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Transform Your Fleet Management Operations With IoT

Internet of Things, more commonly known as IoT, has accelerated the opportunities of business evolution and development in almost every modern-world industry. And Fleet management industry is one those businesses that stand to gain the most with this innovative technology. IoT offers innumerable prospects of boundless improvements that allow for maximum achievement of operational success, along with utmost customer satisfaction. In today’s world of cut-throat competition in every business sector, internet of things definitely gives the much required extra-edge.

One of the most basic use of IoT is collection and transmission of data through internet-connected devices. These devices can be monitored and controlled remotely, thereby presenting a host of chances and methods in enhancing business functions. The data collected by IoT comes from various kinds of sensors that are installed in the vehicle. The data comes from various sensors that can be installed in any given vehicle; and these sensors – RFID, GPS, And OBD II – usually are integrated with each other to generate information important and relevant to proper management of the fleet. The data collected from these sensors are:

  • Engine’s RPM, coolant temperature, fuel levels, tire pressure and washer fluid level.
  • Fuel level in the vehicle, rate of consumption and how often refuelling occurs.
  • Location data from the GPS device, which also includes information about vehicle’s speed, acceleration, braking, etc.
  • Driving behaviour like driving beyond recommended speed limits, harsh braking and turning, and more.

Other information regarding any extra devices like refrigeration unit and integrated devices like NFC keys are also collected through these sensors.

Importance of IoT to Fleet Management

Fleet management is a job beyond mere logistics; it requires the managers and owners to achieve maximum profitability and business goals with the available resources, a limited budget, and a stricter compliance of work safety and environmental guidelines. This calls for a perfect balance between several fleet operations, including but not limited to, fuel consumption, driver performance, vehicle maintenance, as well as route management. And IoT is that brilliant technology which allows fleet operators and owner to manage their business by connecting the applications for delivering services and data, and also make their operations cost-effective and environment-friendly.

IoT based fleet management system works in several integrated steps. The location data is collected on GPS, OBD II, or any other vehicle sensor, and as the vehicle moves, all the data thus collected is sent to a gateway over mobile network, at regular intervals. The information from the gateway server is then sent to the network server, where all the information is accordingly segregated and then sent to a secure cloud-based server. Once all the data is stored in the cloud, the application generates important reports related to the movement and safety of the vehicle, which is then sent to related parties including the driver, manager as well as the operator.

How IoT transforms and improves fleet management:

  • Eco-friendly and greener operations: According to a research, it was found that over 10 million tons of carbon dioxide is released into the environment by idling vehicles only! This is usually because of driving over the regulated speed limit. Adapting to better driving behaviour can drastically bring down fuel usage, thereby also reducing emission. IoT helps in recognizing the flaws in the operation, like unnecessary speeding, excessive idle time, harsh driving that can lead to increased fuel consumption as well as significant wear and tear, and sends immediate alerts to the fleet operators. This allows the fleet operators to take fast and early steps in avoiding fuel wastage, and making their business greener.
  • Preventive Measure: IoT collects data through the sensors that are installed in the vehicles, and can send automated early warning notifications and alerts when the engine or any other parts of the vehicle is in need of maintenance.  It also sends out alerts for low battery, coolant temperature or engine maintenance that can help fleet operators to provide for the same before any major damage or irrecoverable accident can take place. Such preventive measures allow the vehicles to perform without any glitch, and increase their longevity.
  • Better visibility and Insights: Because of the myriad of data collected by the sensors, fleet operators and owners have better accessibility and visibility to every part of the fleet, as well as a complete insight of its overall performance. This helps them in analysing and taking proper action to ensure adherence to rules of driving, fuel consumption, HoS logs, working hours, FMCSA and DoT regulations, inspections and more. The system also allows for route optimisation, location tracking, accident alerts, or any other emergency, which helps in taking prompt action and reduce delays and damages.
  • Automated records and actions: The best part about IoT is that it fully automates most of the fleet operations. From collecting data, generating reports, alerts and notification, IFTA calculation, maintenance, transfer of data, security, and more is handled by the system, thereby diminishing the manual workload that operators were required to do by a lot. This also allows for data recorded and reports thus generated to be authentic, and error-free. Because of minimal human interference, discrepancies related to fuel and other expenses, taxation, and work hours are eliminated.
  • Cost-effectiveness: IoT helps the fleets to use their available resources to their best ability and reduces wastage through better routes, preventive maintenance, and driver training and fuel efficiency. This automatically reflects positively on profitability of the business, indicating cost-effectiveness of operations through IoT integrated fleet management.

Benefits of IoT to Fleet companies:

  • Optimized maintenance and logistics help in running more efficient operations.
  • Environmental and safety regulations compliance
  • Optimized routes and vehicle maintenance help in improving fuel efficiency
  • Better safety of driver and vehicle through constant performance monitoring.
  • Preventive maintenance helps in maintaining vehicle health and increases valuation of the vehicle.
  • Improved time and cost effectiveness through streamlined operations, improved scheduling, and invoicing accuracy, better time management and reduced paperwork, and reduced labour costs
  • Reports and efficient vehicle tracking help in increasing overall business visibility
  • Increased customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries and higher quality of service
  • Elimination of discrepancies and fraudulent activities, and ensuring authentic data recording and reports generation.

What you need for IoT integrated Fleet Management System?

In order to have IoT based FMS, fleet operators and owners need to ensure the following:

  • Have wireless technology and sensors installed in their vehicles
  • Choose a FMS service provider that can offer compatible and scalable solutions
  • Have reliable and strong connectivity to 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE cellular network
  • Train your staff, implement the right protocols, and ensure adherence to the same.

Matrack IoT and FMS for fleets

The time of IoT is the present – it’s already here, and fleet companies who can rapidly evolve and adapt to this new technology will definitely be the front-runners in the industry and enjoy unprecedented benefits from it. Matrack Inc. has been offering the best of fleet management solutions and related services for several years, and understands the needs of our fleet industry partners. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best of the latest technologies at affordable rates without compromising on the quality. Our products and services bring together intelligent solutions with strong and sturdy devices, making us your reliable partners. Our solutions are also designed to be seamless, can be easily integrated as well as user-friendly.

We at Matrack place a lot of value to our customers, and thus our customer support team are open 24/7, 365 days a year to offer you the best solution you need.

For more information of IoT and FMS, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to welcome to our ever-growing and efficacious Matrack family!