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7 Best 4K Dashcams in Your Budget

As a fleet owner-operator with multiple fleets running on a highway or busy city streets, safety becomes your primary concern. You have to consider that even the most cautious and expert drivers can fall into unpredictable situations on the road that concern safety. 

Dashboard cameras, popularly known as dashcams, can offer efficient solutions to protect your vehicles from potential risks and give you peace of mind. Dashcams are surveillance cameras that you can mount to the windshield or dashboard of trucks and record everything that happens on the road and inside the vehicle. 

Dashcams capture videos that can be an important reference in the event of an accident and prevent fraudulent claims and protect innocent drivers from unnecessary harassment. Internet-connected dashcams can auto-upload safety incident footage immediately, making it easy to identify the cause of accidents or damages. 

The video proof is also significant evidence that can expedite your insurance claim in case of damages or amper with vehicles. 

Today, fleet operators look for high-resolution like 4K dashcams to get a more detailed and clear view of the recorded image. 

Dashcams work more than just cameras and provide you with the following benefits:

  • Dashcams can alert drivers in case of lane diversion or when they get too close to a vehicle in front to minimize the chances of accidents.
  • Dashcams can capture all those moments that can help you deal with insurance claims in case of tampering or crashes.
  • Even when your trucks are parked, motion sensors attached to dashcams can automatically detect any movement and record the incident in case of any attempt to damage the vehicle.

Dashcams are also evolving rapidly to add more features and emerging as an essential safety device for your car

You can utilize the innovative features of dashcams per your requirements and ensure that your drivers carry out the trip more safely and conveniently with the reliable support of dashcams.

This blog helps you navigate through details about Dashcams with high-quality imaging and other features. 

Different Types of Dashcams 

The dashcam configurations vary to suit your specific requirements and are available in the following options:

Front-Facing: These are front cameras mounted on the windshield and capture the incidents on the road ahead. A simple front-facing dashcam will provide a basic level of security while driving.

Dual-facing: This camera system consists of two cameras: one facing the road ahead and another inward to capture in-cab activity. 

Exterior: Exterior Dashcams can capture a 360° view of the surrounding road. The cameras can help you when facing difficulties in making steep turns or changing lanes.

Rear-View: Rear-view or backup cameras improve your visibility behind the car while driving and can help in parallel parking or checking for blind spots. 

Dashcam Advanced Features

The best dashcam capture video you can access through your digital devices and store for future reference. You can use the AI features of Dashcams to get alerts for lane departures, speeding, or risky driving behaviors. They come with night vision technology, parking mode, loop recording, and GPS tracking. The most significant features of dashcams are as follows:

Internet Connectivity: Advanced dashcams can connect to the internet and provide almost instant access to video footage.

Resolution: High-resolution cameras record superior-quality images that can help you view the road ahead clearly and identify details from a distance.

Field of view: A wide-angle lens allows a larger view of the road ahead or behind the car.

Audio And Recording: Dashcams also include built-in speakers that can play verbal or audio alerts. 

Harsh Event Detection: Dash camera has built-in sensors to detect dangerous driving activity and send warnings for unsafe driving behavior.

Store Recordings: The dashcams capture real-time events and store the data in the cloud-based platform that you can access anytime.

Night Vision: Dashcams can capture images at night or in low-light conditions to help you ensure safety while operating in poor visibility conditions. 

Dashcam Usage Tips

Here are some factors to remember when choosing a dashcam for your vehicle. 

Get a big SD card: Most car Dashcams come with a storage memory card, but you can use a separate SD card to enhance the storage capacity. Memory cards available in the market can store data to the extent of terabytes, and you can pick up storage cards at affordable prices. 

MicroSD cards have storage capacities for multiple video files within small sizes, enabling manufacturers to bring cameras with more compact designs. You can easily remove the microSD card and put it into a smartphone or other mobile device to view and share the video.

Maximize Camera Feature Usage: Dashcams offer various features to offer you an exciting driving experience. The front-facing and rear-facing cameras can help you record a comprehensive view of incidents.

If you get involved in an accident with another driver, visible dash camera footage becomes significant evidence for the insurance company and legal proceedings. You can find whether the driver is involved in a violation or unsafe acts and can take necessary measures to control the driving performance. 

Dashcams With Phone Compatibility: Car Dashcams use phone apps extensively with a user-friendly interface and allow you quickly manage dashcam settings and review footage as per requirement. Dashcam mobile applications upload recordings to the cloud storage accessible through the phone. It is the most convenient way to utilize the benefits of dashcam features at your fingertips.

