7 Best Fleet Tracking Devices For Small Fleets
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7 Best Fleet Tracking Devices For Small Fleets
By Andrew Edited By AndrewModified On September 19, 2023Fleet Tracking

7 Best Fleet Tracking Devices For Small Fleets

Congratulations! By being here, you have taken the first step in improving the efficiency of your fleet operations. So let us help you out. Currently, especially after the fleet industry proved its strength, fighting the COVID pandemic on the frontline, there are a lot of GPS products and service providers tapping into the market. The sheer number of GPS tracking device sellers and the features they offer can be overwhelming.

But as you have already taken the first step, let us help you. After a lot of research and analysis of several products, we have cataloged the 7 Best Fleet Tracking Devices For Small Fleets. These devices come with the latest features that help you not just in tracking the location of our fleet, but fuel management and IFTA filing as well.

Benefits Of GPS Tracker For Small Fleet Owners

Before we jump onto our curated list of the best fleet GPS trackers for you, let us find out some benefits that they are going to impart to your organization.

Know the whereabouts of your drivers

When your drivers are hitting on the road, you cannot expect to contact them via cell phone. It creates a huge communication gap between a fleet manager and remote workers. 
But with a fleet GPS tracker, you can fill this gap and know their whereabouts of them 24/7.

Improve customer satisfaction

With the help of a GPS tracker for the fleet, you can complete a task in an efficient manner. You can deliver shipments on time by allocating the job to the correct person.  

In fact, if the customer demands an accurate estimate of the delivery, you can provide them using the telematics solution

Improve safety and avoid unnecessary liabilities

A modern telematics solution can provide you with a detailed report of your driver’s driving behavior. So you can know their conduct on the road and take steps to avoid any unfortunate events beforehand. 

Asset management

With a GPS tracker, you can stay updated about your asset no matter where they are. Additionally, in case of theft, you can retrieve them fast using real-time location updates. 

Make informed decisions

An ideal fleet GPS tracking solution does more than a simple GPS tracker. It collects significant data for you and provides you the power to harness it to make an important decision. 

Fleet Vehicle maintenance 

A GPS tracking solution will also help you to stay forward with the maintenance dates of different vehicles in your fleet. It will send you notifications to let you know the correct time to send the truck to the service center.

Best GPS Fleet Trackers For Small Fleet Owners

Matrack Fleet Tracking

matrack fleet tracking solutions

When it comes to GPS technology and related products and services, Matrack’s telematics solutions are unparalleled. One of the best things about Matrack GPS devices for a fleet is that not only do they have a wide range of services on an extremely affordable budget, but their services are also customizable based on your needs and the size of your fleet. 

Why do we recommend Matrack GPS devices for the Fleet?

  • Location In Real-Time
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fuel management
  • 4G/LTE connectivity
  • Route optimization and ETA data
  • Wide Selection of Customizable features
  • Access Driver & Operator Behavior
  • Track Electronic Driver Logs
  • Track Maintenance Needs
  • Vehicle Health and Performance Diagnostics
  • Geofence, Aggressive Tracking Mode, Roadside Assistance
  • Affordable yet Comprehensive FMS 
  • Easy installation
  • Seamless and User-friendly Platform

Why choose Matrack?

Matrack has an expansive bundle of fleet solutions that include GPS-enabled vehicle trackers, asset trackers, ELDs, and more that increase visibility and help improve productivity. The GPS devices and their integrated platform work in tandem to collect and analyze location data, engine status, mileage, vehicle diagnostics, fuel usage, and more to give you real-time information on how all your resources – vehicles, equipment, drivers – are working. The information allows you to make informed decisions to improve the safety, productivity, and sustainability of your fleet, while cutting down costs and potentially growing your ROI. 

The devices from Matrack are in complete compliance with regulations under FMCSA, DoT, and other government authorities. The company also has a team of expert support staff, available round the clock, throughout the year. Users can also opt for roadside assistance and aggressive theft tracking, in case of emergency. Know more here.


Matrack GPS devices for Fleet tracking come at a very affordable price starting at $50, with the lowest monthly subscription of $14.99 per month. There is no contract, no activation, or any other hidden fee, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is also no minimum vehicle requirement. 

