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How to Find Truck Loads In 2024- Complete Guide

Finding a load for your business is not an easy task. Are you a new or seasoned truck driver? In either case, you need a defined strategy to locate cargo to haul. Why? You will be compensated only if you can find work. But finding one isn’t an easy job. Like any other business, you have to work on your brand’s image, make people aware of your presence, find customers, and gain their trust. 

Even after doing these and finding a load, your job doesn’t end. You have to work on client services to retain the shipper and win their trust.

In short, the success of your trucking career always depends on how good a truckload you can find and how you retail it while surfing for other opportunities. 

If you feel lost & find it difficult to locate a truckload to keep your business running, check out this article. Here, we will discuss different measures to find a good load for your business. There are also some strategies to implement to boost profits. Stay with us till the end.

Freight Brokers

If you are a beginner and just starting, freight brokers are one of the fantastic options for you

Freight brokers are the middlemen between the shipper and the carrier. They also act as a communication channel. 

Brokers maintain connections with different shippers within the industrial sector and can help you find the best one for yourself. They usually charge 25 to 35% of the profit. But if you are starting, it is worth trying. 

Additionally, they are the ones that ensure everything is carried out on time and eliminate messy negotiations. Another benefit of hiring them is that they will act as your consultant, and you will not need any in-house employees when you have them by your side. 

Direct From Shippers 

If you know some shippers personally or have experience working as a company driver, you can use those connections to find a load. You can offer your service to them at an affordable rate and gain their trust for future work. It is an ideal type as you will not have to share your profit with anyone and can maximize your revenue. 

But there are certain things you need to keep in mind. You will have to have a good knowledge of the nation’s freight lanes, and you will have to spend time on phone calls and emails for networking and negotiating. 

Another thing is that you won’t be able to participate in the bidding process without a good relationship with the shippers.

Generally, shippers that have consistent loads are difficult to find because they go with contracted carriers. To become one, you will have to participate in the bidding process, which is a time-consuming process. 

Dispatch Service

Another reliable way to build a network and find loads is to work with a dispatch service. 

Dispatchers are experienced and connected to different contractors. They can help you find an ideal load for yourself. They are similar to freight brokers in that they will take a percentage of the profit. But they will also help you with administrative services like accounting, billing, collections, etc. 

Other benefits include enabling smooth communication in the fleet, instilling safe driving practices among drivers, building stronger client connections, etc. 

Government Contractors

Another great option to ensure regular loads is registering as a government contractor. You can work under federal, state, or municipal authority to haul public goods. 

Remember, carrying out government business means transporting critical supplies of national importance. It is a responsible job that comes with a lot of paperwork. But the best part is that there will never be a shortage of work. You will always receive a steady and consistent job, so even if you have to participate in bidding and face competition, it is always worth a shot. 

The other way to become a government contractor without becoming an actual one is to collaborate with a business already working for the government. 

You should contact your local government and inquire about the process. 

Load Boards

Load boards are one of the easiest ways to find a comprehensive range of loads in front of you. It is a digitalized version of physical boards found at truck stops. 

It is an online matching system where shippers and agents post their loads with all the information, and you have to filter out the best one for yourself. But before you choose any load boards, make sure these features are available in them:

  • Information about the goods
  • Locations information:- from origin to destination
  • Weight and classification of the loads
  • Rates
  • Lanes and handling

To find the best high-quality load board, look for one that is easily accessible, has a range of options, and offers suitable loads for your business. 

Load Matching Apps

Load-matching apps are similar to the job board. It allows truck owners to search for the loads using the mobile application. It acts as a connection between truckers and shippers. It removes the hassle of negotiations and helps you find the best load.


You cannot ignore the value of networking if you want to build a successful business. You have to develop and maintain a network and connect with potential shippers & brokers.

Join any industry association that will help you know your competitors and build better relationships with them. You can also collaborate with them to kickstart your business. It will also help you build connections in the industry and make everyone aware of you.

Another thing you can do is attend events where most of the shippers are likely to meet. You will have to do a little research and spend some time. But it will be a promising investment as you will build a connection with the shippers directly. 

Lastly, you can build your social media presence using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Metaverse, etc. Here you can make your profile to showcase your skills and availability to expand brand awareness and get connected to others. 

Factors That Affect Your Freight Cost

Type of Load

If you want to earn more, you have to look for better-paying freight. For example, refrigerated, flatbed, and hazardous goods pay more than other loads. 

Time Constraint

If you think you can deliver a good on time, and even before that, you can sign with companies to haul their premium products. 

For example, Amazon has launched one- or two-day delivery with prime membership. You can sign up with Amazon for better pay. 


The other thing that determines the price of a load is location. Delivering goods via more challenging and lengthy routes pays handsomely.

Size And Weight 

The weight and size of the load also determine the price of the freight. If you own a heavy-duty vehicle and can deliver heavy equipment, go for it. But remember, there would be several challenges associated with it. 

Checklist To Ensure High Paying Loads 

Know Your Finances

The first step to finding a profitable load for your company starts with a better understanding of the operating costs. You have to be careful not to take on money-losing jobs. 

Before choosing anyone, you need to confirm your rate according to the season and lanes you are running. 

Be Clear With What You Need

You must be looking for certain qualities in a shipper. Everyone does the same. So before you start looking for loads, make a checklist of the criteria you will need to ensure in a shipper before taking their loads. 

For example,

  • How long they take to pay
  • The financial reputation of the shipper
  • Do they have consistent loads
  • What lanes you will take?

Decide Your Region

Another thing to be clear about is the region in which you operate. Sometimes, on a job board, you will find loads to be delivered to other parts of the nation. Even though it may look like a good opportunity, you have to ask yourself if it is worth exceeding your region of operation. Do you have something to load on the way back? Does it pay off the fuel expenses you are going to incur? 

Research Markets

You should be aware of the current market trends to get more loads than others. You have to keep an eye on the changes and adapt your business accordingly.

For example, during harvest seasons, there is a massive demand for truckers by farmers. Similarly, e-commerce websites deliver different goods during holidays, so you can look to tie up with them. 

Another thing is that you should be aware of your locality and choose your niche accordingly. For example, if you reside near an industrial area, focus on industrial supplies. 

Check Credit Scores

Nowadays, thanks to innovation, you can check the credit score of your shipper before signing any contract. Look for a tool that covers most brokers and shippers across the USA for better results. 


These were some tips to find a new load for your business. Now that you have read them, it is time to take action. Rather than sticking with any one option, check out all of these. It will help you develop better strategies for your business. 

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You can also access the exclusive service of Matrack’s PostOnce load board. It will allow you to connect with different shippers and brokers and find the best loads for yourself. 

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