Advantages of 4K Dashcams

A wide variety of Dashcams is flooding the market with multiple features, among which the camera resolution becomes a crucial parameter that makes a big difference between brands. The higher the resolution of the camera, the sharper the image, and it retains more details.

A snapshot from a 4K dashcam has 8 million pixels, whereas you get only 2 million pixels from an HD cam. It implies that if you mount a 4K dashcam to your vehicle, you can get a high-quality, crisp, and clear image. These images give you a unique viewing experience and record details more accurately, which provides several benefits to drivers.

It is why 4K cameras are becoming the preferred choice for recording and watching videos. The 4K dashcam can record the surroundings accurately and with clarity. Even when the truck is speeding. It gives you a precise video where you can identify license plates and other elements. This high-definition footage becomes useful if your vehicle gets in an accident or trouble.

The 4K dashcam helps get a sharper, brighter recording, has more details and provides valuable evidence to establish the fact and help avoid legal actions or settling insurance claims in the event of an accident or damages. 

Best 4K Dashcams In Your Budget

The most common dashboard camera records what is happening in front of the vehicle. Dual and multi-channel cameras take it further by adding more camera lenses to record the surroundings. Advanced dashcams use GPS tracking and AI-based sensors for speed control and lane demarcation.

The price range of Dashcams varies depending on the features, specifications, brand, availability, etc. You can opt for one that serves the purpose well and is affordable. We are providing a handpicked collection of the top Dashcams with desirable features you can get within your budget. These dashcams are tested under different weather and lighting conditions to assess their usability, features, and video quality. 

As an entrepreneur or owner overseeing an entire fleet, you always look for an efficient safety device like a dashcam on each vehicle that could help improve road safety and avoid unnecessary financial burdens.

 The dashcam offers valuable support for your fleet operations, such as protection from false accident reporting, faster insurance claims, improved driver behavior, and assessment of potential risks. We will provide details of the best five Dashcams for fleets to help you determine the right one that suits your needs


Matrack Dashcam

Matrack dashcam

Key features

Dual-Facing Cameras: The AI-powered dashcam has both lane and driving-facing cameras. This gives the most comprehensive remote visual of the surroundings of the truck.

Driver Monitoring: You can instantly know if your driver feels drowsy, is distracted, or is busy on the phone and can take prompt action.

Safety Alerts: The driver gets alerts when a vehicle changes lanes without the lane change indicator or when there is a chance of a collision. 

Wi-Fi connectivity: The dashboard cameras come with Wi-Fi connectivity with 4G LTE and CAN bus support. 70mai A800S Dual Vision True 4K dashcam

Integration with FMS: The camera integrates with the existing fleet management system to monitor real-time location, analyze driver behavior, and identify maintenance needs.


70mai A800S Dual Vision True 4K dashcam

70mai A800S Dual Vision True 4K dashcam

Key features 

High Image Quality: 70mai dashcam provides outstanding picture quality at the finest resolution of 4K to help you view all the details.

Wide Angle View: The dashcam comes with a 3″ screen to better display recordings with real-time speed and GPS coordinate information. The 140° wide field of view effectively enhances the image and video viewing experience.

Advanced Safety Features: The built-in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) using modern AI-powered technology helps improve driving safety with lane departure, forward collision warning, and more safety tips.

Emergency Accident Lock: The G-sensor technology automatically saves footage of emergencies, like collisions or crashes. The dashcam auto-locks the real-time video segments and prevents them from being deleted or overwritten.

Mobile Device Compatible: The 70mai mobile app via Wi-Fi allows you to operate your 70mai dashcam 4K A800S directly through your phone. You can watch the live streaming view, replay, or download recorded footage whenever required. The mobile app supports iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 and above.


RED TIGER F7N 4K Dual Dashcam

RED TIGER F7N 4K Dual Dashcam

Key features

Dual Dashcam: The dashcam offers high-quality image capturing using front and rear cameras to provide a clear view. You can read most details from street signs, license plates, etc. The wide-angle view helps you capture all pedestrians and vehicles around the car, minimizing chances for lane diversions or collisions, etc.

Built-in Wi-Fi and GPS: The 4K car camera has built-in Wi-Fi and an easy connection to your mobile app for previewing, playing, and downloading videos conveniently. The built-in GPS can easily detect your driving route, speed, and other information, which becomes your important guiding tool.

