Trailer Tracking And Fleet Management – What’s The Difference?

Trailer Tracking And Fleet Management – What’s The Difference?

Trailer tracking and fleet management are often misunderstood to be the same thing, and the terms are used interchangeably. However, there is one huge difference between the two. Trailer tracking is a subset of a much wider system of fleet management. To understand this difference properly, let’s take a look at both of them separately:

Trailer Tracking system is a combination of an electronic device and a computer software. The device is installed in the trailer collects information, which is processed by the software. It allows the owner to track the location of the trailer, along with several other features like geofencing, temperature control, security, and provides real-time data for better execution.

Some of the features of a well-designed Trailer Tracking device like MA-1080 by Matrack Incorporation are:

Together with a GPS enables cloud-based application and service, the trailer tracking system proves to be most beneficial in case of theft and hijacking and helps in speedy recovery.

Fleet Management, however, is a much broader concept. Apart from being aware of the location of one trailer, a fleet manager has several other responsibilities and duties:

Fleet management platforms assist a fleet manager in fulfilling the above-mentioned duties and much more with better efficiency and organization, thereby increasing the ROI. An effective fleet management system is based on the principal of IoT (Internet of things). Electronic Logging devices, generally known as ELD, like Matrack’s MA 3000 are equipped with inbuilt software and sensors are connected to the vehicle or assets through onboard diagnostics. It collects various data like speed, engine status, driving hours, maintenance requirements, and location.

The data is sent to an analytical program that utilizes this information and generates reports for mileage, fuel consumption, safety, and others. MA 3000 also helps in compliance with DOT’s hours with services rules, and as it incorporates Bluetooth technology, managers and fleet owners can be in constant contact with their vehicles.

Trailer Tracking is a vital part of fleet management. Together, they allow managers and owners to operate their fleets at maximum capacity and improve profitability. It also ensures that all assets are utilized properly and maintained periodically. The reports generated are accurate and help in tax compliances and safety protocols. To learn more about increasing your ROI through trailer tracking and Fleet management, contact Matrack Incorporation. We will be happy to get you the perfect tracking solution for your business.

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