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Are you looking for the best dash cams with a wireless microphone system? You are in the right place! In this blog, we will explore the top dash cam options that not only capture every moment on the road but also come equipped with a wireless microphone system for added convenience. Investing in the right dash cam can enhance your safety and peace of mind. Keeping this in mind, here are our Dash cam reviews to help you make an informed choice. Let us share our hand-picked choices and find the perfect companion for your journeys ahead.

Selecting a Dash cam – Features to Look in a Dash cam

You should focus on the following essential features to make an informed decision: dual front and rear recording, sharp video quality, wide-angle view, low-light capabilities, GPS functionality, Parking Mode, and G-sensor.

1. High Video Resolution

Choose a Dash Cam with a video resolution of 1080p or greater. It will guarantee that you get clear footage of your surroundings. In 2024, the best dash cameras provide improved video quality, which is critical for reading license plates, identifying faces, and recording key facts when driving during the day and at night. A greater resolution ensures that your recordings are of the finest possible quality, giving crucial evidence in the event of an accident or incident.

2. Wireless Microphone System

While selecting the dash cam, consider one with a built-in wireless microphone system. This function allows your dash cam to record audio in addition to video. Dash Cam Audio Quality is important since it provides context and supplementary evidence in a variety of circumstances. A Wireless Microphone Dash Cam improves the comprehensiveness of your recordings, whether you need to record conversations or simply have audio accompanying your videos.

3. GPS Functionality

Look for a Dash Cam equipped with GPS functionality that will help you in tracking your vehicle’s location and provide timestamped data for each recording. To tackle the challenges of 2024, it is best to get a dash cam that offers precise GPS capabilities, which can be indispensable for insurance claims and legal purposes. 

4. Front and Rear Dual Cameras

Another feature your dash cam must have is dual-camera functionality, recording both the front and rear views. This dual recording feature provides a complete picture of events while driving. It’s useful for documenting situations from many perspectives and creating a thorough record. 

5. Parking Mode and G-Sensor

If your budget permits, go for Parking Mode and a G-Sensor in your Dash Cam. Parking Mode automatically records when motion or an impact is detected, preserving evidence of hit-and-runs or vandalism while your car is unattended. The G-sensor detects sudden movements or collisions and locks the corresponding footage to prevent it from being overwritten. Dash cams equipped with advanced Parking Mode and G-Sensor technologies ensure your vehicle’s security, even when you are not around.

5 Best Dash Cam With Wireless Microphone System In 2024

Here is a list of 5 Top dash cams with Audio Recording, ensuring a hassle-free and peaceful driving experience.

Samsara CM32

Samsara CM3

Based on our firsthand experience, the Samsara CM32 Dash Cam stands at the forefront of innovative technology. If you are seeking a reliable Wireless Mic for Dash Cam and are interested in the top Dash Cams with audio recording capabilities, the CM32 is worth considering.

Key Features

  • Real-time scene analysis empowers drivers with insights for improved safety.
  • Automatic HD footage uploads to the cloud.
  • Computer Vision and AI-Powered Dash Cam.
  • Built-In Audio Speaker for Voice-Based Safety Coaching
  • Wide Compatibility with seamless integration with Samsara Cloud.

Additionally, we have found from using this product that they use videos to help drivers improve their behavior, like avoiding texting or driving when tired. They easily identify drivers who repeatedly break safety rules. Moreover, Samsara Cloud lets you see video footage before and after events like accidents, making investigations easier and helping drivers prove they are not at fault.


  • Advanced Driver Coaching with built-in speaker and live analysis
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick to Set Up


  • Minimum 3 years of contract required
  • No Free Installation 

The Samsara CM32 Wireless Microphone Dash Cam is a comprehensive solution for fleet management. The exact price for a system like the CM32 will vary based on the size of the fleet and the length of commitment. However, the hardware and CM license will start at around $624 per year. It also includes 24/7 phone help along with email and a chatbot.


Garmin Fleet 780

Garmin Fleet 780

Based on our observations, The Garmin Fleet 780 is a top-tier GPS navigation device designed specifically for truckers. With a large high-resolution display and a range of features tailored to meet the unique needs of professional drivers on the road, it is one of the best Dash Cams in 2024, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient and safe navigation.

Key Features

  • Large High-Resolution Display
  • Customized Truck Routing Taking into Account the Size and Weight of Truck
  • Real-time Traffic Updates Allowing to Navigate around Congested Areas
  • Voice-activated Navigation to Ensure Safety
  • Truck Services Directory to Find Essential Shops on Time

Drawing from our experience, The Garmin Fleet 780 comes equipped with advanced driver assistance features, including forward collision warnings, and lane departure warnings. Furthermore, its Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless pairing with your smartphone, enabling hands-free calling and smart notifications to keep you connected while driving.


  • Efficient Navigation with Customized Truck Routing
  • Traffic and Weather Updates
  • Wifi Updates with Voice Control


  • Software can be glitchy at times
  • It does not include Weigh Station Information

The Garmin Fleet 780 is a powerful tool for truckers, offering reliable navigation and safety features to make long-haul journeys more manageable and secure. It is priced at $550 and offers quick service, making it an ideal Wireless Microphone Dash cam. 

SmartWitness CP2

SmartWitness CP2

SmartWitness CP2 Dash Cam is a versatile and advanced solution for vehicle monitoring and safety. As part of our Wireless Microphone Dash Cam Reviews, we aim to highlight top Dash Cams with audio recording capabilities, and the SmartWitness CP2 certainly falls into this category.

