Features To Look For When Buying Trailer GPS Trackers
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Features To Look For When Buying Trailer GPS Trackers

Features To Look For When Buying Trailer GPS Trackers

The Complete Guide to Trailer GPS Trackers

Trailer GPS trackers are external gadgets that you may fasten to a trailer (such as a flatbed) to track its location. These instruments are helpful for monitoring equipment in other industries besides transportation (hence its other common name: asset tracking). If you work in one of the following fields, a trailer GPS tracker can be helpful to you:

  1. Trucking/Transportation
  2. Farming
  3. Construction
  4. Maintenance
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Energy/Utility
  7. Plus more!

You may more effectively monitor your assets with a trailer GPS tracker. You can trace loads using the trailer tracking system, and the software will automatically log the data. For their trucks, most businesses opt for GPS gadgets. While taking this action is a good and required move, regular trailer tracking offers even more chances to gather information on machinery and manage assets more effectively. It would help if you had an extra device and software to work with the GPS to use a trailer GPS tracker.

Advantages of a GPS Trailer Tracker

Live Monitoring

More expensive GPS-trailer trackers can provide a live tracking feed of your trailer. Based on your needs, this might help you design routes and improve operations. Real-time live tracking is unavailable with all trailer GPS trackers, as cheaper models periodically “ping” you with their whereabouts. This space is between 5 minutes and 5 hours. Even better, you can program your GPS to notify you whenever it leaves or enters a specific area. You could set up the trailer GPS to inform you whenever it enters or exits your facility.

Work Seamlessly with Contractors

Your trailer can cross paths with several people to get where it’s going; however, tracking the whereabouts of such a payload can be profitable. A trailer GPS tracker is the easiest method to ensure you can follow that payload. Furthermore, you will only have to rely on yourself to meet your tracking demands, regardless of whether you are planning to use a trailer for many employees or several contractors. You can always find that trailer by knowing where it is.

Protection from Theft

A trailer GPS tracker is among your most excellent anti-theft solution. You can track when something is taken from a geofenced site, even with basic trackers. The system would then notify you automatically. Then you may contact the police and get your stolen stuff back using this information, which is crucial for you and your clients. If a theft occurs, you can retrieve every payload.

Mileage Tracking

Have you ever considered using a GPS tracker to monitor the distance your trailer travels? Why is this crucial? Based on predetermined mileage targets, you can set up automated reminders for preventive maintenance. Preventative maintenance helps minimize downtime and maintain the efficiency of your operations. Some GPS trackers may also keep an eye on extra data, including tire conditions, service intervals, and problem codes on particular trailers.

Optimized Inventory Tracking

It can be easy to manage your inventory. A trailer GPS tracker can immediately record the location when an item is placed in your pickup yard. Then, even when navigating hundreds of products, trucks may use this information to select the appropriate trailer, which can be readily included in your daily routines and stops misdirected delivery. Utilize GPS tracking equipment to reduce office time and misunderstandings.

Manage All Operations in One Application

Most businesses typically integrate a fleet management system with a trailer GPS tracker. The majority of fleet management companies sell GPS trackers for trucks and trailers. All your data may be managed from a single console when you’re on the go. Everything can be planned and monitored, optimizing your work and boosting internal communication.

Imagine having access to information about tasks in a particular area, the number of hours a driver logs, the location of a trailer as it travels through several contractors, and the number of hours the driver logs on the road. You may quickly scale your firm up with these technologies. You may also get utilization records from sites like Matrack to track how often you use various trailers identifying your company’s critical areas of concern.

Versatile in a Variety of Industries

Most trailer GPS trackers are found in the transportation sector. However, these GPS tools can also be applied to shipping containers, agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters, and cattle trailers), and construction machinery (such as pavers, excavators, and backhoes), among other things. Because they may be installed either internally or outside, depending on the make and type, these GPS devices are more useful for various jobs. Using these gadgets to track your equipment or trailers can be beneficial, even if you are outside the transportation sector.

Convenient Install

While each GPS tracker differs, most may be fastened to your trailer with a few screws. You have the option of having these professionally installed or installing them yourself.

Trailer GPS tracker characteristics

Low Priced Options

Numerous companies produce trailer GPS trackers. Devices on Amazon start at about $50 if you need to track 1-3 trailers or specific things. You can get location information from these devices even if they have few features or are compatible with a fleet management system. You also have a wide range of options with add-on features to pick from if you’re seeking fleet tracking options. These gadgets, which work with a fleet management system, will be created especially for trailer tracking.


Most gadgets are weatherproof, meaning they can endure rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Because they can’t withstand road wear, you won’t have to worry about your devices breaking frequently. If something happens to your device, several manufacturers also provide a warranty. Just keep that in mind when you shop because warranties vary from business to company.

A durable battery

Most trailer GPS trackers are made to operate for many years on just a few batteries. Batteries won’t need to be changed every few months but every three to five years. However, there is a wide range of GPS devices available. Some contain rechargeable batteries, so you rarely need to buy more. Others are powered by solar energy, so you never need to purchase a new gadget. Depending on your demands, there are various choices at various pricing points. Future upgrades are also an option.

Get Started With Matrack’s GPS Trailer Tracking

Trailer tracking, fleet management, safety features, and compliance tools are all rolled into one with the Matrack Trailer Tracking Solution. Whether you’re a food distributor trying to boost cold chain efficiency or a construction firm needing a more streamlined method of tracking heavy equipment, the Matrack trailer monitoring system can help.

Matrack’s GPS Trailer Tracking Advantages

Matrack Trailer Trackers

Matrack offers GPS-enabled car trackers, asset trackers, ELDs, and more to boost visibility and productivity. GPS devices and their integrated platform collect and analyze position data, engine status, mileage, vehicle diagnostics, fuel usage, and more to provide real-time information on your vehicles, equipment, and drivers. The data helps you enhance fleet safety, productivity, and sustainability while lowering costs and increasing ROI.

Matrack devices are FMCSA, DoT, and other government-compliant.

 The company features 24/7 skilled support staff. Emergency roadside assistance and aggressive theft tracking are available. Learn more. 

Matrack GPS fleet tracking devices cost $50 with a $12.95 monthly subscription. You can cancel your subscription anytime without a contract, activation, or hidden fees. Additionally, there is no mandated minimum vehicle size.

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