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In a tech-savvy modern world, cameras need no introduction. The evolution of the camera has been very rapid and has reached heights beyond what anyone would have imagined. There is a camera type available for every kind of usage. The cameras covered in this article are the versatile GoPro and the vehicle Dashcam, and why a GoPro camera is not advisable to be used as a Dashcam. 

What is a GoPro Camera?

GoPro cameras have changed the landscape of photography since their launch in 2002. The waterproof camera created by Nick woodman to capture his group of friends surfing became a hot seller. The GoPro has become a go-to camera for avid sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The distinguishing characteristics of this little camera are its robust construction and ability to take excellent videos while being waterproof. 

What is a Dashcam?

In simple terms, it is a camera mounted on a Dashboard of an automobile. The earliest dashcams were movie cameras fixed on dashboards to record traffic violations by law enforcement. It took a while before dashcams became popular with the masses. The realization of the myriad benefits offered by dashcams made them indispensable, especially for commercial fleets.

GoPro Hero 10 Vs Dashcam Comparison

Aspect Dashcam GoPro Hero 10 Black
Purpose Designed for recording while driving Designed for a range of activities
Field of view Wide-angle to capture as much of the road ahead as possible Multiple lens options, including SuperView, Wide, and Linear
Mounting Mounted on the dashboard or windshield of a car Can be mounted on a variety of surfaces, including helmets, chests, and handlebars
Resolution Varies by model, typically up to 4K 5.3K at 60fps, 4K at 120fps
Frame rate Varies by model, typically up to 60fps Up to 240fps in 1080p, 120fps in 4K
Image stabilization Basic electronic stabilization, some models have advanced stabilization Advanced HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization
Features Basic features such as loop recording, G-sensor, and parking mode Advanced features such as TimeWarp 3.0, SuperPhoto, and Night Lapse
Battery life Designed to be plugged into a car’s power source and run continuously Up to 140 minutes of continuous recording
Waterproof Some models are waterproof, but not all Waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters)
Price range $100 – $450+

$249 – $500+

Data Source- Matrack Research

GoPro as Dashcam Advantages

GoPro is a rugged camera in the true sense, as it can function in most conditions. It has been frequently discussed and debated on various forums about considering GoPro as a dashcam. Let’s look at the advantages of using GoPro as a dashcam.

Compact Size

Due to its compact size, GoPro will fit in any nook and corner of your vehicle. The compact size takes up less space on your windscreen and gives you an unobstructed view. All you need to do is mount it on your dashboard, front, rear windshield, or anywhere you choose by using a suction cup. Your camera can be detached anytime and used for any other purpose.

Quality Recording

GoPro cameras provide excellent video and image quality. Models like Hero 7 & 8 offer the highest quality video recordings with 4K resolution. The cameras have video stabilizers that record steady footage despite any bumps on the road. The ultrawide-angle fisheye look gives a good view of all the blind spots.


GoPro has a good build quality and is designed to weather most conditions. They are waterproof to some extent. GoPro cameras can record at high-speed. GoPro supports high frame rates at high resolutions for fast recording. Most allow you to record up to 240 frames per second in FHD and up to 60 frames per second in 4K, making it simple to capture fast-paced action.

GoPro as Dashcam Disadvantages

While there are a few advantages of using GoPro as a dashcam, the disadvantages are many. Let’s compare these camera types and explain why using GoPro as a dashcam is not advisable.


GoPro cameras are expensive as they cater to sports and adventure enthusiasts. GoPro cameras are versatile, with high-powered lenses offering crisp footage. The cost of a budget GoPro is $399, while a dashcam is as low as $100. Hence opting for a GoPro as a dashcam will burn a hole in your pocket.

Battery Life

Dashcams need to have a long battery life to film the road continuously. Any mishap occurring when your battery is low will deprive you of crucial evidence. GoPro undoubtedly has the best image and video quality but is let down by its battery life. Comparatively, dashcams do not rely only on battery power. The majority of dashcams are either directly connected to the electrical system or include a connector for a 12v connection in your automobile. 

Are you looking for a dashcam with a durable internal battery? Here is the list of the best battery-powered dash cams

Automatic Recording

The purpose of a dashcam is to record happenings on the road, and they perform this function flawlessly and without fuss.

