10 Best Fleet Fuel Cards for Gas In 2024
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10 Best Fleet Fuel Cards for Gas In 2024
Vishnumaya R SNovember 30, 2022Fuel Cards

10 Best Fleet Fuel Cards for Gas In 2024

Managing fleets on the road is expensive, especially due to rising fuel prices. The uncontrolled fuel consumption and inefficient driving performance often lead to considerable expenses that cut your profits. There are practical solutions available in the form of fuel cards that can help you yield savings in fuel costs in the most effective way.

Whether you are a small truck business operator or manage a large fleet, fuel cards can help you save money by tracking your fuel expenses easily and spending wisely and securely when you are on the road. 

Besides gas expenses, your drivers can use these cards for emergency expenses like servicing, repairs, spare parts, lodging, and boarding at selected stop points. 

You can ensure that all these transactions are authentic and your company funds are not misused. In this way, fuel cards can help optimize your budget and control unnecessary costs.

You can also integrate your fuel card with the GPS-enabled fleet management system and receive all relevant information about diesel consumption, price, location, driver, routes, etc. 

You can set up monitoring systems, download statements, and check transactions through the companion app. You get to know the fuel spending daily, weekly, or monthly, which allows you to restrict unapproved expenses and improve cost-efficiency in operations.

Fuel cards help you monitor where excess money is being spent and allow you to lower fuel costs. You can set up transaction limits on fuel cards, so there is no chance of overconsumption and unauthorized purchase. It also improves the accountability of drivers to optimize gas consumption and helps control costs.

The most important aspects of these cards are the coverage, discounts, pricing, and other benefits they offer that are relevant for fleet businesses. You need to consider all these factors and make a balance with your requirements while choosing the ideal card for your business. 

This article will provide details of some top fuel cards for gas that would guide you in selecting the best one.

Benefits of Fleet Fuel Cards

You can achieve maximum benefits from fuel cards by integrating them with your fleet management system, which helps you to get clear and accurate information on spending that leads to informed decisions. 

You can gain total control over the usage of cards and ensure that they are used only for your fleet gas purchase and not for other purposes. The fuel cards provide several benefits by optimizing your expenses and controlling the budget, which are as follows:


It is a convenient solution to avoid handling cash during gas purchases. You do not get hard copy receipts but can access all records regarding date, time, location, and price details online using the app.

Automatic Reports

You can access customized reports to see every transaction and all the detailed information. It provides a more organized record for calculating and analyzing fuel expenses.

Cost Savings On Purchase

Many card providers offer discounts on the standard gas price, resulting in considerable cost savings. These cards take care of fluctuating gas prices and help save costs in the long run. It also offers you loyalty points accrued for every transaction, which you can redeem as required. 


These cards are accepted nationwide, giving drivers better flexibility to choose the filling station to purchase the gas at the most affordable cost. You can ensure that drivers use the approved locations for filling to take advantage of price benefits.

Spending Control

Fuel cards help control your budget by understanding the spending pattern and allowing you to lower costs. You can set specific spending controls on the type and quantity of fuel and restrict purchasing at more expensive sites. These cards allow you to fix transaction limits on drivers’ spending at the gas station.


The cards offer you protection against fraud by using anti-fraud technology. It allows setting up an individual PIN to track and deactivate the card in case it is lost or stolen.

Additional Services

Many providers offer additional services like purchasing fuel-related products and accessories using cards. 

If you are driving on a route and searching for nearby pumping stations and other facilities, the card guides you to locate it conveniently, which saves you time and fuel, thereby minimizing the cost.

How to Choose a Suitable Fleet Fuel Card?

The fuel card market has been growing with more demand from fleet operators. Several companies provide feature-rich vehicle gas cards, so you need to choose the one that offers significant cost savings and benefits for your fleet business.

We have identified the criteria that would be most important for fleet businesses. We recommend you analyze the factors while looking for an ideal card and select the one with the best advantage. The factors you need to consider before deciding on the most suitable one for your fleet are as follows:

Coverage: It indicates the network of gas stations that can accept the card and their locations across the area of your operations.

Savings: The discount amount to get on the gas price and the other ways it can help you save money.

Fuel type: The type of fuel provided and whether it serves your purpose of getting fuel efficiency.

Features: The features offered can benefit your business, such as fraud prevention, spending control, report generation, etc.