Night vision: F7N dashcam allows imaging in low-light conditions. A combination of a large aperture and a 6-glass lens with HDR technology ensures capturing clear images at night. 

G-sensor: The dashcam can automatically monitor and record the view of the surrounding environment. The camera will automatically lock the video when the built-in G-sensor detects a sudden shock or collision.




Key features

High Resolution: The camera provides high-quality video recordings with crisp definitions and details. It makes it easier to identify number plates or hard-to-see elements related to an accident.

Clear View: The 3-inch touchscreen is easy to use and views details. A built-in polarising filter on the front of the camera helps to reduce glare from windscreens.

Image Stabilization: Digital image stabilization is an advanced feature that allows smoothing out those shakes and jerks in the video caused by poor road surfaces.

Geolocation: Including what3words geolocation services pinpoints vehicles within a three-meter radius.


DDPAI X5 Pro Dual Channel Dashcam

DDPAI X5 Pro Dual Channel Dashcam

Key features

Dual Dashcam: Dual-channel dashcam records images both forward and backward of a vehicle simultaneously for better view and coverage. The clear image quality helps to protect drivers from potential liability issues.

Wide-Angle View: The wide-angle view of cameras helps accurately recognize the vehicle surroundings and increases the safety of the driver, passengers, and pedestrians.

Realcube Image Technology: This technology empowers the dashcam to record videos by adjusting brightness, contrast ratio, color calibration, and resolution. The dashcam can capture sharp images even at high-speed without any motion blur.

Low-Light Image Capture: DDPAI utilizes NightVIS technology to improve image clarity and sharpness even in low-light conditions at night. 

Storing of Images: The high-capacity storage allows the saving of important videos, avoiding losing any essential records. 

Safety Alerts: The dual-channel wide-angle monitoring by dashcam provides around-the-clock protection for vehicles from vandalism or theft when in parking condition.


Blueskysea B4K Dual Dash Camera

Blueskysea B4K Dual Dash Camera

Key features

High-Resolution Image: The dashcam captures detailed and clear images of license plates and road signs with high resolution (4K-3840 x 2160) at 30 frames per second. The Blueskysea dashcam allows more clarity and quality difference than all other car Dashcams.

GPS-Enabled Features: The built-in GPS receiver allows the car camera detects the current speed, route, and location with video overlay and automatically synchronizes the clock with GPS satellite time. 

App Support: The dashboard camera connects to the mobile app with built-in Wi-Fi. You can synchronize the files on the camera to your phone and preview them.

Event Detection: This 4K dashcam starts recording when an impact is detected, saves the 30-second video (10 seconds before and 20 seconds after the impact), and protects it from overwriting. 


Rove R2 4K Dashcam

Rove R2 4K Dashcam

Key features

4K ultra HD recording: The Rove R2 4K dash camera can record high-quality videos with much more clarity and quality difference.

GPS support: The cameras have a built-in GPS that accurately records your driving location and speed and displays your driving route. You can track all events in real-time and paths on google maps via the app on your smartphone.

Built-in WiFi: The Rove app can view, download, and share dashcam recordings through your iOS and Android devices. 

Advanced Features: The car dashboard camera has many advanced features such as parking mode, motion detection, 150° wide-angle view, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, and emergency video lock. 


The primary purpose of a dashcam is to carefully record every instance on the road within the vehicle’s journey. The recorded footage is being used in numerous applications to serve various purposes. The picture quality, reliability, GPS integration, and easy accessibility of data are crucial factors to consider when selecting a dashcam.

Dashcams can offer you some practical and reliable solutions while operating your fleets. The high-quality video recordings provide clear evidence about drivers’ performance and help you control their behavior towards ensuring safety. 

The presence of dashcams improves drivers’ accountability to follow safe practices, avoid risky behaviors, and maintain compliance with traffic rules.

Integrating a GPS-based dashcam with an AI-enabled fleet management system provides ample benefits to drivers by making driving more convenient and protecting your trucks from unpredictable hazards. Installing dashcams ensures the vehicle’s safety and reduces the chances of damage and accidents.

The clear and detailed video recordings by 4K dashcams act as reliable proof of the actual scenario and help to settle insurance claims and damage liabilities. 

These recordings provide solid visual evidence to identify any miscreants engaged in committing an offense. It is worth investing in dashcams because it is an effective tool to improve the safety of your fleet and help you reduce unnecessary expenses due to damages, repairs, and violations.