All you need to do is set the dashcam in your vehicle and let it do its job, with the automatic switch function. A GoPro camera, however, needs to be manually turned on each time you start the vehicle. You are always at risk of losing valuable footage if you forget to switch on your GoPro camera.

Lacking G-Sensor 

The G-Sensor is the primary distinction between a GoPro and a dashcam that is absent in a GoPro camera. The G-Sensor on a dashcam recognizes when an accident or other significant shock has occurred and generates a small video file, preventing that film from being overwritten by new data for a few seconds on either side. This makes managing and keeping significant footage simple. This is critical and helpful, especially for fleet operators required to produce proof of any mishaps during their travels.

Intelligent Parking Mode

An important feature offered by most dashcams is the Intelligent parking mode. While your automobile is parked, the Intelligent Parking Mode records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle. You may view the time and location of the collision using the parking camera on your car.

The dash cam will automatically enter Parking Mode once you have parked and switched off the ignition, turning off all but the G-Sensor. A GoPro camera lacks this capability, which lessens its usefulness as a dashcam.

GPS Tracking

Dashcam GPS function serves as a satellite navigation system. It makes it possible for the dashcam to record video and determine the location and speed of your car. When the video is playing in the GPS player, the GPS data synchronizes, allowing you to see the location on a map.

Dashcams’ GPS trackers come in handy if there is an accident. The footage is used for insurance claims and law enforcement proof since it lets you define the precise location of the incident and the speed you were traveling at. The GPS function is indispensable and vital to transportation in modern times but is available only in select GoPro cameras, thereby diminishing its utility as a dashcam.

Cannot Withstand Extreme Temperatures

GoPro cameras cannot withstand extreme temperatures. In high temperatures, GoPro cameras tend to overheat, which might be problematic if you leave them in your vehicle on a hot day. There have been instances where GoPro models have had difficulties powering up in cold weather. Moreover, GoPro was not designed to withstand rigorous use like dashcams. Dashcams can endure even the sweltering summertime or very cold conditions.


Even though GoPro cameras are more expensive and have a higher resale value, dashcams of all varieties are susceptible to theft. To safeguard a GoPro device, you can take it out of your vehicle when not in use. However, this is cumbersome and practical. To hide it in plain sight, you might place it near the sunshade on the windshield and mitigate theft. Overall it is still inconvenient as compared to a traditional dashcam.

Benefits of Matrack Dashcams

Dashcams are sold on the market by numerous businesses. Each manufacturer boasts about the distinctive features of their product and how they will help you. It’s crucial to pick the ideal brand to associate with for your needs. Among the assortment of businesses that sell dashcams, Matrack is a company that has a solid reputation for itself. The products are evidence that Matrack is a reliable brand. Dashcams from Matrack contain every function you could need.

Noteworthy features of Matrack dashcams are as follows:

  • Two Cameras: Two cameras covering the road and the cabin with AI ensures thorough remote viewing of the truck. 
  • The driver receives all the alerts from the dashcam and takes necessary precautions to ensure your fleet’s security.
  • Driver Monitoring: You are alerted immediately if your driver is distracted, texting or smoking. The in-cabin camera gives a clear view of the happenings inside the cabin, thereby ensuring the safety of your fleet.
  • Lane Change & Collision Alerts: Receive notifications when your vehicle changes lanes without the lane change indicator. If a collision is imminent, get alerts. All alerts are audible to the driver, who is informed.
  • Alerting Drivers: Issue immediate warnings when drivers are found texting or using phones while driving.
  • D.U.I (Drive Under Influence) alerts: If found to be smoking or under any intoxication, the driver is alerted immediately.
  • Collision Alert: Advanced AI collision detection issues instant collision alert warnings to drivers.
  • Distracted Driving: Alerts drivers when distracted driving is detected.

You can also get reports from Matrack to help you understand driver needs and make the appropriate adjustments. With features like geo-fencing, real-time updates, and vehicle health monitoring, Matrack dashcams have all elements required to keep your fleet secure.


GoPro cameras are top-notch and enjoyable to use for sports and adventure activities. Although using a GoPro as a dashcam sounds thrilling, they have many constraints that need to be sorted. Dashcams are meant to protect your drivers and vehicles. As of now, it doesn’t seem like GoPro cameras will completely replace Dashcams in the immediate future. However, looking at the tremendous success achieved in the space of adventure and sports, GoPro has a good chance of making professional dashcams in the future. 

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