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6 Pros And Cons Of Truck Driving Career – Matrack Insight

Did you know that US truck drivers made a median income of $49,920 in 2022? The transportation industry saw $940.8 billion in gross revenues from trucking in 2022. This is expected to only rise in upcoming years. 

Which makes it clear: truck driving is one of the most demanded careers. Thus, people constantly look for ways to become truck drivers.

But like any industry, this, too, has truck driving pros and cons. In this blog, Matrack will share six pros and cons of becoming a truck driver. We will also share tips to avoid scams so that there are no hurdles in your journey of becoming a truck driver.

Pros of Becoming a Truck Driver

First, let us talk about the pros and benefits of becoming a truck driver. 

1. Independence

Trucking jobs differ significantly from office or factory positions regarding independence. Although leaders still assign loads and provide guidance, there is a reduced sense of someone constantly overseeing and directing your actions.

Every job comes with expectations and deadlines, but in truck driving, communication often comes from miles away instead of a colleague sitting beside you in the cab. In other words, when you drive across the country, your home travels with you. You are in charge of planning routes, scheduling breaks, and deciding how to use your time.

2. Traveling

Many individuals aspire to travel, yet often face constraints like limited time or financial resources. Truck driving offers a unique opportunity to explore the country while earning a living by transporting freight.

Even if you spend most of your time on the highway, something is calming about the wide-open road. You get to talk to other drivers on the radio. This turns the interstate into your workspace.

This feeling of exploring is something not many jobs offer. If you are stuck somewhere during a break, it is an excellent chance to go out and explore interesting things.

3. Job Security

Truck drivers are in high demand right now. This creates a need for more workers in the industry. Earning your CDL almost guarantees you a job. To keep your position, you will need to stay clear of illegal drugs and meet personal conduct standards. 

This is a job you may enjoy throughout your entire career. Even during economic downturns, this market remains secure. This ensures a steady paycheck. 

Moreover, if you desire a more independent lifestyle, you may even invest in your truck and consider the open road your home.

4. Using CDL in Multiple Ways

Obtaining a CDL opens up various opportunities for future loads and driving choices. This flexibility stands out as one of the most significant advantages when opting for a career in truck driving. 

Many drivers prefer flatbed trucks because they typically offer higher-paying jobs. These involve the transport of diverse items from sod to airplanes. Other than this, the tanker trucks handle hazardous materials. Regarding different types, reefer trailers transport refrigerated goods, and bull haulers are essential for moving livestock.

You may also become an instructor or trainer with a CDL and share your road experiences. Suppose there is a better fit than truck driving after getting your license. In that case, you may smoothly transition into delivery services for companies such as UPS, FedEx, or even the U.S. Postal Service.

5. Satisfaction with Helping People

Society sometimes overlooks truck drivers because they embrace a wandering lifestyle. They might be seen as living like nomads. But if you observe people’s clothing, food, or the smartphones they use daily, those items reach them through deliveries. These deliveries are done by fleet management only.

In today’s world, knowing that you play a crucial role is incredibly fulfilling. Do not underestimate the satisfaction of realizing that you are making a difference. Most people might not know you personally, but you should know that your work is improving their lives.

6. Benefits Other Than The Salary

Truck driving offers various benefits besides salary. These perks are similar to those offered to most full-time workers in the United States. This includes medical insurance, dental coverage, life insurance, vision care, and a retirement plan. Some companies even provide additional perks, such as paid holidays and vacation time. The benefits depend on how you structure your job and your chosen hauling.

Notably, the benefits you receive extend to your families and you. This holds even if you are a new driver for many agencies. Due to the shortage of truck drivers in the United States, you may enjoy these advantages right from your first day on the job.

Cons of Becoming a Truck Driver

1. Loneliness

The job feels overwhelming when you find yourself 1,500 miles away from home, carrying a load valued at half a million dollars alone. Being a truck driver often means spending extended periods alone on the highway. 

Even if you stick to hauling local loads, you will be on the road for most of the day with minimal human interaction. If your route takes you across the United States, there might be stretches where you spend over 20 days in your vehicle before reuniting with your family.

