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Commercial motor vehicle drivers (CMVs) use an ELD toand-camicie lecosonnenschirm <a

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Affordable electronic logging devices are essential to the success of CMV businesses and are necessary for compliance with ELD rules. So small and medium-sized companies must evaluate the features and the cost of various ELDs that fit their budget.anroid autorádio dvd gps navigáció gabba jeans slim fit slovo kefa pôvod šavlový tanec mp3 fitness naramok gps heureka deadpool 2 full movie hd kostýmy a masky reebok x future carhartt bunda dámská foundation nike secret life of pets 2 online cz asus geforce rtx 2060s 8gb evo kids toy scooter iphone flashlight lumens adidas fingersave goalkeeper gloves size 8

This blog post will cover the top 5 best-budget ELD devices, features, and pricing. 

Selecting Affordable ELDs in 2024

An electronic logging device electronically logs a driver’s Record of Duty Status (RODS) and is mandatory for commercial vehicle drivers in the US and Canada. So companies must install one but do not necessarily have to purchase an expensive solution if their budget does not allow it. 

Several feature-rich solutions offer their devices and software at affordable prices. Consequently, the price of a device varies according to the model, features, and quantity required. The actual price range for ELD devices can vary significantly depending on the provider, features, and quantity required, but it is generally lower than $1,000 per unit. Prices can start as low as $150, but they can also exceed that range depending on the specific requirements and additional features. Moreover, you do not have to buy a device if you do not want to, you can opt for bring-your-own-device.

A few suppliers offer leasing options, lowering upfront business expenses but raising your overall expenditures. It is crucial to remember that monthly service fees for each device are included in the costs of the devices and can range from $10 to $50 per month. So you have to pick one that matches your requirements.

Contrary to popular opinion, you can find an ELD at an affordable rate. You will have to do two things – narrow down your exact requirements, and find a vendor that offers customizable solutions. 

Here are some crucial pointers to assist you in selecting an affordable electronic logging device for your fleet:

  • Compliance with regulatory standards: Motor carriers and drivers who maintain records of duty status (RODS) must migrate to electronic logging, according to a rule on ELDs announced by the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in 2015. The primary objectives of the electronic logging devices laws are to raise traffic safety and make it easier for truck and bus drivers to manage their service hours and maintain records of their status on the job (RODS). Your device should be compliant with the standard regulatory standards. 
  • Enhanced productivity: Check if your selected device gives businesses access to real-time information about a driver’s HOS, enabling them to streamline their processes. Businesses can more effectively plan routes, schedules, and responsibilities by accessing precise information on driver availability and rest periods. It may result in more output, less downtime, and better customer support.
  • Data analysis and insights: It produces a lot of information on driver behavior, vehicle performance, and routing efficiency. Affordable ELD devices frequently include software or reporting features that let companies analyze this data and learn more about their operations. Businesses may optimize processes, cut costs, and make wise decisions by identifying areas for improvement. Make sure the device you choose has this feature. 

Top 5 Most Affordable ELDs in 2024

Keeping the above features in mind, here are our top 5 most affordable ELD picks for 2024


A. Matrack ELD


According to our research, Matrack is a premium solution that understands your needs and budgetary constraints. Nevertheless, it has a wide range of functionalities and features to support you and your drivers:

  • The solution can be installed within 5 mins.
  • You get automated IFTA calculations and other audit reports within minutes. 
  • The DOT inspection mode lets you see the logs immediately from a mobile device. It also directly sends the data for safety checks. 
  • With a single clock, you can also create reports for vehicle performance, including state mileage reports, DVIRS, accident reports, HoS complaint logs, etc.
  • You can keep tabs on driver behavior while optimizing the delivery routes.
  • Matrack does not depend on third parties to resolve your issues since hardware and software are produced in-house.
  • It understands the needs of a co-driver. Therefore it forgoes the additional pay for the same. 
  • You receive real-time alerts during violations. 
  • Have troubles with the software and would like some assistance? Matrack has a guaranteed response time of 10 mins. 

Customers can contact Matrack’s support staff via phone or email weekly between 8 and 5 PM PST. Matrack also offers online guides and video tutorials, but there is no provision for a dedicated account manager. Its monthly subscription starts at $19.95 per month and goes to $25.95 per month. The cherry on top? The Matrack hardware device is absolutely free.

Moreover, you will receive a lifetime guarantee and will not be subject to a contract, so you can cancel anytime. So it is no surprise that Matrack is our list’s least expensive no-contract choice.


B. Garmin Elog

Garmin eLog

Garmin eLog might have a steep learning curve during installation and regular use. However, Garmin stands out as the most excellent long-term ELD investment due to the complete absence of recurring fees, which is uncommon among ELD providers: You will have no commitment, a yearlong guarantee, and the opportunity to purchase it from a third party for less money (Walmart may be selling it for as little as $125).

However, Garmin lacks some compliance-related functions. Managers would not receive notifications about user compliance violations. Users do not receive driver reports beyond HOS records and DVIR reporting.

As per our observations, Garmin’s features also include:

  • You can easily set up this device due to its straightforward setup.
  • You can easily access the records on your smartphone through the free Garmin ELog app.
  • It lets you log the drivers’ driving time and view the number of driving hours left for the day or week.
  • It securely stores all the data on the app, which is viewable via Bluetooth or the FMCSA’s web services.

GarminElog is priced at $249 for a device, with an interest-free payment for the renewal after a year. Yet again, look for independent retailers before deciding. When sold secondhand on websites like eBay, the Garmin eLog’s price may drop as low as $85 for you to save a tonne of money.


