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Fleet owners, are you worried about safety on highways? Monitor your vehicles and drivers with fleet dash cams for a virtual ride-along experience. Get real-time video footage, along with location, speed, and route details.

These dash cams offer remote visibility of vehicle movement and driving performance, enabling you to assess risks and take prompt actions. Budget dash cams come with various features at affordable prices. Our top 10 picks, priced below $100, enhance operational efficiency, reliability, and affordability for small and medium owner-operators.

Achieve your business objectives with our handpicked budget dash cams that fit your budget and provide convenient features.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Budget Dash Cam

Before exploring budget dash cams for your fleet, it’s important to understand your objectives and define your requirements. This will help you unlock the true potential of dash cameras and make the most of their benefits for your fleet.

Real-time data and visual references are like secret weapons in achieving your goals. They offer valuable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions and take proactive measures when necessary.

Now, let’s focus on the features that perfectly align with your needs in terms of both cost and efficiency. These features will be your reliable allies, helping you optimize your fleet operations while staying within budget. 

By asking yourself the right questions and considering various factors, you can identify the ideal solution that meets your business requirements.

Video quality

Video quality is crucial when it comes to dash cameras. Clear and high-resolution footage is a top priority, even in challenging lighting or weather conditions. That’s why high-resolution cameras are in demand, as they provide crisp and detailed image information. Having clear and detailed video footage is extremely beneficial when you need visual evidence for legal actions or insurance claims.

Field of view

You would prefer a larger field of view in dash cameras because it gives better visibility of incidents around the truck. Nowadays, most cameras have a wide-angle lens that provides a good idea of a larger area. It can help your drivers operate the vehicle with more safety and reliability. For example, cameras’ larger field of view will be helpful when drivers take steep turns or change lanes with large trucks. 

Storage capacity

The camera captures high-definition images and videos that require more storage space. It can save photos on external SD cards, but still, there is a limitation to storage capacity. You can’t afford to lose any crucial video footage, so how to sort out the storage capacity issue? Well, modern dash cams use a cloud-based storage system that allows the storage of numerous images on a remotely located server in real-time that you can access as and when required. 

More features

  • The parking mode features allow the camera to sense any unusual movement, impact, or shock and start recording the details happening around the vehicle when the vehicle is at rest. 
  • Cameras with advanced AI-based features can detect risky driving behavior like using a mobile phone, eating or drinking, and taking one’s eyes off the road. It also alerts drivers to rectify their unsafe driving patterns before it results in an accident, complaint, or penalty. 
  • The GPS-enabled camera system tracks location, direction, speed, date, and time while capturing videos. 

10 Best Budget Dash Cams Under $100 In 2024

Azuga FleetSafety Cam Best Dual-facing Dash cam

azuga dash cam
Hardware Cost: $90Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

From our personal experience, Azuga has proven to be an incredibly reliable solution. Their dual-facing cameras provide a crystal-clear view of the road and surroundings and play a vital role in curbing distracted driving habits through constant monitoring. 

Whenever the camera spots any distractions, its AI-powered system analyzes the footage and promptly alerts the driver, allowing them to rectify their behavior. This dash cam is an excellent tool for safeguarding your drivers from wrongful consequences of accidents where they are not at fault.

Key features

  • Front–facing camera has a 155-degree wide-angle view and high resolution for a clear and comprehensive perspective.
  • In-cab driver-facing camera has a 120-degree broad view with soft LED illumination for detailed image capturing.
  • You can retrieve the saved video from cloud storage for specific dates and times.
  • It can provide 40 hours of recording duration.

Rexing V1 – Best Heat Handling

Hardware Cost: $95Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

Our investigation shows that this product is truly a dependable and rugged device designed to withstand challenging conditions. One standout feature is its supercapacitor, enabling it to perform effectively even in extreme temperatures. It impressively endures as high as 176 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as (-) 20.0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Moreover, its compact size ensures it won’t hinder the driver’s view and can be effortlessly mounted on the truck’s windshield. A larger screen enhances the viewing experience, providing precise and detailed playback of captured videos.

Key features

  •  A 170.0-degree camera lens provides a wide field of view of the road.
  • Cameras with high resolution and dynamic range allow bright and clear image recording.
  • The parking monitor feature automatically turns on when the car detects vibration and records 20 seconds of video.
  • User-friendly app interface allows easy transfer of dash cam recordings to a smartphone device. 

Vantrue N1 Pro – Best for Parking Mode

Hardware Cost: $90Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

The Vantrue N1 Pro is truly impressive regarding video quality, offering crystal-clear footage with excellent night vision and a high dynamic range. Our tests found it to be one of the top dash cams for parking mode. Thanks to its motion detection sensors, the camera springs into action whenever it detects movement or impact while your vehicle is parked. 