The loneliness that comes with this career is a notable drawback for some individuals, especially when you encounter things on the highway that remind you of the people you love

2. Away From Home

Traveling across the country often translates to less time at home, a significant drawback for many truck drivers. The extended periods away might be challenging if you prefer being at home or having a family. 

While some programs permit you to bring companions, most professionals in this field typically operate alone or with a co-driver. This is why some of the most successful owner-operators are married couples, allowing them to overcome the challenge.

Many companies provide a 24-hour layover at home after spending 5-7 days on the road. However, the promise of being home every weekend usually means they schedule your return before midnight on Monday morning.

3. Lifestyle of a Truck Driver

Being a long-haul truck driver poses a challenge due to the limited access to a kitchen. This often results in drivers adopting unhealthy and costly eating habits, relying on restaurants or truck stops for most meals. 

Having a sandwich at a rest stop is different from the experience of enjoying a home-cooked meal. Opting for fast food to meet tight deadlines may lead to nutritional concerns. This poses health risks for some individuals.

4. Abiding by Industry Regulations

Failure to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations may lead to losing your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and your current truck driving job.

The FMCSA establishes safety guidelines for truck drivers and the public. Violating these rules results in severe consequences. These include the suspension or revocation of your CDL. Hence, it sometimes poses a problem if a truck driver is not updated with the latest regulations.

5. It Might Get Hard

When prospective drivers inquire about the challenges of being a truck driver, the response varies depending on the person providing the answer. Experienced drivers frequently highlight stress as a significant factor that makes the job demanding. 

This stress arises from various aspects. These include navigating interactions with other drivers, managing service hours, and ensuring timely customer deliveries. 

The nature of these responsibilities often makes truck driving a complicated and demanding profession.

6. Getting CDL Training is Costly

Getting your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) usually comes with a price tag, so you must figure out how to pay. Both private trucking schools and a training program have costs involved. 

Some people use student loans, grants, or savings to cover these expenses. Taking the time to plan how you will handle these costs becomes a problem for many.

How to Avoid the Cons?

Did the cons worry you? Don’t worry. Here are quick solutions to avoid the scams mentioned in this blog.

  • Most trucking companies offer a support hotline available 24/7. Support associates are there to help company drivers with any problems they face. A team driving job could be the right choice if you prefer having a partner on the road.
  • Numerous trucking companies offer a wide range of choices for drivers to select their home time preferences. You should be able to find a company that provides weekday or weekend work options.
  • More new trucks now come with mini-fridges. This enables drivers to cook meals at home for reheating or store purchased food to keep it cold. There are also many great options for electric coolers for drivers without a fridge.
  • Remember the rules by checking your truck before each trip, planning your route, and correctly filling out your ELD. Talk to your leader if you need more clarification about following the rules.
  • There are various ways to cover the cost of truck driving school. Some companies, such as Schneider, reimburse company drivers for their truck driving school tuition. The Military Apprenticeship Program might cover your school expenses if you are a veteran.
  • Learning to manage job-related stress is vital to a healthy truck driver. Find your most effective stress reliever, such as taking up a hobby, working out inside or outside the truck, or listening to your favourite podcast.

How Matrack is There To Help You?

Matrack Fleet Management Services is an all-in-one solution that helps truckers optimize fleet operations, reduce fuel costs, and improve driver productivity and performance. With Matrack’s advanced AI-powered dashcam, truckers may monitor their driving habits and receive alerts for driver fatigue, distraction, and forward collision. 

Matrack’s tracking AI also directs truckers to the cheapest fuel prices wherever they are. With intuitive tools to track valuable insights like drivers’ habits and practically designed ELD, truckers may maximize savings and make their fleet run more efficiently. 

Hence, Matrack’s fleet management solutions are one of the best choices available in the market for truck drivers and fleet managers.

Wrapping Up

With that, we provided you with the proper guidance for your concerns regarding truck driving. We talked about several truck driving pros and cons and their potential solutions. Your road to becoming a truck driver is clear and bright. Choose Matrack fleet management solutions for a worry-free career.