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History of Dashcams

The first filming from a moving vehicle occurred in 1907 when American director William Harbeck used a streetcar to capture Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. The subsequent decades predominantly saw the use of movie cameras mounted on dashboards used by law enforcement agencies for recording traffic violations. The first police car chase was captured by detective Bob Surgenor in May 1988, with a video camera mounted on his car.

The defining event was the spectacular capture of the Chelyabinsk meteor explosion in Russia in February 2013 by over a million drivers with dashcams on their cars. The recordings of this event were captured from different angles, spread rapidly, and caught global attention. Similar events expedited the growth of dashcams worldwide.

Benefits of a Dashcam

The benefit of fixing a dashcam in your vehicle is manifolds. Following are some of the benefits of having one:

Unquestionable evidence in case of car accidents

With a dash cam installed in your car, your chances of catching the person responsible for the collision rise dramatically. In case of accidents in areas or intersections with no CCTV coverage, the dash cam installed in your vehicle acts as crucial evidence. A panicky driver causing the accident may try to run away to escape prosecution and resulting damages. The dashcam installed will enable you to see the sequence of events as they unfolded and nail the culprit. If you have a high-resolution camera, it may help to note down the number plates of the vehicle, enabling law enforcement to track down the person responsible for the accident.

Steer clear of Insurance fraud

Insurance fraud affects both insurance companies and vehicle owners alike. There are instances where the fraudulent party gets their insurance claims by purposely causing accidents or faking injuries. On the other hand, honest drivers do not get their insurance claims due to their inability to prove their innocence. In either of such cases, the presence of a dashcam in your vehicle could prove beneficial to you, as producing the video footage will exonerate you from any accusations.

Looking out for your children

The teen thrill of driving at high speeds can result in decapitating injuries for your children. You will constantly be worried about your kids driving and want to keep an eye on them. A dash cam that is equipped with features like GPS tracking and live video streaming will help you watch your children’s driving patterns. It will help create an awareness in them, as they know that their actions are being monitored and will automatically be more careful and alert while driving. You can feel more confident about your child’s safety if you use a dash camera with a cabin view that captures events within the car.

Mitigate parking accidents

The most common and annoying are parking accidents, which happen without your knowledge. Imagine that after carefully parking your car, some careless driver accidentally hit it with their car door. The other possibility is someone hits your vehicle parked in the street and gets away. Another scenario could be if someone vandalizes or endeavors to steal your car. In all these scenarios, you are the affected party. To address such kinds of incidences, you can choose to install a dash cam with parking mode. When your car is parked, the parking mode dashcam will enter sleep mode as opposed to a typical dash cam. When the camera detects any motions outside, it switches on and begins recording. Depending on the kind of camera that you buy, you can choose if you want the parking mode to be impact-activated or motion activated. Some dash cams include the option to record in time-lapse mode.

The time-lapse format reduces the amount of footage on your memory card so that it does not fill up very fast but continues capturing footage while your vehicle is parked.

Recording road trips

There is a general perception that dash cams are used only for reviewing accidents, verifying insurance claims, legal purposes, etc. However, dash cams can also capture those special moments during road trips. The advanced cameras with high-resolution displays capture everything from national parks, mountain views, coastlines, etc. These recordings can be downloaded, edited, shared, and cherished for years.

Before selecting the best dash cam read this dash cam guide.

Choosing the right dash cam

There are many variables involved in choosing the right dash cam for you. Selecting the best dash cam for your needs may seem daunting. If you are clear on your requirement, you can get the right dash cam according to your needs. The following points will help you know where to start when buying a dash cam.


The first thing to check while buying the camera is the resolution. The number of pixels in a picture will be the benchmark for measuring resolution. A camera with higher pixels will yield a better resolution. The 4K UHD dash cam is the best in capturing high-quality images and accurate recordings of vehicle registration plates.

Wide field of view

A wide field of view is how wide the camera can see. The wider the field of view of the front camera, the better it is. The dash cam should record the widest possible field of vision in front of your car. It should be noted that there are no clearly defined standards with regard to the field of view measurements. You need to check whether the device can record without skipping frames or not causing too much motion blur. As a rule, a car camera has to record at least 30 fps(frames per second).

