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Secure your Boat with the Matrack GPS tracking Solution

Do you know several boats costing around $60 million are stolen annually? Yes, the figure is daunting, and it is natural for one to worry about the security of their boat. While so many of them get lost, only 40 to 45% of them are retrieved back to their owners. 

While boats are one of the most expensive assets one can own, it is natural for them to become a sought-after target for robbers. Personal watercraft, runabout, utility, cruise, and sailboats are the major attraction for the thieves. But you can be smart about it too – with a GPS tracker.  Along with other preventive measures, a GPS tracker can keep your boat safe and offer a plethora of benefits. A GPS tracker allows monitoring your boat from anywhere with the help of a mobile phone or personal computer. Modern trackers can help you get notified even when the ship moves without your permission. Hence, whether you own a luxurious yacht or a simple runabout, you have to install one on your boat for better security. 

Now, if you start researching GPS trackers in the market, the sheer volume of choices will overwhelm you. So you need to first make a list of your priorities and expectations from such a tracker, and work out a budget. Also, remember that you cannot choose just any vehicle or asset tracker, given that your boat spends all the time on the water. 

In the next section, we have listed and discussed in detail the features of a GPS tracker unique to boats and watercraft. These features can guide you in shortlisting your GPS tracker.  

Why Do You Need A GPS Tracker On A Boat?

A GPS tracker can help you know the precise information about your boat, yacht, trawler, or other watercraft. You can monitor your ship from far away on a mobile phone or desktop. 

Apart from security reasons, let us determine other reasons- why you should invest in a GPS tracker.  

Mobile App VS. GPS Tracker

You can find different mobile applications in the app store that claim to use the GPS capabilities of your mobile to determine location. But when there are so many free options- why will you spend bucks on a GPS tracker?

Well, using a mobile application can be a good choice. But you cannot always rely on the battery and connectivity of your mobile phone. Why? Let me list all the reasons one by one- 

  1. You can lose your cellular network in the deep ocean. And the mobile application will stop working, leaving you behind to fit your way back.
  2. The ship always moves back and forth due to the waves. Your phone can slip from your deck and fall, damaging itself. 
  3. Even if you buy a portable stand for your mobile phone, the constant impact of the phone is enough to damage it.
  4. Lastly, you can stay on the sea for several days. But can your phone’s battery last that long? Well, no. And hence, you need a GPS tracker with a long battery backup. 

On the other hand, boat GPS trackers are durable and reliable devices. They are specially designed to work on rugged journeys and are waterproof. Additionally, they use a multi-channel network, so you don’t have to worry about losing connection. 


Sea is full of troubles. On a fine day, you are out on your boat full of passengers to enjoy the weather. And suddenly, the ship goes out of your control.

Now, you and the customer are drifting in the sea. In such a situation, what will you do? If you have a GPS tracking solution that offers SOS or location sharing feature, you can call for immediate assistance. 


Imagine you are fishing in the middle of a sea, and the engine of your ship breaks down. You will be left stranded in the sea for days or weeks before help reaches you. But you can avoid such a situation with the help of a GPS tracker. A comprehensive tracking solution delivers a maintenance schedule to keep your ship in top condition. You simply need to follow that and ensure that your ship can sail uninterrupted.


Sea is huge, and therefore, it is pretty easy for anyone to get lost in it. In the old times, fisherfolk applied their knowledge of astronomy to navigate the vast waters. But in modern times, even if you are experienced fisherfolk, you cannot rely on traditional ways to navigate safely. You have to switch to a reliable and modern solution. 

A GPS tracker can help you steer through the sea without getting lost. 

So the next time you go into the waters for a catch, you can sprawl into the deep without losing your way. 

Theft Prevention

We have already discussed this part earlier. A GPS tracker can help you monitor the real-time location of your boat from anywhere in the world. 

Insurance Benefits

Do you know that insurance companies give discounts to boat owners that use GPS tracking solutions?

With the increasing number of marine accidents and theft, insurance companies have understood the need of having a GPS tracker for a safe journey. Some of the carriers have made it compulsory to have a GPS tracker. 

Peace of Mind

Owning a boat requires spending heavy fortunes. It is a valuable asset, and therefore, you have to take care of it. And prevent it from any theft or suspicious activity. 

While you cannot always stick to your boat 24/7, you can use the GPS tracker to enjoy your peace of mind. 

Matrack Boat Tracking Solution

Matrack Inc. offers various GPS tracking solutions to cater to all of your tracking needs. Our boat GPS trackers are affordable and easy to use. You can use them to monitor real-time location updates of your watercraft without disturbing your budget. They are 100% waterproof and sturdy. And are capable of withstanding any weather condition and delivering location updates without fail. 

Apart from providing complete protection to your watercraft, our tracking devices also help you gain significant insights about your business and improve overall productivity. Various features such as route optimization, geofencing, engine status, driving behavior, fuel consumption reports can help you make better and more proactive decisions. 