Best Fleet Fuel Card For Gas in 2024

Fleet cards allow you to track purchases of gas, give you detailed reports, help you manage expenses, and allow control of spending for your business vehicles. 

Some companies issue their automobile cards called branded cards, whereas some card providers partner with companies like VISA and Mastercard to offer universal services. We have reviewed and listed the ten best gas fuel cards for fleets to bring you our top picks for 2024. 


Matrack Fuel Card

Matrack cards are a simple and powerful solution for drivers and fleet owners. These cards are a reliable tool to monitor and control gas expenses, particularly when running large fleet operations. 

There are several benefits that Matrack offers, including hassle-free online transactions, tracking of gas expenses regularly, and restricting any unauthorized purchase or inefficient use. ‘

You can save a lot with Matrack vehicle cards by limiting spending and controlling drivers’ unapproved re-fueling habits.

This fuel card guides you to find the nearest fuel station around your current location that offers gas at the lowest price. It offers you up to 60 days credit period for payment without interest. You can save up to $2000 per year on fuel using Matrack fuel cards.

Key features

This card is accepted by around 95% of fuel stations in the US.

Provides access to transactions and accounting reports online for making informed decisions.

Integration with GPS fleet management software routes you to the nearest most cost-effective gas station.

Provides price comparisons by tracking the cheapest gas prices in nearby stations and helps you save up to 20% by fuel purchase from GPS-verified stations.

The card facilitates security by tracking vehicle status and allows control over fuel expenses by setting the spending limit.

You can get immediate alerts for purchases through this card to facilitate tracking the purchase frequency, cost, and fuel efficiency.

This card expands the savings network by connecting to many fuel stations.

The mobile application allows you to manage the card settings through an online account.

 Matrack offers technical support and services for the effective utilization of fuel cards.


WEX Fuel Card

WEX offers one of the best fleet cards accepted at 95% of pumping stations with over 45,000 service locations. It provides facilities for tracking diesel expenses by purchase alerts, thereby optimizing efficiency. 

The customized reports and access to updated information help streamline your operations with WEX. The company offers several fleet card solutions, allowing you to choose the best one that suits your business needs. WEX cards offer control over daily expense limits, time, and use location.

Key features

WEX ClearView app to see updated reports on the fuel spending of your fleet.

User-friendly app support that includes WEX Connect station-finder and DriverDash mobile payments.

There are three types of WEX fleet card options for truck drivers:

WEX fleet card: It is suitable for fast-growing small businesses. The card saves money by offering instant rewards.

WEX flex card: It allows having a monthly balance.

Retail fuel card helps you choose from a popular fuel brand.


Fuelman Fleet Card

These cards help streamline your accounting operations with real-time monitoring and alerts. Several options are available at varying price points, so you can find the one that works best for your business. 

They offer the best diesel rebates and reward points with every fueling. The cards connect to 50,000 fuel stations and 20,000 service locations. Fuelman offers two types of cards: simple saver and deep saver. These cards provide facilities for detailed fuel spending reports, vehicle maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Key features

A choice of packages with various price options.

Unique carbon emissions offsetting option.

Generous fuel rebates and reward points.


Shell Fuel Card

Shell offers various card options ensuring that you can find one that meets your business requirements most suitably. The cards are accepted at 14,000 fuel stations nationwide. 

Reliable customer service gives you the necessary assistance you need. Shell cards are available for small businesses to massive fleets, giving you much flexibility and price options. It is one of the most affordable solutions, with no monthly fees and generous rebate options.

Key features

Comprehensive reporting on purchase details.

Geofencing facility to set location-specific spending limits.

Superior app support for finding fuel and service stations. 

Shell offers three types of cards as follows:

Small Business Card: This is a zero-fee card for small fleets with purchase monitoring features.

Fleet Plus Card: This card is suitable for medium-sized fleets and offers rebates based on your purchase volume.

Fleet Navigator Card: This card provides customized service and detailed reporting features.


ExxonMobil Fleet Pro Card

This card is renowned for its flexible payment options. It offers extended network coverage solutions that can cover your region. It benefits small fleets with higher rebates and reward points on purchasing gas. You can utilize the associated mobile app and many other features to your advantage. You can select branded or universal cards, depending on your requirements.

Key features

Customized features based on needs and fleet size.

Reliable app support and network coverage.

Flexible payment options.


