Trailer Tracking – Important Things To Know
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Trailer Tracking – Important Things To Know

Trailer Tracking – Important Things To Know

Trailer tracking helps in knowing the location of the trailer, even when it is not attached to the truck. With proper tracking system that includes tracking device, communication network, database and backend server support, and also user-friendly interface, trailer tracking can have several benefits. The GPS enabled cloud-based system provides location insights of movable and non-movable trailers in real-time.

Fleet management is a highly overwhelming job, requiring maintenance of schedules of shipment, drivers, availability of vehicles and trailers, along with compliance of an assortment of rules and regulations. Since 2000, the world of telematics has evolved rapidly, providing fleet managers with a wide range of functional solutions to optimize their management. Some of the benefits of having real-time trailer tracking are:

  1. Logistics: Having a trailer tracking system allows for easier logistics, as they provide accurate information on trailer location, allotting downtime, and also scheduling service checks. It also helps you plan the route ahead, which ensures that the deadlines are met, and the customers are happy!
  2. Paperwork: Trailer tracking uses GPS technology with cloud-based applications that keep a record of everything. The information is organized and stored in the cloud and can be accessed via any mobile device at any point in time. It’s time-saving, cost-effective, as well as environment-friendly. It also eliminates the chances of loss or any discrepancy, as the data is recorded in real time. Matrack’s MA-4550 is a weatherproof hardwired tracker that keeps historical data up to one year, making it easier to get the paperwork done without losing any vital data.
  3. Waiting time: Most trailer tracking systems are equipped with geofencing options that allow presetting an alarm on entry or exit to certain geo points. As soon as the trailer is in the vicinity of a loading/unloading depot, an alarm is triggered, and the customer can be made aware of the vehicle’s impending arrival. This ensures that the deck, goods, equipment, and labor is ready to receive the trailer, thereby reducing the detention time.
  4. Downtime: Before the trailer tracking system, fleet managers had a hard time keeping track of all their trailers that were sitting at the customer’s site for too long after having unloaded. But with GPS enabled trailer tracking, the possibility of downtime has surely been minimized, and trailers and other valuable assets can be utilized with better efficiency.
  5. Safety of Assets: Modern day trailer tracking systems come with various functionalities such as monitoring temperature, tire pressure, two-way control for refrigeration for perishable goods, and much more. In case a safety issue arises, the back-office support is alerted, and immediate action is taken to secure the assets, trailer, and the driver.
  6. Recovery: The biggest threat to trailers is theft. But equipped with GPS and geofencing, even if a trailer is hijacked, the exact location in real time is communicated to the support office, who can alert the appropriate authorities. The trailer tracking system has sped up the process of recovery of stolen assets and trailers. Also, as the action is taken instantaneously, the loss is fairly minimized.

Trailer tracking devices such as MA-1080 by Matrack, are compact, have a battery life of 3-5 years, and are also weatherproof. They are GPS enabled and have an easy-to-use interface that is accessible on smartphones, tablets, or any other mobile device of choice. Through the interface, the trailer tracking data can be monitored around the clock, from anywhere in the world.

Implementing a trailer tracking solution has several advantages. It offers optimized trailer utilization, proper invoicing, and better customer service. With a well-designed and suitable trailer tracking system, you can instantly improve fleet management and have greater ROI.

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