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How to Prevent Tampering of GPS Tracking Devices (For Your Assets and Vehicles)

GPS trackers can protect your valuable assets and offer tamper-proof safety. 

Want to make your trackers tamper proof and prevent your valuable assets from being stolen or compromised?

More and more frequently customers are removing telematics devices, so you need to be aware of how to protect your assets. 

That’s why we’ve developed ways to keep your assets safe with tamper-proof devices suited to your individual needs. 

There are two types of devices on the market: wired and wireless trackers.

The benefits of wireless trackers is that they are hidden and more tamper resistant—what you can’t see, you can’t tamper with!

Better yet, wireless trackers do not need an external power source, which makes them even more resistant to tampering. 

How Are Wired Devices Tampered With?

For tamper-proof wired devices, customers like you are savvy and know not to disconnect the power, which prevents there being a lapse in power. 

Instead they cut the wire on the engine kill switch so the asset can never be disabled and thus never stolen.

How to get around this?

By using a kill switch tamper-resistant device like the MA BHPH wired tracker!

The MA BHPH wired tracker has a built-in tamper detect which alerts you when the kill switch wire is cut or power to the unit is removed.

Here are some key features of the MA BHPH wired tracker:

– Power failure alert
– Back-up battery
– Aggressive mode when it moves out of a geo-zone
– Tamper Alert when the kill switch wire is cut

How does this work?

We have a sensor that checks for the engine kill wire connection and when it’s disconnected, an alert is automatically generated.

This will notify you immediately so you can track and recover your asset. 

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