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GPS Technology Enters The Football Field

Most of us are familiar with using GPS technology for tracking and mapping purposes. While the system was originally designed for the use of the US military, it’s now used by civilians worldwide for a variety of purposes. The GPS technology is commonly used for monitoring assets and people, mapping, science, agriculture and much more. Now GPS technology is entering a different field; the field of sports.

Catapult Sports, a sports-technology company providing GPS tracking devices for athletes is used by more than 100 football teams worldwide, 19 of them are American Football teams including Georgia Tech and Alabama Crimson Tide. Catapult is helping football team members identify weaknesses in their bodies, monitor and improve their performance, and even prevent or locate injuries. Football players wear light-weight GPS portable devices that are no bigger than a credit card while they practice or play a game. These devices detect direction, acceleration and deceleration, and speed, along with other things. Once the data is collected, it is analyzed by sports scientists and reported back to team members to help improve their performance and prevent and identify injuries. Football coaches are thrilled with the potential this small GPS tracking device has to improve their team’s overall performance.

Check out how Alabama team, Crimson Tide is benefiting from using Catapult here on YouTube.