Key Features

  • The dual-channel recording provides a comprehensive view of the surroundings
  • LTE Connectivity offers real-time video streaming and telematics data
  • Automatic Event Detection helps in accident reconstruction and driver coaching
  • GPS Tracking with accurate location data and timestamps for each recording
  • Cloud Storage ensures that critical video evidence is not lost

We determined through our tests that the SmartWitness CP2 facilitates driver behavior analysis, empowering businesses to track and enhance driver performance effectively. Additionally, its LTE connectivity supports live video streaming, a valuable asset for remote fleet management.


  • Recording during Parking Mode as well
  • 1080p HD wide-angle 150° lens
  • Can also be used as a stand-alone system by using the dash cam’s micro SD cards


  • Professional installation may be required for optimal setup

The SmartWitness CP2 Dash Cam Audio Quality is excellent, making it a robust solution for vehicle monitoring. While the pricing of around $590 varies, its advanced features make it a valuable investment for businesses looking to enhance fleet management and driver safety.

Blackvue dr750x-2ch Wi-Fi microphone

BlackVue dr750X-2CH

BlackVue DR750X-2CH WiFi Microphone is a sophisticated addition to your vehicle’s security setup, offering a range of features designed to enhance your driving experience.

Key Features

  • GPS Monitoring with Remote Live View
  • New Event Map Feature
  • Two-Way Voice Communication
  • Extreme Weather Resistance and Advanced Parking Mode
  • 4G LTE Connectivity

The DR750X Truck Plus dual dash cam boasts an upgraded Full HD Sony STARVIS sensor, offering superior video quality at 139° wide-angle, 60 fps for reduced motion blur, and clear license plate details. The external rear camera features a 120° view with 2.1MP CMOS and 6 IR LEDs, automatically activated in darkness by a luminosity sensor for nighttime clarity.


  • Comprehensive Dual-Channel Coverage
  • High-Resolution Video
  • Built-In WiFi


  • Using the Cloud requires a SIM with a data plan.
  • Professional Installation

The BlackVue DR750X-2CH WiFi Microphone is a reliable wireless mic dash cam solution with dual-channel recording, high-resolution video capabilities, and built-in WiFi for easy access to your footage. While pricing may fluctuate, it starts roughly from $400.



As per our expertise, The Azuga Wireless Microphone Dashcam is a reliable and innovative addition to your vehicle’s safety and security. With its impressive array of features and user-friendly design, it offers a comprehensive solution for drivers seeking to enhance their driving experience and capture critical moments on the road.

Key Features

  • Dual Facing Dash Cam
  • Automatic Recordings
  • AI Dash Cam detects common Distractions
  • Cloud-Based AI Driver Monitoring System
  • Live Video Streaming

The Azuga Wireless Microphone Dashcam offers versatile features, including Distracted Driver Detection using facial recognition day or night, AI Driver Assistance with real-time feedback, and the option to connect up to 3 auxiliary cameras. It also provides Parking Mode, a built-in WiFi HotSpot, and robust privacy controls for secure and convenient use.


  • Easy to Use
  • On-Demand Video Retrieval From Azuga Cloud


  • Technical Issues and Glitches
  • Slow Mobile App

The price is customized and can be calculated via the website of Azuga, based on the requirements. They offer exceptional services to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Our Recommendation

Now that you have toured our Dash Cam reviews, here is our top recommendation that will suit all your needs: Matrack AI-Powered Dash cam.

The following are the features of the Matrack AI-powered dash cam:

Comprehensive Visual Coverage

One standout feature is the option to use up to five cameras, covering front, rear, sides, and driver-facing views. This comprehensive visual coverage ensures that no incident goes unnoticed. Alerts are instantly communicated to the driver, promoting real-time safety awareness.

Driver Monitoring and Coaching

Matrack’s AI-enabled dashcam goes beyond video recording. It instantly detects driver behaviors such as drowsiness, texting, distractions, or smoking. Images and video footage are captured and relayed to the driver for immediate awareness, fostering safer driving habits.

Proactive Safety Alerts

The dashcam’s ability to alert drivers about lane changes without signaling and imminent collision dangers contributes to a safer driving experience. These alerts empower drivers to take timely corrective actions, reducing accident risks.

Efficient Fleet Management

Real-time GPS tracking and event notifications optimize fleet operations. You can track vehicles in real-time, receive ignition and hard braking alerts, and monitor engine running hours, ultimately reducing fuel costs.

Incident Prevention and Exoneration

Matrack’s in-cab coaching and distracted driving alerts are proactive measures to prevent accidents. Furthermore, the dashcam’s ability to provide instant evidence can exonerate drivers against false claims within minutes.

User-Friendly Experience

Matrack prioritizes ease of use. Their three-step dashcam registration, installation, and ADAS calibration process simplifies deployment, making it accessible for fleet managers.

Not only this, with no long-term contracts and flexible subscriptions, Matrack ensures adaptability to your fleet’s changing needs. Plus, Matrack offers a special promotion: Get Matrack’s NextGen DashCam and enjoy a free month, making it an enticing option for fleet managers looking to enhance safety and efficiency.


When it comes to enhancing your driving experience and ensuring safety on the road, investing in one of the top dash cams with a wireless microphone system is a wise choice. These innovative devices offer both visual and audio coverage, providing valuable evidence and peace of mind during your journeys.

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