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Asset tracking is a lot of work and can be a pain in the neck. Recording important information such as vehicles and types of equipment you have, maintenance needs, what is in transit, what has been lent out, and trying to keep up with everything, to which most will agree, is a colossal task indeed.

Asset tracking has evolved over the years and if you are using pen and paper, or multiple spreadsheets to manage your equipment, there’s a huge risk that you might overlook a lot of costs in terms of money, time and not to mention keeping up with the competition.

Devices such as Matrack’s Weatherproof Hardwired (a generic name is MA-HW Silver) takes the heavy lifting out of asset tracking management saving you time and money. MA-HW Silver will send you alerts such as overspeeding, Ignition ON/OFF, TOW, Geofence, low battery alerts in real time to your phone as SMS or email alerts. Watch over your assets easily and maximize their efficiency with real-time reports and analysis. Use the information, determine your fleet’s fuel costs and vehicle maintenance needs while having the peace of mind that your drivers are always on task.  This will save you valuable time for audit reports and help keep track of paperwork.

Finally, monitoring and cutting idling can lead to a greatly reduced fuel cost, which is around $5,000 to $12,000 worth of fuel per year! It can also decrease maintenance costs for your fleet by $2,000 per vehicle, per year, and significantly minimize wear and tear.

Matrack understands that Time is Money. 

Want to know how you can save more money? Refer to MaTrack for more details.

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