Safety Screens On Semis

Safety Screens On Semis

Road crashes are often preventable if precautionary safety measures are put into place. Unfortunately, the number of reported deaths due to road accidents is shockingly high. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year. That means on average there are 3,287 deaths a day due to road accidents. Overtaking semi-trucks, especially on one lane roads, can be highly dangerous due to the limited vision of oncoming traffic. Samsung has found a way to use technology to help keep people safe and has partnered up with companies in Argentina to make the first “Samsung Safety Truck” prototype.

So how does the safety screen actually work? The Samsung prototype truck has a built-in wireless camera in the front and four rear outdoor monitors so that a live picture of the road is displayed to motorists behind the truck at all times. The screen is composed of four Samsung OH46D video walls and is designed to be both dust and waterproof to ensure a clear picture to motorists regardless of the road or weather. The camera also has a nighttime mode so whether it’s day or night, the motorists behind the truck always have a clear view of the traffic ahead of them. Samsung hopes that through technology they can help keep people safer and improve people’s lives.

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