How GPS tracking Can Help To Recover A Lost Cargo?
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How GPS tracking Can Help To Recover A Lost Cargo?

How GPS tracking Can Help To Recover A Lost Cargo?

Cargo theft is a seriously increasing major problem in the trucking industry that has led to billions of losses for the business. Today the thieves are much more advanced as they are equipped with high-end tools, that you will not even get a single notification about the cargo being stolen. As a truck driver, it is your responsibility to take care of the goods packed in from the shipment base to the delivery location without any defects and thefts. So how come that be done? Well, that’s where the role of GPS trackers come in hand. GPS cargo tracking is the one-stop solution for all your business needs. From misrouted delivery to traffic/ broken vehicles and even theft, GPS trackers can help the business save millions as it aids in the recovery of lost cargo. 

Why you need a GPS tracker for your business?

Managing cargo is a big job that involves high responsibility and seriousness. If you can’t track the present location of your fleet, you won’t be able to update your clients about the shipment data. Even in unfortunate cases of weather conditions and vehicle breakdown/ crash, you need to stay updated so that your client is informed about all the shipment progress. 

To stay on top of the demanding cargo industry, every fleet companies should set up innovative tools to safeguard the interests of the driver, asset truck and trailer. This means you have to consider factors such as employee productivity, operational costs, simplified and accurate reporting and customer satisfaction. GPS technology is the best available management tools for integrating these factors in the cargo industry. Thanks to the smart devices available these days, that you get notified with every single update of the cargo. 

Benefits of GPS cargo tracking:

A GPS cargo tracker comes with a series of benefits that help both the business and the customer. These include the following:

  • Help you track all the cargo and shipments most reliably. 
  • GPS trackers eliminate the risk of misplaced and lost cargo due to theft or misrouted shipment. 
  • Enables companies to identify their cargo instantly. 
  • Lowers the risk of customer cancellations, which in turn increases customer satisfaction. 
  • A fleet tracking solution reduces operational cost and insurance costs. 
  • Cargo tracker decreases the risk of delivery delays. 
  • With a click of a button, you get notified by every single progress. 
  • Trailer tracking device allows faster invoicing and accurate reporting. 
  • Increases employee safety by ensuring that they meet all of the required safety policies. 

How do GPS tracking devices help to solve the challenges in cargo shipment?

The use of GPS trackers helps keep track of high-value goods. It keeps you aware of the real-time location and status of your assets and equipment on an international basis. This enables you to ensure that everything is where it should be and in the right position.

  • A GPS cargo tracker will identify the suspicious incidences occurred through alert reports. This helps to warn you when your equipment is moving when it is supposed to be idle. 
  • An intelligent GPS tracking software solution enables you to configure a geo zone, a defined geographic area and can notify you when assets move in or out of a specified area. 
  • A cargo tracker will alert you when a thief opens up a container or a box with high-value goods. 

Recover your stolen cargo with GPS trackers

  • Cargo trackers help to recover stolen cargo and vehicles

With GPS tracking technology, the fleet company can locate exactly where your vehicle is if one of them is stolen. With timely reporting, GPS trackers can transmit an automatic notification in near real-time. The fleet manager can either contact the driver to find out if there’s an issue or go straight to law enforcement. For this, ensure that all your employees are well-trained about the safety and threat prevention procedures and protocols. 

  • Gather valuable stats from GPS data

GPS software provides reliable and valuable stats you can use to protect yourself against further attacks. During the theft, you can dig into the data and analyse what has happened, and why the event occurred. You can use then preventive measures to stop from happening it again. For instance, if recurring incidents of theft occur at a certain location, you can identify the location and change the route accordingly. 

  • Prevent the occurrence of thieves and theft

Vehicle theft can impact the business in a hefty amount, especially if the asset isn’t insured. Improving technology has helped drive down incidents, but the overall downward trend has taken an uptick in recent years. 

Tips to prevent cargo theft on the road

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of arriving at the destination to find out that somewhere along the road, you were robbed, it is always good to prevent cargo theft as a truck driver. 

  • Understand how cargo theft happens

Anytime you park your truck, your cargo is at risk. Besides, the new ELD regulations enable drivers to take more breaks than ever before, which hence require the driver to stay alert while on breaks. Goods such as pharmaceuticals and electronics have high value in the black market. This means that drivers carrying these assets need to be extra careful, and as a fleet manager, you need to understand h=which products have been stolen and which not. 

  • Make sure the employees are well-trained and educated.

Considering the risk factor, employers should provide training to prevent cargo theft and to know how to respond if drivers are presented with a situation of stolen freight. There should be a security culture in the company where employees are provided proper training and education classes on how to tackle threats and thieves. Many companies do not allow drivers to step into the red zone, or enter hot spots where there is a high risk of theft and emergency. 

  • Pay attention to your surroundings.

Some countries have a higher risk of getting robbed than others, of which some companies are at a high exposure to theft. So, it’s essential to know where these hotspots are. Some busy roads are a risk for truck travel and are highly targeted by thieves. 

  • Keep your freight moving.

The chances of your cargo getting stolen are high when the truck is stopped rather than moving. But the fact is truckers need to take a break. Hence companies and drivers should work together to define time limits for how long a trailer can be stopped and unattended for different circumstances. It is recommended that truckers/ drivers need to stay with the trailer even if it is stopped so that they can prevent cargo theft. 

  • Do some research 

Before the assets are shipped, make a good research on the states and areas your truck will be travelling through. This helps to get a clear picture of whether you are going to travel through high-risk areas or hotspots. This research can start with the training programs provided to prevent cargo theft or your research online. 

  • Use advanced safety technology and measures to protect your cargo.

Last but not least, your cargo is said to be safe if they are installed with high-end security and safety features. For this, you can install GPS tracking devices and trailer tracking devices along with ELD solutions. There are many different resources available to secure your truck. You can choose the best one that meets your requirements. 

In today’s technological era, billions of tonnes of cargo are shipped from one place to another. Also, the introduction of e-commerce and online business has increased the shipment drastically than in previous years. Thanks to the latest innovations and developments that GPS trackers can help in securing your company and its assets from theft and robbery. 

Matrack GPS trackers for lost cargo

That said, some companies aim at delivering GPS trackers at best price and quality, of which only a few of them are reliable and genuine. One such reputed and well-known company known for serving its customers with quality GPS and cargo trackers is the Matrack asset tracking solutions.

When it comes to GPS tracking solutions, Matrack GPS fleet trackers are the best in class trackers, as they are easy to use, yet effective and adaptable to your needs. The Matrack cargo tracking software and solutions effectively manage your fleet while streamlining your operations, thereby reducing costs and increasing revenue.

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