Night vision

The best-resolution camera cannot make a clear picture without adequate light. Choosing a dash cam that meets this demand is necessary if you drive a lot at night. The night vision dash cam has to amplify light to make the images clear for night driving.

Mounting a dash cam

It is important to decide where you will be mounting the dash cam. The dash cam can either be mounted by suction or by adhesive. Dash cameras are often mounted to the windshield using suction attachments. The other alternative is an adhesive mount that sticks to the windshield or the dash. Note that the adhesive mount occupies less space compared to a suction mount.

Wireless connectivity

If your dash cam can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you may be able to manage many functions. If you find the screen of your dash cam small to navigate, you can connect it to your smartphone to the dash cam application and use it. Internet connectivity can link your dash cam with the cloud, upload the footage directly and stream it to your smartphone.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Having a GPS-enabled dash cam is an added advantage. You may record the speed and location of your car using GPS and video. This data can help in case of any potential future disputes. The built-in GPS will help you to track your vehicle in the event of a theft. GPS can monitor the driving habits of an employee or even your teenage kids.

Storage in the dash cam

You must select a dash camera with enough storage. Dash cam storage starts at 4GB. While this storage may be adequate initially, it won’t suffice in the long run. Most dash cams come with a MicroSD card slot, where you can insert an external MicroSD card with higher storage capacity. Many dash cams protect against overwriting existing footage. The dash cam has a G-Sensor that can detect a sudden change in motion and save footage of the incident. In many dash cams, that footage is locked and not overwritten, which can be accessed later.


The majority of dash cams use your car’s power source. They will turn on when you start the car and switch off when you turn off the car. Some dash cams have a built-in battery, and as a result, using them does not need to have the engine running. People who want a dash cam to keep recording after leaving their car in a public parking lot prefer this one. Most dash cameras have limited battery life. Dash cams are available in a variety of styles and price points. Depending on your needs, you can select the ideal product. Video recordings of the dash cams are critical.

Top 6 Dash Cams with Local and Cloud Storage

A dashcam’s primary purpose is to record incidents. It is simpler to defend your stance in court if you keep track of these recordings. You have the options to store the recordings locally or in the cloud, depending on your preferences. The top 5 dash cameras, which have all features and several storage options to suit your needs, are listed below.

matrack dashcam

As a leader in fleet management solutions, Matrack focuses on offering all-around security to fleets, assets, and employees. Apart from the usual geofencing, motion alerts, and aggressive and real-time tracking, the vendor also has AI-enabled dashcams. This add-on feature gives fleet managers complete visibility of fleet operations and driver behavior in the literal sense. 

The Matrack Dashcam has dual cameras with high-end technology powered by Sony. Packed with multifold connectivity like 4G LTE wireless, Wi-Fi, and Can Bus support, this device makes the perfect safety partner for all commercial vehicles. 

The unique and intuitive Driver Monitoring system looks out for signs of driver fatigue, distraction, smoking, or talking over the phone and immediately alerts the driver and fleet manager. This feature drastically impacts driver performance and helps the fleet avoid accidents and get out of fraudulent insurance claims. 

Here is what you get:

  • 1080 high-resolution front dash and interior cameras
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Easy 3-step installation
  • Fast integration with any existing FMS

Moreover, with Matrack, you do not have to sign any usage period contract. You can activate and cancel the service as and when you need it – without any extra fee!

To book a demo, contact us now!


Garmin Dash Cam 67W

Garmin Dash Cam 67W

Garmin, a global technology business, dominates the dash cam market. Garmin has a horde of products that cater to all types of requirements. The Garmin Dash Cam 67W is a feature-rich compact product from the Garmin family. Depending on the need, the Garmin dash cam even provides local and cloud storage choices.

  • 5.62 cm x 4.05 cm x 2.19 cm (WxHxD)
  • Display Size: 2.0”(5.1 cm) on the back operated by four buttons on the right side. 
  • Resolution: 320×240 pixels.
  • Weight: 57.0 g.
  • Battery Type: rechargeable lithium-ion.
  • Compact & match-box shaped, the device is very pleasing to the eye.
  • There is a provision of a micro-USB socket for power.
  • The MicroSD slot is positioned at the bottom, and the front houses the protruding lens.
 Product Features 

Voice command features, can be used to save video, audio recording & other simple tasks.