RTS Fuel Card

It offers high savings and discounts on gas, making it a cost-effective solution for fleet operations. RTS cards are most suitable for trucking as it gives significant discounts. 

It can integrate with fleet management software, achieving various benefits such as GPS tracking, geofencing, and timely alerts. The RTS mobile and web app allows you to plan routes, find the lowest diesel prices, and check out parking, dining, and other service information at specified stops.

Key features

Integration with fleet management software.

Upload facilities for images and documents from a mobile device.

Offers discounts at various locations.


BP Fleet Fuel Card

The BP cards offer a range of appealing features that help save costs and improve efficiency. It has reliable security features and offers user-friendly interaction through mobile and web applications. 

You can manage your account for customized reports, stay on track with updated details on spending, and schedule the payments made through these cards at your convenience. It is suitable for small to large fleets with regular reporting, customizable spending limits, and fraud prevention features.

Key features

Excellent coverage with a wide network of fuel stations.

Tracking purchases made outside of working hours.

Option for additional services like maintenance facilities.

Integration with fleet management software.

Upload facilities for images and documents from a mobile device.

Offers discounts at various locations.


Comdata Fuel Card

Comdata has served the trucking industry for several years and has provided the best solutions through its fuel cards. The cards are accepted at over 15,000 locations and offer a rebate on gas purchases. 

Comdata cards come with plenty of benefits, including control of diesel expenses and handling compliance. The best feature is the FleetAdvance app which helps drivers to find the nearest station with the cheapest diesel and gas prices. 

You can use the app to view transactions of individual vehicles and the overall fleets and monitor the saving of funds on gas purchases.

Key features

Instant top-up through FleetAdvance mobile app.

Offers a 20% discount at network hotels.

Helps drivers connect with reliable mobile fueling vendors.

Applicable to pay for fuel and vehicle maintenance and repairs.


ARCO Fuel Card

The cards give you access to real-time reporting tools and an online portal for account management. You can also set spending limits that maximize savings and help you manage the fuel budget efficiently. ARCO’s signature card allows gas filling at any participating fuel station at affordable prices. The various features of ARCO include detailed reporting, security controls using a PIN, digital statements, and vehicle and driver performance tracking. The business solution MasterCard also allows payment for maintenance services.

Key features

Excellent gas station coverage.

Restrictions for fuel purchase only.

Instant deactivation for lost or stolen cards.


Chevron Texaco Fleet Fuel Card

This fleet card integrates effectively with the fleet management system and enables you to monitor your spending while viewing and paying your bills through the convenient mobile app. 

Chevron Texaco’s online portal allows you to track and restrict unnecessary expenses with customizable purchase controls. It helps generate automatic reports on daily, monthly, or yearly spending and offers the advantage of a paperless and efficient accounting process.

Key features

 Excellent management app which enables purchase controls.

Access to historical records and report generation.

It does not charge any setup or monthly fee.


Fuel prices are substantially high due to various factors. It implies that fleet businesses have to gain a lot from the savings on fuel consumption. Optimizing consumption and minimizing expenses are essential to improve business profitability. 

Fuel cards help to manage your fund flow on the gas purchased and provide comprehensive and updated data on expenses that can be critical for optimizing costs.

Most companies offer a range of fuel cards with multiple features, which they recommend to different businesses based on the size of the fleets, the type of fuel used, and the geographical area of operation. 

It is always advisable to analyze and compare different fleet card offers before selecting the suitable one.

The information produced by fleet cards is highly impactful in assessing the fuel efficiency of vehicles and purchasing patterns by drivers. 

Tracking and limiting spending for unrelated products eliminates the chances of unauthorized and unnecessary expenses. Only the registered users of a fuel card can use it, meaning you have absolute control over the usage and expenses.

Most fuel cards offer features you should look out for, like low fees, discounts, and usage limits. In terms of network coverage, if there are plenty of gas stations in your area that accepts the cards, you will achieve the maximum benefits. Shell has the best fee-free option; the RTS card offers considerable discounts, and Fuelman gives the most generous diesel rebates.

Many fleet card providers nowadays have taken advanced steps to calculate your fleet’s carbon emissions based on the type and volume of gas consumed. The company will then invest in certified carbon reduction projects and refine its products to offset the carbon emissions. They also inform customers about the extent of carbon emissions and allow them to take control measures necessary to address environmental concerns.

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