8 Best Fleet Management System to Ensure Smooth Processes
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8 Best Fleet Management System to Ensure Smooth Processes

8 Best Fleet Management System to Ensure Smooth Processes

If you’re someone who has started a fleet business, then several questions come to mind. One of the first questions you have to tackle is whether your fleet requires a Global Positioning System (GPS)? Before you answer this question, you need to first understand the logistics behind how a fleet management system works.

Fleet management comprises a range of functions that range from leasing and financing of vehicles, vehicle licensing and compliance, their maintaining, supply chain management, accident management, vehicle tracking and diagnostics, driver management, speed management, fuel management, health and safety management, and remarketing of the vehicle.

Why do companies have a fleet management system?

In other words, fleet management is the function that allows organizations that rely heavily on transportation in a business to remove or minimize risks that are involved with investing in vehicles, thereby improving efficiency and productivity. More importantly, a proper fleet management system ensures overall transportation and staff costs for a company, thereby providing 100% compliance with government legislation.  In case you are just starting it is important for you to choose the right fleet vehicle for your organization as well.

If you want your company’s fleet management to be robust, then a fleet management system is vital. There are several players in the market, and while there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ fleet management system, you must keep in mind to choose the system that suits your company’s requirements the best.

What does a good fleet management system comprise?

If you’re looking for a good fleet management system for your company, you need to consider the following factors. If your fleet management service has all these features, don’t look further and sign it on.

Some of the features include

Fleet management

What’s a good fleet management system without a good fleet, right? Vehicle management includes inventory management, preventive maintenance, repair maintenance, tax management, vehicle acquisition, and vehicle disposal. [Read more about Vehicle Fleet Maintanance]. This chain is a robust system, and almost six-sigma i.e. if one falters, the system collapses. So to be a good fleet management system, ensure that your basic processes are in place.

Tracking vehicles

Thanks to modern-day technology, it has become almost commonplace to have a vehicle tracker. GPS software is easily available and one can track a single vehicle or an entire fleet on a digital map. With GPS, you can also customize your routes to ensure optimum service for your business to thrive.

Data reporting

This feature ensures a fleet management system thoroughly manages its logistics. If you are a company looking for a fleet management system, ensure that the data reporting is precise and to the point.

Ensure that the fleet management system has a mobile app

Today, it has become easy to develop an app for the Play Store or the iOS app store. Having a fleet management system mobile app ensures that you don’t have to monitor your company’s fleet by sitting in front of a desktop all day.

8 Best Fleet Management Systems In 2021

Keeping these features in mind, here are some of the best fleet tracking software in the market

1. Matrack Fleet Tracking

Matrack Fleet Tracking system

Based out of the Bay Area in San Francisco, Matrack’s tracking software and system give companies the visibility they need to track and manage their assets, fleets, and trailers. Armed with a strong process-oriented fleet management system, Matrack enables companies to streamline their operations, while reducing costs and increasing profits. If you are interested in Matrack’s services, then you can have a free consultation with an in-house expert.

Some of the features for Matrack include the following

  • Instant email/text alert
  • A geofence alert in real-time
  • You have the ability to manage the geofence radius with a click
  • You can allocate each vehicle with different geofences

The new dashboard has been made easier to use, as well as adaptable to iOS and Android, and has several unique features that make it stand out as a fleet management system

When it comes to real-time tracking, Matrack offers the following features:

  • Customized tracking subscriptions
  • Unlimited tracking
  • Various alerts including ignition switch, tow alert, speed alert, battery alert, etc.
  • All new 4G connectivity 
  • Easy recovery in case of theft

Most importantly, you get a safety report that covers the number of miles driven, miles driven (in case you cross 80 miles per hour), hard break activity, and time spent driving late at night.

2. Connecteam

Connecteam Fleet Management System

Advocated by the US Chamber of Commerce for having one of the best time clock apps available, Connecteam has a GPS time-tracking solution that ensures streamlined fleet management processes. Some of the features offered by the Connecteam GPS include the following:

  • GPS Empowered
  • Clear timesheet and payroll 
  • Streamlined job scheduling
  • Streamlined communication
  • Real-time field report
  • Task management
  • Safety and compliance
  • Onboarding and training

You can download Connecteam on iOs App Store and Google Play Store.

3. US Fleet Tracking

US Fleet Tracking Fleet Management System

A self-proclaimed ‘number one manufacturer and provider of live vehicle tracking systems in the world’, US Fleet Tracking is a popular fleet management system used by companies. Its reports notify you of multiple statistics, as well as highlight features such as aggressive driving, excessive idling, speeding, vehicle mileage, etc. 

You also can download it on iOS App Store and the Google Play Store. The mobile app lets you check on your fleet (including features such as live traffic and weather updates) while you’re on the move. 

4. Onfleet

Onfleet Fleet Management System

This fleet business company uses simple software to analyze local deliveries. A self-proclaimed ‘delightful last-minute delivery service’, Onfleet offers a free 14-day trial that offers a simple and comprehensive dashboard, color-coded statuses, accurate estimated time of arrival, and a variety of integrated apps, as well as international support. Onfleet is available on the iOS App Store.

5. GeoTab

GeoTab Fleet Management System

This fleet management system enables you to manage log reports and vehicle inspections on a single platform. GeoTab is easy to install, which means that you don’t need a specialist to install it for you. GeoTab focuses on regulating and tracking truck drivers’ Hours of Service.

One of the oldest companies in this space (it was founded in 1996), GeoTab claims to have ‘end-to-end’ security and can be integrated with Garmin, supporting 16 hour days, truck routing, driver e-logs, road speed change alerts, advanced sharp turn alerts, stop light camera warnings, recorded duty status changes, drive and duty time audits, messaging, and adverse weather condition support.

You can download it on Play Store and iOS App Store

6. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro

Provided with easy-to-use software, Fleet Maintenance Pro’s features include fleet inventory tracking of an unlimited number of vehicles, preventative maintenance so you know when your vehicle is due for service, repair maintenance, history recording, fuel tracking, parts inventory, work orders (in Shop edition only), and flexible reporting. Like all fleet management systems, this one too has a free trial period.

7. TomTom MyDrive

TomTom MyDrive Fleet Management System

This fleet management system offers real-time vehicle tracking, much like other fleet management services. It offers real-time vehicle tracking with instant alerts, fleet optimization, dynamic communication between your mobile workforce and offices, encouragement of green and safe driving, and business software integration.

You can download it on the Play Store and the iOS App Store.


Wialon Fleet Management System

Like most fleet management companies, Wialon, too, prides itself on having a powerful, yet flexible fleet management system. Some of the features offered by the company include the following:

  • Real-time unit tracking
  • Flexible report-building
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Over speeding
  • Alarm notification 
  • Routing management 

Wialon also offers a mobile app for tracking on Android and iOS.

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