Wi-fi compatible, once online camera will automatically upload the saved video clips to Garmin’s cloud known as volt storage, and to be stored for 24 hrs from the time of upload. There is no size limit on the data stored. Garmin provides extended storage plans with paid subscriptions.

A video that is clear and has a 1440p resolution, which is higher than full HD. HDR (High-density range) ensures great footage in optimal lighting conditions and dark or poorly illuminated places.

The battery runs for 30 minutes, to have a constant power supply you can purchase Garmin’s hard wiring kit.

The dash cam has GPS capability and will display the time and position of incidents as they happen.

180 degrees of field of vision as opposed to 140 degrees for the Dash Cam Mini2, 47, and 57 range.

An easy-to-use smartphone app that allows you to view a live stream from the camera is available.

A parking guard keeps an eye out for activity near your parked car and notifies you instantly via video clip notifications on your smartphone.

Easy to install & navigate.

Price: $259.99


Nextbase 622 GW

Nextbase 622GW dash cam review | Way more than just a camera | Autoblog

The Nextbase 622 GW is a dash cam that consistently ranks at the top of lists of dash cam reviews. The recordings, which boast cinematic 4K visual quality, are clear and aid in precisely catching the license plates, especially in night vision mode. The dash cam is in tune with the latest tech by including features from Alexa voice control on the move. The dash cam can perform many functions like playing music, making calls, or reading the news. In the future, you can expect the availability of dash cam commands like start or stop recording, which will be very useful.

  • Large camera, due to its striking lens & good quality finish.
  • 3-inch color touch screen with crystal clear display.
  • Well laid-out power and play buttons on the sides of the dash cam.
 Product Features 

Digital image stabilization, reducing vibrations for crystal clear footage.

4K at 30 fps, 1440 at 60 fps, and 1080P at 120 fps

What3words function that can pinpoint your exact location to a three-square meter location for help to arrive quickly and easily.

A motion sensor is used in intelligent parking mode to protect your automobile while you are away.

Emergency SOS response alerts local emergency services.

GPS enabled.

Option to add rear camera module @ 1080p/30fps.

SD card to be purchased separately, Nextbase suggests having a 128GB U3 SD card for best results.

In case of a bump or crash, the built-in G-Sensor will automatically save the film to the device.

 Price: $399.99


Thinkware Q800PRO

Thinkware Q800PRO Wi-Fi Dash Cam with 32GB TW-Q800PROD32CH B&H

Thinkware offers a variety of models and designs of dashcams, portable cameras, and accessories. The Thinkware Q800PRO is a unique dash cam without a display. However, the QHD(Quad High Defenition) resolution video compensates for the same & can be viewed better on a high-resolution phone or a laptop. The gadget performs flawlessly, as predicted, thanks to its perfect design. The clear 140-degree wide-angle view of the dash camera captures everything in front of the vehicle.

  • 107 x 33.7 x 60.5 mm in size (WxDxH) (4.2 x 1.3 x 2.4 inch)
  • Weight: 107.5g (0.237lb)
  • Front Camera: 5.14MP Sony Starvis.
  • Rear Camera: 2.13MP Sony Starvis.
  • Sleek design with 2K video quality.
  • Add on rear-facing camera compatible.
 Product Features 

MicroSD cards can hold 32, 64, or 128 GB of data.

IOS and Android users can access the Thinkware Cloud app.

In-built GPS.

Thinkware Cloud app gives you alerts of vehicle location, geo-fencing zone breach, and car crashes.

The Thinkware Cloud app gives you live views of your vehicle and plays recorded videos.

In low-light situations, super night vision technology reduces noise and improves image quality.

Thermal protection mode prevents overheating while in use and automatically turns the dash cam off while saving all the video files.

Safety camera alerts drivers about approaching speed limits and red light cameras.

Comprises of road safety warning systems namely:

FCWS – Front Collision Warning System.

LDWS – Lane Departure Warning System.

