Why should you choose Matrack ELD?
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Why should you choose Matrack ELD?

Why should you choose Matrack ELD?

The last chance to make the switch to ELD-compliant devices is knocking at our door.  The final deadline to ELD compliance is less than a year away and it’s crucial to allow time both for device installation into your trucks and also for drivers to familiarize themselves with the new devices before the actual deadline hits.  Matrack knows what matters most for fleet managers and their drivers.  We are here to provide you with affordable options, 24/7 friendly technical support, and personalized care.

Let’s take a look at what Matrack can offer you:

  • Affordable Prices

Some GPS companies charge large amounts of money for the ELD device and monthly fees.  Matrack knows that at the end of the day the ELD mandate just adds up to be another cost for fleet managers.  That’s why Matrack ensures you the best price out there in the market, both for the device and monthly fees.  

Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about our prices,

“Matrack has pretty competitive pricing. Some companies want an upfront cost of $300 just for the device, which is crazy! Matrack is very reasonable.”—JT, Fleet Manager for Golden Gate Express

  • User-Friendly Devices and Apps

The switch from paper to electronic logs may be a difficult change for many drivers. Even skilled and veteran drivers may lack confidence when it comes to technology.  As fleet managers, make sure you provide them with user-friendly ELD compliant devices and Apps.  At Matrack we understand drivers’ concerns about technology. We are here to offer drivers easy to install, and easy to use ELD compliant devices and Apps, and 24/7 friendly and reliable technical support.

Have a look at what trucking companies have to say about devices and tech support: 

“I was coming from paper log to ELD and now I like it. Everyone likes the (Matrack) devices.  They are easy to use”—Prem Sodhi Fleet Manager for Continental Carriers LLC

Rui Ariosa, fleet manager of Skyway Trucking says,

 “From 1-10, I would give Matrack a 10. If I have a problem, Matrack Tech Support immediately solves it and tries to help out. One time I was near JFK and the GPS didn’t work.  I called Matrack Tech Support and they told me how to fix it by telling me that there was a jammer near the airport. They knew that when I left the area, it would work again.”

  • Personalized Care

Here at Matrack we understand that no two trucking companies are the same.  Each and every company has its own distinct and evolving needs and concerns when it comes to freight transportation throughout the country.  We pride ourselves in the personalized care of each and every one of our customers.   

“We (Skyway Trucking) have been in business for 18 years. To be honest, when I spoke with Matrack, I liked the way you answered my questions. I could see that Matrack was really willing to cater to all my needs.”—Rui Ariosa 

The ELD deadline is just around the corner.  Don’t miss out on this chance to save money and time by enjoying our user-friendly devices, timely tech support and customized personal care at Matrack.

Check out our amazing deals on ELD compliant devices today at Matrack.

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