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Calculate how much you can save using Matrack's fleet, asset and trailer tracking devices.

Matrack’s AMEX Fuel Card; Turning Your Expenses Into Profit

Introducing Matrack’s AMEX Fuel Card; Turn your Expenses into Profit Center

Matrack’s Amex Fuel Card is a simple, yet powerful solution for drivers and fleet owners.

Credit cards or cash are the easiest way to keep paying for fuel but fuel cards offer more benefits for you and your

drivers. What is it that makes fuel cards a better alternative? 

  • Online Transactions

All transactions are recorded online, no need for upfront payments or to worry about receipts.

  • Control 

You will have the ability to specify which driver can buy fuel.

  • Hassle free 

Fuel cards can have more benefits than just simply getting a discounted fuel. You and your staff will spend less time

tracking expense forms, trying to figure out who paid for what.

  • Tracking fuel usage 

With a fuel card, you can monitor your fleet together with your GPS management software, such as their routes,

mileage, and where and how often they are stopping.  This is very important in analyzing the data for you to figure

out the quickest route for your fleet; thereby saving you more money in the process.

It doesn’t end there!  Some Fuel cards, such as Matrack’s Amex Fuel card, offers a 1.5% early pay discount, gives

you up to 60 days to pay with no interest,  provides you with real-time fraud alerts, helps you identify credits,

refunds or exemptions for your fleet… and a lot more.

Head over to Matrack fuel card to find out why fleet owners and drivers think Matrack’s Amex

Fuel cards are one of the best.

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