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Having a Google business listing is essential for trucking companies because it helps them to attract new customers and build their online presence. When people search for trucking companies on Google, your business listing will appear in the search results, along with important information such as your business name, address, phone number, and website. This makes it easier for potential customers to find your business and learn more about the services you offer.

In addition to appearing in search results, your business listing will also be displayed on Google Maps, which can be a useful tool for people who are looking for trucking services in a specific location. This can be especially useful for trucking companies that operate in a particular region or serve a specific market.

Having a Google business listing can also help trucking companies to manage their online reputation, as customers can leave reviews and ratings on their listing. This can be a powerful way for trucking companies to showcase the quality of their services and build trust with potential customers.

Overall, a Google business listing is an important tool for trucking companies to attract new customers, build their online presence, and manage their online reputation.

How brokers use google business listings to evaluate trucking companies?

Brokers often use Google business listings to evaluate trucking companies because they can provide valuable information about a company’s reputation and the services they offer. When a broker searches for a trucking company on Google, they can view the company’s business listing to see important information such as their business name, address, phone number, and website. The broker can also read reviews and ratings left by customers, which can provide insight into the quality of the company’s services.

In addition to reading reviews and ratings, brokers may also use the information on a trucking company’s business listing to verify the company’s contact information and learn more about the services they offer. This can help brokers to determine whether a particular trucking company is a good fit for a particular shipment or load.

Overall, Google business listings can be a useful tool for brokers to evaluate trucking companies and make informed decisions about which companies to work with.

Can a trucking company get a higher rate with a google business listing?

Google Business Listing for Trucking Companies

Having a good Google business listing may not directly affect the rate that a trucking company is able to charge for their services. However, it could potentially have an indirect impact on the rate that the company is able to negotiate with brokers or customers. With a good listing, a trucking company can negotiate for a 20% premium in the rate.

Remember a broker’s job is to keep as much money as possible to themselves but at the same time, the broker wants reliability and surety of the load being delivered. Or else the shipper will not give them any future jobs.

So, the broker may be willing to pay a higher premium for a reliable trucking company.

Key points

  • Make a good google business listing with as many customer reviews as possible.
  • When negotiating with brokers, point them to your google business link and ask for a higher premium “JUST BECAUSE YOU PROVIDE A HIGHLY RELIABLE SERVICE”.
  • You can even get considerable number of inbound leads because of good ratings on a google business listing.

And the best part is that it does not cost anything, so get that listing done today!!

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