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Fighting Driving Fatigue – Tips For Truck Drivers

Driving a truck for longer and lonely routes can take a toll on the physical and mental health of a driver. The truck driving profession isn’t one of the healthiest – irregular sleep routine, greasy food at rest stops, lack of exercise, and being away from family – make it difficult for a driver. Here are a few tips to elongate your career as a truck driver, while staying healthy and safe.

  • Power naps: According to scientists and researchers, a nap should be of at least 20 minutes long, in order to give the body and mind a little rest. Before getting ready for a longer drive, take a break. Even if you sleep for less than an hour, your body will be refreshed, and you will be able to drive for a little longer.
  • Healthy meals: Most rest stops and drive-thru serve foods that are rich in fats and sugar, not a very healthy combination for truck drivers. It is always better to pack some healthy meal options like fruit with you. If possible, you can also invest in a small stove and a crockpot, and cook your own meals. You may find a hidden chef within you!
  • Supplements: See a physician, and ask them to prescribe good vitamin supplements for you. When you cannot have a complete nutritional meal, these vitamin supplements will take care of any deficiency. Make sure to take these vitamins only after consulting with a professional.
  • Make a quick stop: Most accidents on the road happen when the driver keeps driving even when they are tired. Do not commit this mistake. Your life is more valuable. If you are feeling tired, pull over, get down from your cabin, stretch your legs, and get some air. It will help you in feeling relaxed.
  • Stay hydrated: Contrary to the beliefs, water keeps you more relaxed than any other drink. Sure caffeine will make you feel better, but once the effect wears off, it will leave you more stressed. Water, unsweetened fruit juices, coconut water are better for your body than any other drinks.
  • Music: Listening to your favorite music in higher volumes can actually make you more attentive and alert. It works for driving just as it works for exercising; it makes a person motivated and focused.
  • Fresh Air: If you cannot make a stop, and are feeling tired, open the window and let some fresh air in. it will give you the much-needed boost.
  • Audiobooks: If there is a subject that intrigues you, find an audiobook on it, and listen to it while driving. It will keep your mind engaged in something interesting, and you won’t feel bored. Also, listening to someone else talk to you will help with loneliness.

These are just a few tips that will help you in keeping your spirits high, and take on that long journey. Keeping your mind engaged and your body rested will ensure that you excel and enjoy your job, and also stay safe.