Pros and Cons

  • Comprehensive GPS and FMS solution
  • Affordable and Ease of Use
  • Responsive Platform
  • No minimum number of vehicles required
  • No contract or hidden charges
  • It does not offer Dashcam

GPS Trackit

GPS Trackit GPS fleet tracking device

With easy-to-use products and services, and cost-effectiveness, GPS Trackit is the second-best option for your fleet. The device and app are easy to use and responsive, making managing of the fleet a piece of cake. They have a bunch of customizable features like Geofence, route optimization, and more that help you in enhancing fleet performance without extra expenditure

Why do we recommend GPS Trackit devices for the Fleet?

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Accurate and reliable Data 
  • Time & Driver Management
  • Mobile Apps to Track from Anywhere
  • Asset Protection & Management
  • Faster recovery of stolen vehicles or assets
  • Low Monthly Price and No Contracts

Why Choose GPS Trackit?

Bundled with cutting-edge technology and sturdy design, GPS Trackit devices are one of the best GPS solutions in the affordable category. Their fleet management platform is intuitive and user-friendly and is compatible with all mobiles and tablets. The solution offers an eagle’s eye view into your entire fleet operation – fuel, engine, manpower, and vehicle – all at one place, which makes it easier to keep a close watch and take informed decisions. 

GPS Trackit is well known in the market for its passionate customer support. Their professional team of experts can solve all your fleet management-related problems in minutes. 


You can procure its services for only $23.95 per month, with no contract or activation fee. The price for the device may vary, and exclude installation charges. There is no minimum vehicle requirement. 

Pros and Cons

  • No minimum number of vehicles
  • No contract or Activation fee
  • Free GPS with subscription
  • No 24/7 support
  • ELD compliance at extra cost

Samsara Fleet Tracking Solutions

Samsara Fleet Tracking device

GPS products and services of Samsara are fairly renowned for their high-quality products and services. Backed by their vast experience, Samsara GPS devices for fleet offer an all-inclusive telematics solution including location tracking and a complete fleet management solution. Like every competent fleet solution, Samsara too offers useful insights into your business, allowing you to streamline and reduce operating costs. 

Why do we recommend Samsara GPS devices for the Fleet?

  • Real-time location tracking
  • Personalized FMS solution
  • Integrated Platform
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Workflows and reporting
  • Data Safety
  • Driver, Asset, and Vehicle management
  • Geofence

Why Choose Samsara?

Samsara offers high-end GPS and fleet management solutions for fleets of every size. However, their products and services are best suited for fleets with three or more vehicles. The Samsara plug-n-play GPS devices are easy to install and collect and record a plethora of data that includes – real-time location, driving hours, engine running status, fuel status, mileage, and more. Leveraging these data and the related reports gives users and fleet managers a helicopter view of their overall operations. This allows for better management of resources and decision-making, enhancing overall productivity. 

Samsara devices are FMCSA-approved and in compliance with DoT and other authorities. They offer great customer support, available 24/7. If you are concerned about driver safety, fuel tracking, routing and dispatch, time on site, mobile app, and ELD compliance, then Samsara is your best choice. Apart from Samsara, there are many other Fleet management solutions that you can check out if you are looking for one.


Samsara has custom pricing, based on your requirement and number of vehicles. You are required to pay one time for the device, and then take a yearly subscription. The device cost is close to $100 and the monthly subscription for each vehicle starts at $30 per month. 

Pros and cons

  • Free trial of device and fleet services for a month
  • International Coverage
  • Custom pricing
  • In-depth vehicle diagnostics
  • 3-5 years of the contract
  • For fleets with 3 or more vehicles
  • No hardwired units

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect Fleet tracking system

With 23 offices all over the world, Verizon Connect offers global services for fleets that operate across national borders. The company has end-to-end fleet solutions that include absolutely everything – from real-time location, theft/danger alerts, inventory and dispatch management to ELD and IFTA compliance. The vast amount of data and reports that Verizon devices and platforms offer are usually best suited for the big-sized fleet as they can utilize this data for better management of their operations.

Why do we recommend Verizon Connect GPS devices for the Fleet?

  • Real-time location tracking with live maps
  • Commercial Vehicle roadside assistance
  • Geofencing
  • ELD tracking
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Engine Status
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Driving status and driver behavior

Why choose Verizon Connect?