This means you’ll have visual evidence to address any hit-and-run incidents quickly and effectively. The camera conserves power by staying in standby mode and only recording when motion is detected, allowing for extended operation. To top it off, adjusting camera settings is a breeze with the user-friendly smartphone app.

Key features

  • Sharp video quality at 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second.
  • A GPS-enabled device allows location tracking and speed monitoring.
  • It will enable the adjustment of camera settings through the smartphone app. 
  • The voice control feature activates the camera to allow hands-free operation.

Z-Edge Z3Pro – Best Video Quality

Hardware Cost: $90Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

Our analysis of the Z-edge Z3Pro uncovered some impressive features. Its dual dash camera configuration captures crystal-clear images inside and outside the truck, giving you a complete picture. Even better, this device offers superior video quality at an affordable price, making it a fantastic choice. 

The camera’s wide dynamic range easily handles varying light conditions, delivering high contrast and incredible details. The internal camera, supported by 4 LEDs, also ensures clear footage even in low-light environments. In our experience, this camera stands out as one of the best options under $100, providing excellent video quality.

Key features

  • It only starts recording when the engine is on, saving the battery power.
  • It has a built-in G-sensor that activates vibration recording.
  • Provides options for viewing, sharing, and downloading the footage via the Z-DashCam app.
  • It supports micro SD cards with up to 256GB storage capacity.

Galphi Dash Cam 2K – Best User-Friendly App

Hardware Cost: $80InstallationSelf

Why do we recommend it?

Based on our practical experience, this dash camera truly offers a comprehensive view of the road ahead. Its wide-angle lens captures every corner, effectively detecting blind spots and enabling safer driving. What makes it even better is the inclusion of the Peztio app, which allows convenient viewing of recordings directly from your phone. 

This app makes managing camera settings, reviewing footage, and downloading videos a breeze. We’ve concluded that this dash cam is one of the best affordable options, granting you access to clear and detailed video footage through a user-friendly app.

Key features

  • Convenient to use due to its ultra-compact design.
  • Equipped with a G-sensor that helps to save video evidence of any collisions.
  • Voice guidance guides you to find the current status of the dash cam.
  • Records images with a high resolution of 1440p at 30 frames per second.

APEMAN Dash cam C860 – Best Battery Life

Hardware Cost: $80Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

Despite its limited advanced features, the Apeman Dash Cam C860 delivers impressive high-definition video footage and a host of excellent functionalities. After conducting thorough research and extensive trials, we can confidently say that if you’re looking for a reliable, straightforward setup, and budget-friendly dash camera, the C860 is an outstanding option. 

One notable feature is its parking guard activation, which utilizes motion detection to capture any incidents occurring within a 3-meter range of vibration. Additionally, the camera boasts a robust battery backup, enabling it to remain active for extended durations, particularly in parking mode. Rest assured; the Apeman Dash Cam C860 strikes an ideal balance between affordability and reliable performance.

Key features

  • The front camera captures a 170-degree comprehensive view of the vehicle.
  • Extremely user-friendly and easy to set up.
  • The built-in G sensor allows recording in parking mode through movement detection.
  • With its strong battery backup, you can count on uninterrupted recording, ensuring no crucial moments are missed.

Angel Case Dash Cam – Best Front Camera

Hardware Cost: $90Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

Through our trial and error, we’ve discovered that this sophisticated dual-camera system is a game-changer for fleet dash cameras. It goes above and beyond in recording and sharing a comprehensive view of the truck’s front and rear. The front camera has a high-definition 1440p wide-angle lens, delivering sharper and brighter images that are a cut above the rest. 

With this camera, you can capture your journey details with crystal-clear quality, providing the added security of having first-hand video evidence in the unfortunate event of an accident. It also safeguards against the shortcomings of inefficient drivers or potential insurance fraud.

Key features

  • Automatically enters parking mode when the ignition is off and resumes recording when the sensor detects movement.
  • It provides GPS-based data along the trip, including turning, braking, and over-speeding information.
  • Compact design with accessible mounting facilities and avoiding distractions.
  • A wide-angle lens provides a 140-degree view.

70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S – Best for Wide View

Hardware Cost: $40Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

Through our experiments with the 70mai dash cam, we were genuinely impressed by its exceptional picture quality and immersive video viewing experience. The dash cam boasts a remarkable 140° wide field of view and a new 4K resolution, ensuring heightened image quality and the ability to capture even the finest details. 

This advanced technology is a reliable guide, aiding drivers in effectively managing vehicle movement with enhanced precision and safety measures to avoid potential accidents. Additionally, the dash cam features a wide screen that optimizes the display of recordings while also providing real-time speed and GPS coordinate information. The 70mai dash cam undoubtedly represents a significant advancement in automotive recording technology.