Matrack offers three different options of boat GPS trackers. You can use one that fulfills your requirements. Let us take a quick overview of all of them. 

Boat TrackersDimensionsBest For?
Regular Hardwired For Boat1.2×2.7×4.1 inchesSmall business owners, for example, rent business
Weatherproof Hardwired For Boat2.75×1.97×1.05 inchesBig freight transport business
Weatherproof Long Battery Life Asset Tracker For Boat2.4×1.8×1.1 inchesBoats used for recreational purposes

Unique Features

Regular Hardwired For Boat

  • Keep your assets safe and secure.
  • Real-time tracking
  • Coordinate and optimize operations
  • Speed and hard braking alerts
  • Boundary exit/entrance alerts
  • Plug and play

Weatherproof Hardwired For Boat

  • Keep your boat safe and secure
  • Real-time tracking
  • Coordinate and optimize operations
  • Speed and hard braking alerts
  • Boundary exit/entrance alerts
  • Wired to your vehicle

Weatherproof Long Battery Life Asset Tracker For Boat

  • Water & weather-proof
  • Works well in extreme conditions
  • 1-year warranty
  • Speed up asset recovery
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • Aggressive tracking mode (in case of theft)
  • Dedicated 24/7 technical support

Product Highlights

No matter which one of the above you use, you can enjoy all of the following features. 

  • Geofence
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Detailed Report
  • SOS Button
  • Alerts 
  • Aggressive Tracking
  • Scheduled Regular Maintenance

Why Are Matrack Boat GPS Trackers The Best For You?

Today people use boats for various purposes. For example-

  • Freight transport
  • Travel
  • Recreational
  • Living
  • Businesses
  • Fishing 
  • Sports
  • Military Uses
  • Renting purposes
  • And many more.

But no matter which category you fall under, the Matrack boat GPS tracker is equally beneficial for you. 

Renting Business

You can use our Matrack GPS tracker to rent out your fleet of boats with the utmost confidence. It can help you to know the real-time location of your watercraft remotely. It offers various features such as routing, scheduling, invoicing, geofence to assist with several challenges you face while dealing with the customers. For example, contract breach, emergency, reckless use, theft, etc. 

Fishing Boat

Fishing is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Several threats related to it, such as piracy, extreme weather, suspicious activity, and accidents. But the growing market demands of fish and sea products, and therefore, it is a coveted profession. 

Matrack boat GPS tracker can help you protect yourself from theft and call for immediate assistance in emergencies. It gives freedom to the fisherfolk to go deep into the sea for a better catch. 

Additionally, fisherfolk can also use geofencing to create zones in the water with most fish. This helps them manage their time efficiently.


Another use of watercraft is for adventures. Thrill-seekers often use a wakeboard boat, surf boat, or ski boat to get the adrenaline rush. 

While it is a fun activity, several dangers are associated with it. If you go into the sea where the current is too strong, you can get stuck in it. And the chances of drowning increase. Even if you are a professional swimmer, you will not be able to fight the pressure of the water. Additionally, there are dangerous animals in the sea. If you came across one such, your life will be at risk. 

With the help of geofencing, you can create safe spots for yourself. And get an alert if you cross it by mistake. And unfortunately, if you face any accident, you can use the SOS feature to call for immediate assistance. 

Freight transport

Did you know almost 70% of the world’s cargo is shipped in water? Water transport is the cheapest way of transport. The majority of freight is delivered and exported by big ships.

The big ships are always on the sea carrying heavy cargoes. And there is a risk of them being stuck in the midway due to engine failure. But such breakdowns are bad for business growth and reputation. 

The business owners can use Matrack GPS trackers to get detailed reports of the engines. Our devices can even detect any small fault codes that can turn into major issues tomorrow. You will also receive notifications for regular maintenance. 

Recreational Purposes

Around 30 million boats are used for recreational purposes. Among them, Americans own 18 million boats. 

They often use it for hobbies such as fishing, cruising, water sports, or relaxing. While they are one of the most expensive assets one can own, they are often associated with several risks, such as theft.

Matrack GPS tracker can help you to protect your asset effortlessly. And also help you with better maintenance, engine accessibility, and smooth performance. 


There are various sports related to boating. For instance-

  • Boat racing
  • Cable skiing
  • Fishing
  • Jet skiing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • And many more. 

If you use your boat for any of the above purposes, the Matrack GPS tracker can be a boon. 

It can help you improve your watercraft performance, reduce unexpected breakdowns and protect your assets from potential thefts. 

Bottom Line

A GPS tracker has various benefits for you and your business. It can safeguard your asset from theft. And also help you to protect your and your crew member’s life during an emergency. 

The sea is full of surprises and extreme conditions. You can easily get lost or stuck over there. But a GPS tracker can help you navigate back to the seashore safe and sound. And call for immediate help in case of accidents such as shipwrecks.