Everything You Need To Know About ELD – Facts And Compliance
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Everything You Need To Know About ELD – Facts And Compliance
AndrewJanuary 5, 2023ELD

Everything You Need To Know About ELD – Facts And Compliance

Looking for an ELD can be daunting for the first time. If you have stumbled across this article, you are probably finding ELDs a tad confusing. Worry not! This article tells you everything you need to know about an Electronic Logging Device (ELD).

Thanks to ELDs, documenting authentic and accurate vehicular information has never been easier. You no longer need to record every single detail on paper, scrambling for a pen when your entire focus should be on the road and nothing else. Using an ELD for your day-to-day business operations enhances the safety of your assets and offers other benefits beyond compliance. Listed below are some commonly asked questions about ELDs that may have risen to the back of your mind.

What is an ELD?

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a type of hardware that commercial drivers use to track their Hours of Service (HoS) every day. It captures this data electronically. These devices replaced traditional paper logs and the electronic onboard recorders used for recording before the ELD came into being. This device will not be mindful of your HoS only. It will also record other information such as fuel consumption, miles drove, vehicle movement, engine operation, and overall vehicle efficiency.

Who Needs an ELD?

If you are a driver who logs record duty service for more than eight days in a month, you must have an ELD. All drivers must comply with this law. This rule applies to commercial bus and truck drivers as well. If you are a driver traveling in Canada or Mexico, you require an ELD compliant with Canada’s legislation.

If you flout this rule and operate without an ELD, you may, unfortunately, find yourself paying heavy fines and penalties. And that is not enough- drivers found working without an ELD can be placed out of service, resulting in loss of work, and leading to no revenue at all. Hence, we are glad that you are here. Using an ELD is a safe bet for all!

What Type of ELD do you need?

The ELD you choose needs to have certain specifications and features that fit well with your vehicle. Get an ELD after considering all the factors, including the price and productivity. Your ELD must match certain requirements for you to make full use of your ELD and avail all of its advantages and features. Some of the important requirements are:

● The data recorded must be presented in a standardized format.

● The data should be transferred to law enforcement agencies through wireless services like USB or Bluetooth.

● The device should connect to the vehicle’s engine upon inception.

● The location of the vehicle must be recorded automatically.

● It must have a login feature for drivers to select and inform when they’re off duty, on duty, or resting.

● It should also have a mute button so that the drivers remain undisturbed while they’re off duty.

What happens if you don’t comply with the ELD requirement?

The earlier you install an electronic logging device, the better it is for you. The process of learning to use an ELD should be taken into account as a part of the installation process.

Non-compliant drivers will face heavy penalties and fines due to their uncooperative behavior. Your license can also be affected if you don’t use an ELD. Some industry professionals have also hinted at temporarily shutting down non-compliant operators.

How much will an ELD cost?

Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) were known to be very expensive when they were first introduced into the system. However, with constant technological development over the years and an increase in vendors, these solutions have become cost-effective. Now, you can easily adjust the cost of an ELD with the long-term savings you will make in terms of fuel and other resources. 

The ELD mandate

Using an ELD was made mandatory for all after April 1, 2018. This rule was enforced to design a safer, more productive work environment for all drivers. It also made tracking, managing, and relaying information much more efficient than traditional logging. 

Installing an ELD needs expert tech knowledge, especially if you want your ELD to do the job you got it for. Once installed, the ELD is bound to seek countless rewards and benefits in the long run and is an overall good investment. It also makes the price worth investing in.

Here are some of the benefits of the same.

Increased Road Safety

As an ELD is attached to the vehicle’s engine, it also records incidents of harsh braking, speeding, and other unsafe driving practices. This data can help the driver be conscious of their mistakes and avoid mishaps. An ELD ensures proper maintenance of all commercial vehicles. Drivers and fleet managers can keep their trucks in perfect shape to ensure that they can work uninterrupted. 

Some ELDs also allow GPS tracking letting you keep an eye on the vehicle – at all times. GPS tracking also maintains a location history for more data. You can plan the shortest and most traffic-free routes.

Reducing Paperwork

As the data is collected through automated technology, you no longer have to go through heaps of paperwork to track Hours of Service. Automated data is more accurate as well. With this, dispatchers do not need to go through piles of handwritten data as data recorded online is easier to navigate through. Due to this, a lot of money, effort, and time is saved as manual administration of data is removed.

 Increases Your Efficiency

ELDs reduce your costs and boost your productivity. As discussed above, paperwork becomes negligent and saves the time and efforts of drivers. Data is collected in real-time, which manages fuel usage, vehicle productivity, and maintenance of the vehicle, and leads to improved customer service. Some ELDs give real-time alerts to managers when they detect unsafe driving. ELDs also help track fuel needs and help save fuel costs.

Some ELDs come with GPS tracking solutions that take the advantages one step further. With the use of these ELDs, you can track your vehicle in real-time.

Vehicle Diagnostic Services

An ELD is directly connected to a vehicle’s diagnostic port. This lets the device monitor fault codes in real-time. Because of this feature, any issues or problems in the vehicle can be instantly recognized by your device. You can even generate detailed reports on the issues detected. With this data, you can also take precautionary measures which can increase the efficiency of your vehicle. 

Simplifies the IFTA Process

Fleets have to provide IFTA reports when every quarter nears an end. This can be rather taxing and burdensome.

In essence, an ELD reduces the burden of paperwork. The IFTA calculation process is no exception. ELDs can do the IFTA calculation work on their own. Moreover, they do not have any errors as they are automated reports. This greatly reduces audit risks.

ELDs come off as a mandatory device that must be installed due to the FMCSA’s mandate. However, installing an ELD makes your job life so much easier. It simplifies complex jobs that you can now do with the click of a button. ELDs, although introduced due to government laws, have benefits that seem almost impossible to do without. Their advanced telematics solutions ensure you are safe on the road at all times. If you are a manager, with an ELD you can ensure your fleet is always at its best. You will have all the data at the tip of your fingers.

Data recorded by ELDs can be of great use in lawsuits as well. As ELDs record accurate data they can be used as evidence. An ELD can either help you win a lawsuit or serve a hefty penalty.

Some insurance companies see using an ELD as a measure of responsible and safe driving. They allow these drivers to pay lower insurance premiums.

Matrack ELD- Best ELD Solution for your Fleet

Matrack offers FMCSA-approved, GPS-enabled ELDs that help you remain compliant and also improve the efficiency of your fleet operations. In three easy steps, you can install and activate the device and use our Android and iOS compatible companion app to unlock a bunch of fleet tracking and managing tools. 

Matrack ELD solution provides

  • Automatic HOS
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • DOT Inspection Mode
  • Fleet Tracking
  • Multiple HOS Rule
  • IFTA Reporting
  • Electronic DVIR
  • Access Permissions

Moreover, our solution is one of the most affordable ones in the market. Our monthly subscription plan starts at $14.95 only. And you get the device for FREE! There are no contracts, activation, or cancellation charges. Also, you can add a co-driver for free. 

Matrack also offers several add-on services like aggressive tracking mode, fuel cards, freight factoring, dispatch service, and more that help you manage your fleet at the same portal. For all our clients, we offer expert tech support through various channels – 24/7, throughout the year. 

With that being said, an ELD serves as more than a device for government mandate compliance. It unlocks unforeseen potential for your vehicle and your fleet. We hope you choose your ELD wisely, after considering what you want from it and if it serves your needs!

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