C. Bit ELD


The BIT ELD from Blue Ink Tech is a sophisticated and easy-to-use cheap ELD device. Drivers can become ELD compliant in as little as five minutes with a simple setup and application. The BIT electronic logging device system provides basic FMCSA compliance for the ELD mandate. 

Drivers can record hazardous driving conditions for longer drives, obtain in-state miles for IFTA tracking and reporting, and enter the statuses of their personal conveyance and yard moves for unusual driving situations. The features of this device are:

  • Drivers who finish a qualifying break will have their split shifts calculated by the available hours of the ELD device. 
  • Team drivers can use a single device or their own to maintain order in their electronic logbooks.
  • Recap hours are tracked in the planner so drivers can make advance plans.
  • Quick forms for pre-trip inspections and papers are available in BIT ELD, helping to decrease paperwork and send everything to the cloud for secure storage.
  • The daily vehicle inspection is simple with paperless DVIR. Drivers can establish daily reminders to ensure that they always remember to fill out their pre-trip inspection report.
  • Tracking fuel purchases and consumption for IFTA reporting is made simple by the gasoline receipts that drivers enter and upload.
  • With Document Capture, drivers may quickly and easily save essential documents to their smartphone and portal.

This device is priced at $295 for a device. Depending on the features and services you select, the membership is payable annually in advance and costs typically between $27 and $33 per vehicle every month.


D. GPS Insight

GPS Insight announces new ELD fleet management solution

Increase the efficiency of your current assets, increase team accountability, cut down on excessive operating expenses, and foster a culture of safety using a GPS Insight ELD device. Its salient features include:

  • Improve your understanding of workflows, the whereabouts of tech or drivers, and employment status. To increase productivity and better meet the demands of your consumers, establish greater accountability for your staff.
  • To save time and money, digitize workflows. 
  • To save money on fuel, streamline your routes and cut down on idling. 
  • Discover the information you need to plan preventative maintenance and limit downtime.
  • The simple smartphone app automatically tracks duty states, updates traffic conditions, and displays the remaining HOS. 
  • Recognize maintenance issues or trends immediately to maintain your vehicles in good shape. 
  • Monitor the cost of maintenance for all of your fleets.

As per our expertise, it may lack some of the more sophisticated capabilities of other ELD systems, but it still provides a cost-effective alternative. You can get custom pricing based on certain factors, including driver behavior, number of assets, service hours, and inspection.


E. Gorilla Safety ELD

Connect ELD - Gorilla Safety

The Gorilla Safety ELD, like Matrack, provides public pricing. Three plans are available for the service, priced at $26.99 monthly (Prime8 ELD, Fleet Xpress, and Xtreme). Contracts would not bind users, but the service does not offer guarantees.

With various programs, you will have different compliance options: While Fleet Xpress is required for fuel tracking, online document delivery, DOT checks, and DVIR reporting, Prime8 offers GPS tracking and electronic logs. Finally, Xtreme includes telematics, a mechanic application, unique processes, and an accident scene navigator. Its features are:

  • Drivers can activate document tracking through the app while on the road, scanning and digitally filing papers into many categories, including parts unique to the driver, the truck, or the business. 
  • It is powered by the Apple or Android mobile device used by the driver or mechanic, which communicates wirelessly with the truck’s ECM via Prime8, our ground-breaking ELD adaptor.
  • This system was created to adhere to the rules outlined in the FMCSA requirement, and it can track not just hours of service but also revisions that are compliant and even the paperwork needed for roadside inspections.
  •  The best thing is that it includes the entire range of services Gorilla Safety provides, including the cost-cutting equipment your company needs.

If you purchase the electronic logging device, each device unit costs about $175, but if rented, they only cost $7 each. On weekdays, customer support and an online knowledge base are available from 7 AM to 7 PM CT.

Comparison of the Top 5 Affordable ELDs

Below is a comparison of the affordable ELDs in the US Market: 

ELD NamePriceFeaturesProsCons
Matrack ELDA monthly subscription starts at $19.95.Personalized GPS Live MonitoringGeofencing functionComprehensive logging of vehiclesIt recognizes the necessity of a co-driver and is aware of the added expenses. So it forgoes additional pay for co-drivers.There are no advanced features. 
GarminElogEach device unit costs about $249.It is a stand-alone deviceThere are no subscription feesIt is simple to set upIt precisely and automatically logs driving time, makes driver duty status easily accessible, and lets you rapidly view the number of driving hours left for the day or week.Managers will not receive notifications about user compliance violations. Beyond HOS records and DVIR reporting, users would not receive any driver reports.
Bit ELDEach device unit costs about $295.Recap of the working hoursWith Document Capture, you can instantly save your filesThe daily vehicle inspection is made easy with paperless DVIRDrivers can record hazardous driving conditions for longer drives, obtain in-state miles for IFTA tracking and reporting, and enter the statuses of their personal conveyance and yard moves for unusual driving situations.There is no customer support team to help.
GPS InsightCustom pricingIt helps to digitize workflowsProvision of public pricingRecognizes maintenance issues in the vehicleIncrease the efficiency of your present assets, increases team accountability, and cut down on excessive operating expenses. No pricing is available on the site. 
Gorilla Safety ELDEach device unit costs about $175.It is more durableThe device is cost-effectiveIt adheres to FMCSA requirementsIt provides the entire range of services, including the cost-cutting equipment your company needs.


Besides complying with ELD rules and recording HOS accurately, your chosen ELD device can help you optimize your fleet performance. But since so many options are available, selecting the one that best matches your fleet can take time and effort. 

However, you can choose one from our list of the top 5 reasonably priced options that satisfies your needs in terms of price and features. The devices on the list are all FMCSA compliant and offer excellent customer service. These options will also offer a quick return on your investment and help increase driver satisfaction.

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