Verizon Connect GPS products and services are best for fleets that operate globally. Apart from basic location tracking, there are several add-on services like live maps, fuel usage data, idle time, engine status, driver’s logs, and more that help users in performing cost analysis and improve the low-productive areas of their operations to attain maximum efficiency. Some of the other features of its GPS-enabled FMS services include complete customization of the dashboard on any mobile device to suit the needs of the fleet, Geofencing, and roadside assistance. 

With its GPS device, fleet managers also get access to driving habits that help in providing required training to its employees to ensure that their drivers, vehicles, and assets are safe. Verizon Connect also offers several AI-powered features like scheduling for maintenance and routing optimization as an add-on service. 


Given the high-quality features, Verizon Connects monthly subscription plans are more expensive than the others on the list and might cost $50-$250 per vehicle. However, this is based on fleet requirements – the more add-on services you choose, the more you pay. Also, a long-term contract is required to be signed. 

Pros and Cons

  • International Coverage
  • End-to-end FMS Solution
  • AI-powered features
  • Not suitable for small-sized fleets
  • Long contract periods
  • Integrated Platform is comparatively complicated
  • Expensive


Azuga Fleet tracking device

If you want live updates on absolutely everything, then Azuga Fleet GPS tracking is for you. Azuga GPS devices are simple to use, affordable, customizable, as well as very easy to install. It gives you improved fleet-wide visibility and allows create proper accountability and safety for drivers. Azuga’s GPS devices are paired with their FleetMobile FMS solution that you can access on any mobile device of your choice. Through this platform, you get regular updates on location, driving habits, driver working hours, and more. 

Why do we recommend Azuga GPS devices for the Fleet?

  • Easy to install and use
  • Integrated dash-cam (optional) 
  • Drive management
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Customizable alerts and Notification
  • Safety-oriented

Why choose Azuga?

Azuga GPS-enabled fleet devices and services are best suited to small and medium-sized businesses, for whom the security and safety of the driver, vehicle, and assets are more important. The company offers various telematics solutions like dual-facing dash cams that accurately record every moment inside and outside the vehicle. The recording helps in encouraging safe driving habits as well as recognizing accountability in case of an accident or theft. 

Azuga also offers an exclusive fuel card that automatically records fuel expenses; and with fuel usage data from the device, this service helps in the easier filing of IFTA. The Azuga devices are approved by relevant authorities and hence get you attractive discounts on your insurance premium. 


Azuga has three plans – basic, safe, and complete – each with subsequent more add-ons. There is no upfront device cost, and all the plans include a dual-facing dashcam without any extra hardware charges. The subscription plans are different based on the requirement and start from $22.99 per month per vehicle. All other add-on services including the ELD feature requires extra costing. 

Pros and Cons

  • Driver coaching
  • Dash-cam included
  • Fleet and Asset Trackers
  • Live alerts
  • 3 years minimum contract
  • Not suitable for users looking for all-inclusive FMS

Teletrac Navman

teletrac navman gps device

Accurate data and relevant reports are the USP of the Teletrac Navman GPS fleet tracking solution. Serving clients in several countries including the U.S.A, Mexico, Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand, Teletrac Navman offers a broad feature range of Cloud-based GPS services. With their devices and services, fleet managers and drivers can efficiently manage their time and resources, as well as save on expenses. 

Why do we recommend Teletrac Navman GPS devices for the fleet?

  • AI-powered telematics
  • Real-time visibility
  • Instant alerts, reports, and notification
  • Geofencing
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Maintenance and training
  • Accurate video footage
  • Plug-n-Play and hardwired devices
  • Robust Customer support

Why choose Teletrac Navman?

Teletrac Navman offers accurate data regarding location, driving hours, engine status, and more that helps fleet managers in deciding a driver-job assignment, fuel efficiency, route optimization, offering real-time updates to clients, and more. Their AI-powered solution helps in the proactive management of workflow and increases productivity. With real-time diagnostic alerts, fleets can always keep a check on vehicle maintenance and avoid unnecessary expenses in repairs and replacements. 

Teletrac Navman GPS solutions also come with dash-cams that help in identifying accountability in case of emergency, as well as coach drivers in better and safe driving habits. With Geofencing, users can create virtual boundaries around a location and monitor movement to track arrival and departure times, and unauthorized movement.


