Fleet Management Benefits : Light-duty Vehicle Fleets
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Fleet Management Benefits : Light-duty Vehicle Fleets

Fleet Management Benefits : Light-duty Vehicle Fleets

Since the advent of various technological advances in the field of GPS, telematics, and other tracking devices and applications, fleet managers have been able to increase business efficiency. With the vast flow of relevant and authentic data, fleet managers, operators, and owners have been able to maximize utilization of all assets and achieve greater ROI.

Most trucking companies have adopted the fleet management system, also known as FMS for better functionality. Fleet management also offers a host of benefits to light-duty vehicles, car rentals, delivery services, driving schools, school bus services and more.


For car rental companies and delivery businesses, it is pertinent that they know the location of their vehicle in real time. It helps to keep an eye on them, as well as ensure that the vehicle is following a predetermined route. It helps in customer satisfaction as they are kept in the loop and are informed of the delivery time.


Several fleet management systems provide real-time information about engine diagnostics, fuel consumption and waste management, and also monitoring of engine coolant temperature and battery level. This helps in arranging for maintenance of vehicles in due time and avoids any major expenses in the future.

Fuel management:

As most fleet management systems monitor the usage of fuel, it eliminates the chances of any fraud or discrepancy. The data related to fuel is recorded automatically, and in most cases cannot be edited by an unauthorized persons.


FMS helps in streamlining entire fleet operation from identifying idle vehicles to easier allocation, establishing a route, keeping clients updated, generating important reports, as well as compliance with various rules and regulations. It also assists in the optimal utilization of assets and better improves cost efficiency. When you know that a delivery van is sitting idle after having completed its route, before the end of the workday, you can use this data to plan the next route to be more profitable and efficient. 

Matrack Incorporation has one of the best fleet management systems in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. With a wide variety of trackers for assets, trailers, and fleets of every size, together with exemplary customer service, Matrack is your best option for fleet management. Our devices are waterproof and can withstand any weather.

One of our productsMA-OBD Classic plug-in is designed for light-duty vehicle companies like driving school, school bus service, and limousine and car rental services. It offers real-time tracking, car health diagnostics, Geo-Fencing, and fuel reports. It also sends alerts via email and SMS on the status of engine and ignition. In case of emergency or critical fleet safety issues, MA-OBD Classic also sends out relevant data ensuring driver’s safety. MA-OBD Classic is designed to support faster data connectivity, dispatch feature and Amex Fuel card.

Matrack Dispatch is a real-time logistics management system that makes it absolutely easy to manage a fleet – no matter the size. An effective fleet safety program is easy to implement and can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device of choice. The interface has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of the user and is unbelievably easy to understand. We also offer round the clock customer support.

Through Matrack Dispatch, you can assign the job, schedule the routes and track them, compare the assigned and real-time route, and more. Some of its features are:

  • Allows technicians to make notes
  • Once the job is successfully completed, customers can pay through credit cards, and also rate the service
  • Alerts to customers on the status of delivery
  • DOT compliance by recording everything electronically in real time
  • Telematics, IFTA reports, and Hours of Service

Matrack Incorporation has various various fleet operation systems and devices, including gps tracker, asset & trailer tracking, ELD and more. To know more about our products and services, contact us. We will be happy to give you the best fleet management solution for your business.

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