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How Much Does a Dash cam Cost?

A dash cam is an impeccable device that captures real-time footage of your truck’s surroundings during its journeys. It comes in handy in accidents or disputes on the road.

Owning a dash cam has become indispensable for commercial drivers and fleets, and why not? It provides heightened road safety and compliance with insurance-related concerns. It also offers a valuable tool for keeping track of your fleet’s travel experiences, ensuring transparency and accountability by the drivers. And who can say no to the peace of mind this new technology brings?

However, like any fleet management solution, dash cams also need to be perfect for your business needs. And more importantly, the cost incurred must be justifiable. So let us take a look at how much a dash cam costs and what are the factors that affect its pricing. 

Factors Influencing the Cost of Dash Cams

Video Quality

Dashcam costs largely depend on their video resolution. These devices come in various options, with standard-definition models being more budget-friendly. While premium 4K dash cam demand a higher price. The difference in video quality is one of the factors influencing the overall pricing of dashcams in today’s market.

Viewing Angle

Dash cams are available with different lens options that impact their prices. Models equipped with narrow-angle lenses are designed for focused capture and are typically more budget-friendly. In contrast, those featuring wide-angle lenses for comprehensive coverage come at a higher cost.


Enhanced functionalities, such as night vision, motion detection, GPS tracking, parking mode, and more, contribute to higher Dashcam costs. These additional features enhance the device’s capabilities but may increase the overall price due to the technology and hardware required.


The brand choice plays a significant role in determining the Dashcam’s price range. Well-established, reputable brands often command a premium price, as consumers are willing to pay for the assurance of reliability, quality, and customer support associated with these brands.


Dashcam durability is a crucial factor impacting its cost. Models designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, offering better resistance to wear and tear, are generally priced higher. These durable Dashcams ensure a longer lifespan and provide added value in longevity and performance.

Storage Capacity

Dashcam’s price range varies based on storage options. Models with built-in memory or expandable memory card slots offer flexibility for storing video footage. The choice between these storage options can influence the cost of the Dashcam, with expandable storage often adding to the price due to its added convenience.

Price Ranges of Dash cams

Entry-Level Dashcams ($20-$70)

Entry-level Dashcams, falling within the $20 to $70 price range, provide a cost-effective solution for those seeking basic yet reliable video recording capabilities. These dashcams typically offer moderate video quality, often capturing footage in 1080p resolution.

At this price, you can expect features like loop recording, a G-sensor for impact detection, and basic night vision capabilities. While not as sophisticated as their higher-priced counterparts, entry-level dashcams are suitable for everyday use and can capture crucial evidence in case of accidents or disputes.

Our Recommendation: 70mai Smart Dashcam 1S

70mai smart dashcam 1s

Priced reasonably, the 70mai Smart Dashcam 1S is a feature-packed choice for entry-level Dashcam users. Its 130° wide-angle lens provides comprehensive 3-lane coverage, reducing blind spots. Recording in 1080P Full HD ensures clear and detailed footage even in low-light conditions. 

Automatic emergency recording guarantees the saving of important moments. Its user-friendly app and voice control make it convenient, while the 70mai Night Owl Vision enhances night-time recording. It is a solid choice for those seeking a budget dashcam without compromising essential features.

Mid-Range Dashcams ($70-$200)

In the mid-range dashcam category, priced between $70 and $200, you get a significant upgrade in features and capabilities compared to entry-level models. For this niche, our experts have curated the list of best budget dash cams under $100.

These dashcams often include advanced features such as higher resolution recording, improved night vision, GPS tracking, and dual-channel recording for front and rear views. The added sophistication in motion detection, parking mode, and better build quality makes them appealing to users who prioritize enhanced safety and a broader range of functionalities.

Our Recommendation: Thinkware FA200 2CH Dashcam

thinware fa200 dual channel dashcam

This dual-channel system provides comprehensive coverage, capturing your vehicle’s front and rear. It offers full HD 1080p Resolution recording, ensuring that every detail on the road is crystal clear. Moreover, with Sony STARVIS™ Superior Night Vision technology, it also excels in low-light conditions. It has an advanced parking mode, GPS Tracking, and up to 140 wide viewing angles. 

The Thinkware FA200 2CH balances affordability and advanced features, making it an ideal choice for users looking to invest in a reliable budget dashcam that offers comprehensive protection and performance.

High-End Dashcams ($200 and up)

High-end dashcams, priced at $200 and beyond, embody the pinnacle of Dashcam technology, fusing premium features, unmatched durability, and top-tier video quality. 

