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A Buyers’ Guide To GPS Truck Tracking

A GPS tracker for trucks is an advanced location-tracking device that assists drivers, owner-operators, and fleet managers in getting the real-time locations of their vehicles. From securing your assets to increasing your productivity, truck GPS trackers are advantageous in many different ways.

For a truck or a fleet owner and manager, using a GPS truck tracking system would allow locating your trucks at any given time. Moreover, you can also analyze the data like driving speed, routes taken, distance traveled, estimated arrival time, etc.

As someone in the trucking business who wants to invest in GPS tracking solutions, you are at the right spot. We have created this comprehensive guide with tips that will assist you in selecting the right GPS truck tracking solution.

What is a GPS Truck Tracking Device & How Does It Work?

Initially created for military use, GPS technology gradually became available for public use, making it easy to track people, vehicles, assets, etc. GPS tracker for trucks allows you to know the precise location of your trucks in real-time. The application of location data is vast in the transportation industry. It facilitates and simplifies several operations while streamlining different sectors of a business.

A comprehensive GPS Fleet tracking solution offers intelligent insights into the entire business, thereby offering owners and managers a chance to focus on areas that need improvement. It allows your business to optimize the utility of your available resources to enhance productivity, ensure a profitable ROI, and increase client trust.

The GPS (Global Positioning System) consists of a network of satellites that orbit above our planet. A GPS tracking device uses the signals from at least four of these satellites to evaluate the location. The GPS device then sends this data to the platform or application, accessible on any android or iOS device. 

Advantages of GPS Truck Tracking

Fuel Management

A cost-efficient GPS tracking solution comes with fuel usage reporting. It provides you with the data regarding your fuel consumption so you can improve your performance. You can learn to streamline routes, maintain the engine, encourage better driving, etc., and adopt these practices to minimize fuel consumption. 

Time Management

Knowing the real-time location of your resources can help in various functions. You can allot jobs to the available trucks. You can assign two or three hauls to the same vehicles with proper route planning. You can minimize the time your resources – trucks and drivers – spend idling, either at the traffic or clients’ loading dock. For enhanced customer experience, you can also share an ETA with your clients. All in all, with a good GPS truck tracker, you can manage your time efficiently and get more done in less time. 

Monitor And Improve Driving Behavior

A GPS tracker with smart alerts lets you know about your drivers’ speeding, harsh braking, rash driving, etc. This way, you can guide your driver for better driving habits and eventually improve your CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) scores.

Vehicle Safety

As the advanced GPS tracker comes with the anti-theft alert, you can protect your vehicles or the loaded trucks when an unauthorized person tries to enter. Also, with the help of a GPS tracker, it is easy to find your truck’s location if you forget where you parked it.

Drivers’ Safety

A GPS tracker not only aids the safety of your loaded trucks but also helps you in safeguarding your drivers. Your driver can immediately contact you in case of emergencies through a GPS tracker. All they need to do is press the SOS button, and you will get a notification. In such cases, you can get help for them in no time.

Assist In Customer Satisfaction

One of the major factors for a successful trucking business is its ability to satisfy its clients. If you use advanced tracking solutions for trucks, it may assist in providing better services to your clients. You can stay punctual, provide quick deliveries, and find their accurate locations. You would also comply with FMCSA rules which improves your reputation for your future deals.

Things To Consider Before Buying A GPS Tracker For A Truck


One of the most crucial factors for choosing a tracking device for trucks is its price. The device should come with all the necessary features that aid in fleet management at a cost that matches your budget. It is streets ahead if it is available at a lower monthly subscription than its contenders. Moreover, it would be a great choice if it offers you an extended warranty at a reasonable price.


The size of a tracker depends on your usage. However, if you want to track your vehicles discreetly, a small-size tracker would go well. A mini GPS tracker can fit in any small space. You can use a trouser pocket, glove-box, seat cover pocket, etc., to hide the tracker. The mini GPS tracker also assists you in hidden tracking, especially when you want to use it for anti-theft or theft recovery purposes. The offenders should not know that a tracking device is attached to the trucks so you can catch them hassle-free.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery, ask yourself these questions before choosing a GPS tracker for your trucks:

  • How many hours/days does the battery work?
  • How long does it take to charge that GPS tracker?
  • Does it come with an internal or external battery?
  • Would you need a spare battery for your average journey?

If a GPS tracker fulfills all these requisites according to your needs, opt for that tracker. 

No doubt, a GPS tracker for trucks should have a long-lasting battery. It should at least work for 14 days. However, a hard-wired tracking device is one of the options if you do not require it apart from tracking your trucks.


A GPS tracker with an intuitive alerting system can be a great utility. If you find a tracker that can send you alerts on reckless driving, harsh braking, driving at odd hours, engine status, crossing Geofence, and fuel consumption reports, it is an ideal GPS tracker for your trucks.

The advanced GPS trackers also come with an option of “aggressive tracking” or “SOS alert” that helps your drivers to send an alert to you or the 911 service in case of emergencies. Look for this valuable feature before you consider choosing a tracker.


What does a cost-effective device mean to you? A device that doesn’t require much of your money and works efficiently. Most GPS trackers are only costly because they require you to incur extra installation charges. Get yourself a GPS tracker that is easy to set up, so you do not need any expertise for installing it. Even if it is a hard-wired GPS tracker, it should attach to your vehicle without any extra cost.

Companion App

An efficient GPS tracker provides you with rich features and a user-friendly application to operate them. The companion app for the GPS tracker should be compatible with all types of smartphones, tablets, and PC.

It should be available for both Android and iOS users. Moreover, it would be a better option if the app came with custom mapping. The companies with a mapping system design it according to their app’s functions, and the maps are way more effective for the users.

Strong And Water-Resistant

A GPS tracker for trucks should be a sturdy and waterproof device. You never know in what conditions, weather, or place your trucks need to travel. You may want to attach the tracker to an unsafe area. For instance, if you mount your GPS tracker under your automobile, it would face a lot of crashes, splashes, wear & tear, or collisions. Look for a GPS tracker that can survive in any of these conditions.


A GPS tracker brand marks its presence in the market by providing better goods and services than others. What is the point of buying a tracker that does not provide you with the minimum accessories such as vehicle mounting hooks, cables, cases, pouches, etc.? If you find a tracker that comes with all the necessary accessories along with it, you should go for it.


Look for a tracking device that covers a larger area or works in many countries or at least functions in the areas where you manage your fleets. Most trackers come with limited coverage. Those are not good for your long-haul trucking business.

Warranty And Tech Support

If you are looking for a tracking solution that assists your business for a long duration, you should find a tracker that offers you a long-term warranty. Like any other electronic gadget, a GPS tracker is prone to bugs and damages. A long-term guarantee also comes in handy when your device is too old to work, and the company takes the responsibility to replace/repair it. A good brand may even exchange your device with a new one. Likewise, the brand with efficient tech support would always solve your problems with the product.

If you opt for a company that offers unparalleled post-sale services, impressive tech support, and a long-term warranty, you can save yourself from trouble and useless expenses.

In Conclusion

Truck drivers or fleet managers can benefit from truck GPS trackers as they work to build a better and more efficient business. They can improve their speed and productivity by choosing the best trackers available in the market. Matrack GPS tracker is one of the best trackers for trucks available in the market. It provides you with data regarding real-time location, driving behavior, tracking logs, maintenance reports, and a lot more. Matrack is ideal for Truck GPS tracking as it provides a plethora of features at an affordable price.