Implementing A Trailer Tracking System
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Implementing A Trailer Tracking System

Implementing A Trailer Tracking System

Any fleet management system is incomplete without a proper trailer tracking system. Before getting a tracking system for your fleet it is important to research the market and choose the one that best supports your requirements and goals. Here are a few things you can do for successful implementation of a trailer tracking system:


    1. Know what you need
    2. Train the employees

Know what you need

The market for trailer tracking is vast and offers a variety of features. Therefore, you must know your definite reason – the safety of goods, maintaining temperature for perishables, the safety of the trailer from theft and hijacking, etc. It is always advisable to opt for a trailer tracking system that can be integrated with existing software to avoid the extra cost.

Communication with partners and employees

A change is manageable only when all the parties to the change are aware and ready for it. Talk to your partners and get their insight on the possibility of having a trailer tracking system in place. Also, seek advice and suggestions from your employees, and educate them about how a trailer tracking system will be beneficial to them. An awareness amongst your employees about your goals in the long term and the purpose of implementation of trailer tracking will make the transition easy.

Train the employees

As you get ready to implement the new trailer tracking system, start training your employees simultaneously. Plan an onboarding strategy, and educate the employees and drivers about using the software. This will allow you to give feedback to your trailer tracking service provider, and make the software user-friendly. It is important to let the employees and drivers understand and adapt to the new system, so give them the time they need.

Using the information with discretion

The trailer tracking system, when integrated with other fleet management systems, will give you an insight into driver’s behavior. If you do find any discrepancy, do not be quick to take a drastic decision, rather educate the driver or employees, and make them aware of consequences if their behavior doesn’t change. You would not want to create the notion of the negative impact of your newly adopted technology on your employees.

Trailer tracking devices by Matrack

Matrack incorporation has various solutions for your trailer tracking needs. Our devices MA-1080, MA-4550 and Solar Power Hardwire are the best in the industry and approved by PTCRB and CC.

MA 1080 is simple, compact, and easy to install. It comes with powerful built-in magnets, 3 years of battery life, and faster and better connectivity. Together with its application, MA 1080 can send geofencing alerts, has proactive tracking mode in case of theft or hijacking, and sends location alerts via email and SMS in real time. The device is designed to thrive in harsh conditions and any kind of weather.

Matrack also offers a wide range of fleet and asset tracking devices. All the devices are integrated with a user-friendly platform, available to you on any mobile device of your choice. Once you have installed MA -1080, you are provided user credentials to the platform and can access it anytime, from anywhere around the world. For more information on our products and services, feel free to contact us on +1 (855) 658-7225.

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