FVDW – Front Vehicle Departure Warning.

Parking Surveillance Mode is automatically activated when the ignition is off. The footage is captured immediately on impact so that you have evidence of hit-and-runs or mishaps.

Price: $199.99


BlackVue-DR900X-2CH Plus


BlackVue boasts an impressive dash cam lineup like Cloud dashcams, LTE dashcams, simple Wi-Fi dashcams, driver monitoring systems, taxi dashcams, and truck dashcams. The DR900X-2CH Plus dashcam is a complete device, that ticks all the checkboxes in a sound and reliable dash cam. It has a fully functional 4K UHD camera. The dash cam is ready to use right out of the box and begins recording as soon as you plug it into your lighter socket. Packed with all the features, the BlackVue-DR900X-2CH Plus will not disappoint in its performance.

  • Front: W 118.5 mm (4.67 inches) × H 36 mm (1.42 inches)
  • Rear: W 67.4 mm (2.65 inches) x H 25 mm (0.98 inches)
  • Front Camera: 8MP CMOS sensor recording in 4K UHD(3840×2160)
  • Rear Camera: 2.1MP Sony Starvis recording in full HD (1920×1080)
 Product Features 

Sleek interface with proximity sensor, Wi-Fi button, and Secure microSD card access housed together.

Audio recording can be turned on and switched off by simply waving your hand in front of the proximity sensor.

Built-in impact and motion detection automatically tag video files.

Memory Capacity: MicroSD card up to 256GB.

The built-in accelerometer (G-sensor) recognizes impacts and abrupt changes in speed while you are driving. The BlackVue detects visual movements surrounding your parked vehicles as well.

BlackVue cloud app keeps you connected always to your vehicle. Every time there is an activity in your parked car, push notifications will be sent to your phone.

With the Live Event Upload feature, the app uploads crucial footage from an intruder or hit-and-run in real-time to the cloud.

BlackVue app can prevent and protect against overwriting up to 50 event files.

BlackVue app gives a voice warning alert as soon as the MicroSD card fails.

Activating the intelligent park mode keeps your car safe in your absence. On exiting parking, the BlackVue app alerts you of events recorded in your absence so that you can check the events immediately on your app.

Price: From $489.99 – $649.99 depending on Memory card capacity.


Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam System

Reasonably priced and packed with all the features required in a dash cam, the Nexar Pro dash cam is a value-for-money product. The Nexar Pro has a powerful program that automatically streams (and stores) content to your phone and a free cloud storage system integrated with the camera. The recordings are saved locally through the SD card and also the cloud. The Nexar app is user-friendly, and you do not have to hop between apps to see GPS and video, as it includes a full-screen GPS feature.

  • The unique egg-shaped design is a refreshing change.
  • Weight: 3.53 ounces
  • Front: 4.3 x 1.8 x 19 in
  • Rear: 2.85 x 12 x 13 in
  • Battery: 3.7V, 200mAH
  • Two cameras for interior and exterior recordings.
  • Includes 11.5ft USB power cable.
  • Installation tool & cable clips.
 Product Features 

1-year warranty.

32 GB SD card included & upgradeable up to 256 GB.

Integrated GPS 10 Hz GPS, GLONASS, Galileo.

Includes suction cup mount for the front camera.

Cameras with high-quality 1080p full HD image sensors.

Dash cam will start automatic recording in case of impact.

Nexar emergency alert can notify you immediately in case of an accident. Alerts include location, dash cam video footage, and a one-tap link to call 911.

Easily retrievable accident report, using sensor data like force impact, location, speed, and dash cam video. For insurance purposes, this information is beneficial.

Nexar app can show your parking location and navigate you to your car.

The Interior camera sends break-in alerts and begins automatically recording if someone is tampering with your vehicle.

Nexar cameras get regular software updates with new features.

Price: $159.95


Dash cams are essential for protecting your interests in a world where road safety has taken center stage. Even though it is slightly more expensive, having a feature-rich dash cam is necessary. Selecting a dash camera that offers several storage options without overwriting them should be considered. In case of any untoward incident, these recordings will vindicate your stand and keep you and your family safe.

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