Key features

  • Clear image capture with high resolution even in low-light conditions.
  • Emergency accident locks record and save real-time accident events without chances of deletion.
  • Voice activation technology to allow hand-free operation by drivers.
  • AI-powered technology guides drivers with safety tips to handle potential risks.

Thinkware F70 – Best value

Hardware Cost: $40Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

Based on our trial experience, we tested the F70 dash camera from Thinkware, and the results were truly remarkable. This cutting-edge device offers precise and crisp full-HD footage, ensuring exceptional video quality. 

Equipped with a 140° wide-angle lens, it guarantees extensive coverage, while the incorporation of wide dynamic range and night vision technology enhances video clarity even in challenging lighting conditions. Additionally, the parking mode provides advanced features, such as impact and motion detection, alongside energy-saving modes. With its sleek design and reliable power backup, the F70 dash camera offers outstanding value for your investment.

Key features

  • Supercapacitor-based backup power to ensure fail-safe recording all the time.
  • An integrated thermal sensor protects the camera from overheating.
  • The built-in speaker offers voice instructions and alerts.
  • Optional GPS tracker to view speed, time, and location data.

Scosche NEXS1 – Best For Tech Novices

Hardware Cost: $90Installation: Self

Why do we recommend it?

We’ve tested various products and found this one to be incredibly user-friendly, especially for non-tech-savvy individuals. It’s easy to install and use, and it even includes a micro SD card. You can conveniently access and view recorded footage through a user-friendly app. 

This dashcam focuses on the essentials for a budget-friendly solution, allowing you to track vehicle movement, monitor driver behavior, and assess risks without unnecessary high-tech features. The video quality is sufficient to capture key event details, making it reliable for accident evidence and insurance claims. 

Key features

  • It offers a MicroSD card as external storage for video recording. 
  • It provides accessible mounting facilities on vehicles using suction or stickers. 
  • Videos can be easily downloaded on a smartphone device.
  • There is a dual USB port for charging the device.

Comparison of the Top 3 Budget-Friendly Dash cam

The comparison table meticulously evaluates each dash cam’s features, pros, and cons, accompanied by an expert recommendation for the ultimate budget-friendly dash cam under $100.

ProductSalient featuresAdvantagesLimitations
Azuga FleetSafety Cam It provides clear and crisp HD- quality video through front-facing and interior cameras with a wide range of views.It integrates with fleet management systems to notify location, driving pattern, and technical issues.The video is automatically saved into the cloud platform for easy access.The dual cameras give the most comprehensive remote visual of the truck and driving activities. The easy-to-use compatible app offers quick and easy video sharing. Automated alerts guide drivers to avoid risks and follow safety practices.Setting up the camera to access multiple features may be challenging for some users.
70mai SmartThe clear image is captured with high-resolution cameras, even in low-light scenarios.Voice control features activate video capturing while providing a hands-free driving experience that ensures safety. A wide-angle lens ensures no distortion towards the edges of the pictures and videos.The user-friendly app allows convenient viewing and making adjustments to camera settings.Some users face issues with installation.
Vantrue E1 LightIt provides excellent video quality considering the low price.High dynamic range and a wide aperture allow excellent image capturing even at night.It comes with an app that enables quick control over camera settings.The compact design allows easy installation and handling.GPS-enabled features allow speed and route tracking.Voice activation helps drivers with minimum distractions while driving. Does not come with a micro SD card.

Matrack Dash cam – A Great Alternative

Matrack dashcam

If budget is not a constraint, check out the Matrack Dash cam solution. Matrack cameras are well-tested and approved by a range of customers for their superior features, excellent video quality, and user-friendly operations, which are highly beneficial for owners and drivers. It offers the following key features:

  • Both front and rear cameras work simultaneously to capture the front and behind view, while the vehicle is running.
  • The integration with the mobile app gives instant access to dash cam settings and generates alerts per the situation.
  • The motion-activated parking mode enables the camera to record any activity occurring around the vehicle.
  • This camera can also function in low-light conditions.


For those overseeing small or medium-volume fleets, integrating the best budget dash cam can prove immensely valuable in enhancing the visibility of real-time incidents and effectively managing driving performance. Dash cameras support fleet operations, including safeguarding against false accident reporting, expediting insurance claims processing, promoting improved driver behavior, and facilitating comprehensive risk assessment. 

As a fleet owner-operator, it is crucial to seek an efficient and cost-effective camera solution that improves road and fleet safety and mitigates unnecessary financial burdens. Opting for the best budget dashcam equips you with desirable features at an affordable price point, making it an optimal choice for fleet management needs.

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