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The Ultimate Packing List For A New Truck Driver

Now that you have your CDL, you must be pretty excited to get on the road. One of the most important things about life as a truck driver is packing for the journey. You never know what you could need. But just for that reason, you cannot pack your entire belongings. You need to pack just the right things. Matrack incorporation presents you with the ultimate packing list, which every seasoned truck driver swears by.

  • Clothes and baggage: You will be on the road for 10 or more days. You cannot rely on laundry as fewer truck stop offers that service. Before starting your journey, read the weather forecast for the days and areas you will be traveling, and prepare accordingly. Keep a warm coat and a rain jacket always handy. Also, pack a few extra handkerchief and pair of socks. Keep a separate bag for clothes that need to be washed. And don’t forget your sunglasses for those sunny days.
  • Toiletries and medical kit: Although you can get a toothbrush at any truck stop, packing a small kit with necessities for shaving and shower will be more cost-saving.  If you are on any medication, make completely sure that you pack extra dosage, just to be prepared for any delay. You can also pack adult bath wipes, disinfectant wipes paper towels, garbage bags, as well as a small laundry kit.
  • Bedding: Truckers need rest. After having driven for longer periods of time, you will need a comfortable place to sleep in. A comfy pillow, blanket and a change of sheets will do for a week’s travel.
  • Snacks: Trucking profession is not one of the healthiest ones. You are mostly sitting in the driver’s seat. Also, most truck stops do not serve healthy food. So you can get one step closer to better health by packing healthier snacks like protein bars, fresh fruit, vegetables and hummus dip, mixed nuts, frozen fruit bars (if the truck has a fridge), beef jerky, and more. If you are more of a DIY enthusiast, you can also pack a small stove, a crockpot, some disposable plates, and spoons, and make yourself a hot meal wherever you want.
  • Entertainment: Trucking is a pretty lonely job, and you definitely need entertainment. You can carry all your favorite movies and songs on your laptop. If you love reading books, keeping an e-reader or having a few audio-books will be better than carrying physical books. If you love photography, you can carry a small point-and-shoot camera, especially for those sunrises and sunsets. You can also invest in a good Bluetooth headset if allowed by your company and be in touch with your family and friends at all times.
  • Maps: Even though you have GPS and your smartphone, it is always advisable to have the map or atlas of the terrain you are going to travel. You might not get a Wi-Fi or internet or phone service everywhere, and a map will come handy on such a situation.
  • Money: Carry all the debit and credit cards you have. But also carry some cash and checks for remotely situated areas.
  • Tool Kit: Your truck may break down anywhere, and you will need to undertake minor repairs before help arrives. Also, have a set of durable gloves for handling the repairs.
  • Stationery: You will need a binder, to keep all documents in one place. A small notebook and a few pens will also help you keep track of things and make notes. You can also get a few envelops to store receipts.
  • Charger: In modern times, we do not leave the house without our phones. So keep a charger and a battery pack for extra usage.
  • Paperwork: Most important thing – your paperwork. Keep copies of your license, identity proof, insurance cards, emergency contacts, medical certificates and prescriptions, and all of your CDL endorsements.

For the duration of your travel, the truck will be your second home. So go ahead and decorate it if you want. Keep a small succulent, a snow globe, and frames with pictures of your family – anything to make the cabin of your truck feels like your home. Happy Journey!