Things To Know Before Choosing The Trucking Career
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Things To Know Before Choosing The Trucking Career

Things To Know Before Choosing The Trucking Career

Trucking, like any other profession, has its fair share of challenges. Some experienced truckers may even call it a lifestyle and not just a profession. Although, you will be provided training and education, what you need most to succeed at this job is your own determination.

  1. Stress is included in the job description: As much as you enjoy driving, being alone on the long journey, driving on busy roads, and being away from your family and missing their milestones can take a toll. Sometimes even finding a better place to park the trailer and take a little rest can be overwhelmingly tiresome. However, you are also required to make delivery on time, as per the contract, as well as for customer satisfaction and continual business. In these circumstances, it is very easy to get frustrated. To help relieve stress, you can find what works best for you – meditation, music, candles or anything else.
  2. Communication: Proper communication is, in reality, a key to succeed in absolutely everything. As a truck driver, you will need to be in constant contact with your dispatcher, to understand the route, the delivery requirements and more. Also, you will need to efficiently communicate with the customer as well as repair shops in order to minimize the unpaid downtime and shop time.
  3. The big paycheck is a myth: In recent times, the cost of operating on the road, maintaining the truck and repairs, as well as the cost of food has gone through the roof. No matter how many hours of work you put in, the truck driving career is not going to make you rich. You will be able to pay the bills and provide for your family, but earning a fortune working as a trucker is difficult.
  4. Family and relationships: You are always on the road and your relationship with your partner and kids suffer. While you are alone on the road, your partner basically becomes a single parent, taking care of the home, kids, job, household work, and much more. You will miss your kid’s first game or recital, and many other milestones. And you need to be mentally prepared for that. Luckily, we live in an era with such technologies, that even when you are driving, you can be in constant contact with your family.
  5. Know when to move on: If you are not happy with your carrier in terms of payments and work environment, let them know. It’s a mutual relationship and your concerns must be attended to. But if your questions are not being answered, find a better opportunity and move on. You are putting in a lot of work and deserve to be paid and treated accordingly. You may find that changing jobs is uncomfortable, but if you do find a carrier who would recognize your efforts, moving on is the best option.
  6. Switch roles: Your happiness and mental well-being are more important than any job in the world. While working as a truck driver, even for a small moment if you think you can do a better job and that your skills are best suited elsewhere, then do not hesitate to change your career at all.

A professional truck driver is required to work out a balance in work and personal life, accept the situation, and make the best out of it. Long lonely journeys, rest stop food, a host of security and operational protocols, a pile of paperwork – that is the life of a truck driver. However, these days most carriers have opted for a fleet management system that has made the lives of truck drivers easier.

For example, Matrack’s MA-ELD Classic ELD automatically records data for HOS, fuel usage and mileage, GPS tracking, and more. Once integrated with the Fleet management system (FMS) application, alerts are sent to all the parties involved – carrier, operator, fleet manager, and customer. Being aware of the arrival and departure timings of a truck helps in reducing downtime. Moreover, as the device automatically records all the data, the truck driver doesn’t have to fret over maintaining unnecessary physical records.

If you have decided to adopt the life of a trucker, make sure that your carriers use an efficient FMS. If you are interested in knowing more about Matrack’s tracking devices and other services, contact us!

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