 Custom plans with custom pricing are available, however, cheaper plans limit the number of features. A monthly subscription starts from $35 per month per vehicle, and hardware prices are not revealed by the company.

Pros and Cons

  • AI-powered features
  • Dash-cams included
  • A broad range of features
  • International Coverage
  • Long-term contracts
  • 30-day notice for annual auto-renewal cancellation
  • Engine temp data not recorded


NexTraq vehicle tracker

Although last on our list, NexTraq is one of the best GPS fleet tracking solutions in the market. With flexible contracts, NexTraq covers two main features – compliance and safety. Its wide range of offers includes driver scorecards, behavior alerts, engine diagnostics, and preventative maintenance. It has robust compliance features for ELDs and DVIR and helps you in tracking every driver, individually. 

Why do we recommend NexTraq GPS devices for the fleet?

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Driver behavior
  • ELD compliance
  • Maintenance 
  • Routing and Job Scheduling
  • Fuel Management

Why choose NexTraq?

If you are looking to enhance your compliance with government regulations and ensure driver safety at the same time, then the NexTraq GPS fleet solution is the one you need. It offers a bunch of features that help in routing, job scheduling, fuel management, dispatch, scheduling for maintenance, recording of drivers’ working hours, and more. With the help of these features, you get access to untapped information and resources and utilize them to their maximum potential. Accurate information like real-time location and Geofencing help you in managing routes, reducing idle time, avoiding traffic, and reaching the destination on time. Alerts for driving behavior help you in training your drivers and avoiding any future accidents.


NexTraq offers custom pricing based on the number of vehicles in the fleet, the features required, and the term of the contract. More features mean a higher price, whereas the longer the contract, the lesser the price. There is an upfront device cost of $80 per vehicle if the contract is for a year, however, if the contract is longer, there is no device cost. Also, this pricing is for mid-sized fleets. 

Pros and Cons

  • Focus on Driver Safety and Compliance
  • Wide range of features
  • Plug-N-play and hardwired devices
  • Customer service is comparatively delayed

How to choose a GPS device for your fleet tracking business?

Now that you know the best GPS fleet tracking solutions for you, let us tell you why you need them.

Real-time location tracking and Geofencing

The advantages of knowing the location of your vehicle at all times are innumerable. If it’s stuck in traffic, you can re-route to reach the destination faster. You can keep the client updated on the estimated time of arrival (ETA). You can efficiently reduce the wait or idle time while loading or unloading. Also, in case any of your vehicles need assistance due to a broken down vehicle, accident, or theft, you can get them the help they need immediately. 


With GPS devices and FMS, you are in constant contact with your driver and vehicle. This makes communicating back and forth with your driver redundant. With immediate alerts and notifications, you are in charge of everything happening in your fleet and can streamline the operations for efficient functioning.


As most GPS fleet trackers keep an eye on vehicle diagnostics and engine status, you can automatically schedule a maintenance check. Research has proved that regularly and well-maintained fleet vehicles tend to perform longer. Having a proper schedule also reduces the chances of vehicle breakdown in the middle of a job. Also, the proper functioning vehicle tends to use less fuel.

Driver management

A comprehensive Fleet Management Solution must be able to assist you in complete driver management including payroll, compliance with hours of service, as well as driving behavior. You can set alerts for bad driving instances like hard braking, crossing speed limits, unauthorized routes, and more which can help you in training your driver in safe driving habits, thereby increasing their safety. Many solutions also come with dashcams that are extremely helpful in cases of thefts and accidents, and the recording from the dashcams is admissible evidence in a court of law. 


By complying with DoT regulations for Hours of Service, you can ensure that your drivers are not overworked and safe. 


When the vehicles are well maintained and their driving routes are optimized, they use less fuel and have lesser emissions. This makes your business sustainable and environment-friendly.


FMCSA, DVIR, and DoT have certain regulations regarding driving hours to ensure safer roads. To meet these regulations, you need to have an approved GPS fleet device or an Electronic Logging Device.


With all the data collected and the reports generated by an all-inclusive FMS, you can make an informed decision and improve the performance as well as productivity of your business. 


Several insurance providers offer a sizable discount on insurance premiums if authorized, licensed, and approved GPS–enabled fleet solutions are being used by a fleet.

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