Dashcams in this price range boast 4K Ultra HD recording, setting a new video clarity and detail standard. Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology ensures exceptional image quality, adapting seamlessly to all lighting conditions. It includes built-in Wi-Fi allowing for effortless connectivity and control via an intuitive smartphone app. 

Notably, high-end Dashcams excel in durability, sporting rugged and weather-resistant designs, built to withstand the most challenging conditions. Ideal for professional drivers, frequent travelers, and those prioritizing road safety, high-end Dashcams offer an extra layer of protection against accidents, fraudulent claims, and theft, making them essential for anyone relying on their vehicle for work or personal use.

Our Recommendation – Matrack Dashcam

matrack dashcam rear and front view

The Matrack Dashcam takes your recording experience to the next level with its amazing 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensuring super clear and detailed videos. What sets it apart are its smart features powered by AI—detecting events, analyzing driver behavior, and sending real-time alerts. Plus, it’s a breeze to control through a smartphone app, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi.

You can trust its durability in any weather, as it’s designed to handle tough conditions. Safety is a top priority with lane departure warnings and collision detection. For those who want top-notch protection and performance on the road, the Matrack Dashcam is the perfect choice, recommended by our experienced experts for your peace of mind.

Additional Costs to Consider When Buying a Dashcam

When assessing the cost of a Dashcam, it is essential to consider various factors that contribute to dashcam pricing. Dashcam price ranges can vary significantly based on several key elements:

Memory Cards

Dashcams rely on memory cards for storage. These cards come in various sizes and types, each with its price point. High-capacity, reliable memory cards are essential for continuous recording without interruptions.


You will need to decide between DIY installation or professional installation services. DIY installation can be cost-effective but may require more time and effort. Professional installation ensures optimal setup and minimizes the risk of errors, but it comes with an additional cost.

Maintenance & Replacement

Dashcams require periodic maintenance, including cleaning the lens and ensuring current software updates. Additionally, over time, you may need to budget for potential repairs or even replacements if the dashcam encounters technical issues.


Consider investing in accessories such as mounts, protective cases, and hardwire kits. While these add to the initial cost, they enhance functionality and convenience, providing a more secure and user-friendly dashcam setup.

By understanding these dashcam pricing factors, you can better navigate the dashcam price range and make an informed choice based on your specific needs and budget.

Cost vs Value: Making the Right Choice

cost and value of dashcam

Cost shouldn’t be your sole consideration. You should also weigh the value offered at that price point. Although a dashcam may be affordable, it should offer features that fairly correspond with its cost. Consider the following factors to make an informed choice:

Evaluating Needs vs Wants

When selecting a Dashcam, it is essential to distinguish between needs and wants. An affordable Dashcam can meet basic requirements, while budget Dashcams offer additional features that may not be necessary but can enhance the driving experience.

Investing More Upfront

Spending more on a Dashcam upfront can yield valuable benefits. These include better video quality for clearer evidence in case of accidents, increased reliability, and a longer lifespan, ultimately providing more value over time.

Understanding Hidden Costs

Cheaper models may seem appealing, but they often come with hidden costs. Budget Dashcams may require frequent replacements due to lower build quality and offer subpar video quality, potentially compromising your safety and protection in the long run.

4 Top Tips to Save on Dash cam Purchases

Shopping During Sales Events

Take advantage of special occasions like Black Friday and holiday sales to secure discounted prices on Dashcams, potentially saving a significant amount from the regular dashcam cost.

Research and Compare Prices

Research and compare prices across various retailers to identify the best deals within your desired dashcam price range.

Bundle Deals

Consider purchasing bundles or packages that include essential accessories like memory cards, mounts, or protective cases, providing added value for your purchase.

Refurbished or Open-Box

Explore options for refurbished or open-box Dashcams, which can offer substantial savings while maintaining product quality and warranty coverage.


Selecting a Dashcam tailored to your specific needs and budget is paramount. Remember that a Dashcam isn’t just an expense but an investment in your safety and security on the road. By weighing the Dashcam cost within your price range and considering essential features, you can choose wisely that offers long-term benefits and peace of mind. Make your decision carefully, as the right Dashcam can provide invaluable protection and evidence when needed.

We invite you to explore the advanced features and reliability of Matrack’s Dashcam offerings. Whether you are considering the Matrack Dashcam mentioned earlier or other models in their lineup, don’t hesitate to look closer. To make an informed choice, we recommend checking out reviews or guides on Matrack’s Dashcams to discover the perfect fit for your needs. 

With Matrack, you are getting a Dashcam and investing in a trusted companion for your journeys, providing security, peace of mind, and invaluable evidence when it matters most. Try Matrack Dashcam today and drive peacefully.

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