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CDL Meals; Helping Drivers Stay Lean And Fit

Fighting obesity in the trucking industry is not easy. A Truck driving by nature is a sedentary job. Many truckers struggle to stay in shape as they spend weeks or even months together out there on the road with few healthy food options available. According to Brett Blowers, director of marketing and development for the Healthy Trucking Association of America (HTAA), “Obesity is a terrible problem in the trucking industry.” It’s estimated that 86% of the roughly 3.2 million truck drivers in America are obese. The 8 hour rule for truck drivers or say the 34 hour reset for truck drivers also contributes to sitting at one place for an extended period of time leading to weight gain.

CDL Meals is a new way to help drivers eat healthy food on the road, save money and time, and stay in shape. CDL meals are healthy, pre-cooked, all organic meals made from scratch that can be delivered to your house, business or anywhere in the 50 States. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. There is a variety of cuisine available from all around the world including Asian, Mediterranean, Continental and more. Vegetarian and vegan meals are also available. CDL Meals is part of Fresh n’ Lean, a company that delivers around 30,000 meals per week to homes and businesses throughout the United States.

CDL Meals stay fresh for 7-10 days after the delivery when stored in the refrigerator. If kept in a freezer, they can even stay fresh for up to 8 weeks. Truck drivers can order the meals to their house before they hit the road and pack them in their refrigerators or coolers in their truck’s cabin. CDL meals have also made personal portable ovens available for ordering on their website; thereby allowing drivers to heat up their meals while on the go. In addition, the food is packed in a box that has nutritional information comparing the calories, fat, and sugar grams with Fast Food items so the consumer can clearly see the health benefits of what’s on their plate. The meal even includes a hand guide with a multiple week exercise plan for drivers that they can do while on the road.

CDL Meal is an initiative to help truck drivers eat healthy affordable food while on the go. Also, with the help of the detailed nutritional information and work out hand guides, it’s also a way to educate truck drivers about healthy food choices and encourage them to do regular exercise and stay fit. This could potentially help drivers fight obesity, save money, and stay in shape while on the job. A truck driver trip planner app on the contrary could also prove helpful in planning your day in a more efficient manner.