • The dashcam recognizes the possibility of danger and promptly delivers an audible warning to the driver, which enables the driver to concentrate on safe driving behavior. 
  • Matrack camera system can upload video footage to a cloud platform and tag it according to the event’s severity to help you review it later conveniently.
  • The motion-activated parking mode enables the camera to record any activity around the vehicle when the truck is parked and locked.


Dashcams are one of the most reliable safety tools from a fleet management perspective. They provide information and insights that help you manage the fleet more effectively and securely. The cameras provide a vivid view of real-time incidents and enable you to protect your trucks and drivers from potential dangers. 

This article dives deep into how dashcams aid in risk assessment and analysis of driving behaviors, allowing you to make informed decisions that prioritize fleet and driver safety.

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