Self Driving Trucks-The Way Of The Future

Self Driving Trucks-The Way Of The Future

Many of us may remember watching the cartoon TV show, The Jetsons, as kids. They rode around in flying cars and lived up in the sky high above the clouds.  As of now, we are still living here on Earth and cars are driving on roads; not flying in the sky.  But there is a new technological discovery that already has vehicles hitting the roads without drivers.  This technology could be especially useful in trying to solve the every growing truck driver demand by creating self-driving trucks.  Several self-driving trucks have already taken test drives across the country, covering thousands of miles, without relying on human drivers.  Using sensors on board as well as machine learning, these autonomous trucks can avoid obstacles and map out their surroundings.  The goal is to manufacture self-driving trucks that can drive themselves on freeways.  However, the autonomous trucks would still need a driver to help get on and off freeway exits, load and unload at shipping docks, and navigate around small cities or towns.  Will self-driving trucks be the way of the future?

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