Solar Power Expands To Semi-Trucks
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Solar Power Expands To Semi-Trucks
Hari GSFebruary 27, 2019Gps tracking

Solar Power Expands To Semi-Trucks

Decreased costs are only one of the many benefits of solar energy. You can also improve your health and protect the environment by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels by installing a solar energy system trucking system for trucks!

Most of us have heard of solar-powered stoves, homes, and even solar-powered cars.  Now solar technology is moving onto something even bigger; semi-trucks.  Implementing solar power in the trucking industry, by attaching light- weight flexible panels to the tops of semi-trucks and trailers could improve working and living conditions for drivers on the road.

Mounting solar panels on trucks can generate enough electricity to help power heating and air conditioning systems, lift-gate operations, internal and external lights, refrigeration and telematics systems.

Since solar power would be channeled to maintain the trucks battery HVAC system, truckers more have more freedom in using appliances such as electric blankets, televisions, coffee-makers, electric shavers, and slow-cookers.

Check out this great video on YouTube about using solar panels on semi-trucks for truck tracking.


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