Florida Intrastate ELD Mandate
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Florida Intrastate ELD Mandate

After the largest state in the United States of America, Florida queues up to adopt the intrastate Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in the year 2015. However, unlike the state of Texas, the deadline to update to the intrastate electronic logbook is December 31, 2019. This ELD mandate is no different from the Texas mandate and hence intrastate commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers are required to comply with the rule before January 1, 2020. Before we proceed, let us understand the difference between interstate and intrastate driving.

Interstate and Intrastate Driving

Interstate driving simply means driving from one state to another. Intrastate driving on the other hand is driving between two places within a single state. You could visit the official FMCSA website to determine if you are an interstate driver or an intrastate driver.

Drivers in Florida and Texas are expected to follow in-state hour rules that include bigger limits than the interstate rule. They are;

Interstate trading takes place only when you drive a commercial motor vehicle:

Intrastate trading is when you do not match with any of the aforementioned criteria.

The ELD mandate comes with rules and safety regulations. It also has exemptions and benefits in specific cases. Let us have a look at what they are;

Rules of the ELD Mandate

These documents may include;

Safety Regulations

There are a few safety regulations a driver must follow. Even if the truck comes under the ELD exemption rule, the driver is required to follow these safety regulations. An ELD will only ensure that these regulations are being followed by maintaining a record of the log time. These safety regulations are as follows;

ELD Exemptions

It is always a good idea to follow ELD rules of a given state. However, in some cases, it is not very possible to follow these rules. Therefore, there are some exemptions to the same. Enlisted below are a few exceptions of the ELD mandate;

However, it is a must for every trucker to produce proof for a few FMCSA criteria which would ensure that his vehicle falls under the exemption in case he is stopped by an official during the trip.

Benefits of the ELD Mandate

As both the states, Florida and Texas are in line with the ELD mandate; it is a compulsion that every commercial motor vehicle passing through either one of these states during a trip is required to have an ELD installed. It is also important that the trucker is in compliance with all the rules relevant to the ELD mandate in order to cross these states without violating any rules and regulations. Violation also results in an eld mandate fines wherever necessary.

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