Maintain Your Fleet With Matrack Solutions
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Maintain Your Fleet With Matrack Solutions
By Emma Pauline Edited By Modified On April 11, 2020Bike safety

Maintain Your Fleet With Matrack Solutions

Running a business in the biking sector especially when we talk about rental service firms, can get extremely tricky. There is a lot of nitty gritty that has to be looked after if you want your business to function flawlessly. Maintaining the size of your fleet and saving your business from theft mark themselves as the foremost factors to run a smooth firm.

Have you marked yourself safe from the common bike rental business problems yet?

What if you found one solution that to resolve all the obstacles in running your fleet flawlessly?

Does maintaining records manually and keeping a stack of registers and files play on your head constantly?

Is the staff that goes into fleet maintenance increasing the overheads of your business firm drastically?

Matrack brings to you a solution that solves all of the aforementioned bike rental business problems and more. Before we take a look at the solutions for maintain a fleet, let us first understand the common problems and issues faced by bike rental firms.

Robbery: When talking about maintaining a fleet, the foremost factor is saving your bikes from theft. To many bike rental owners, this comes as a sheer challenge as bikes become the easiest of the lot to steal. Theft is also a common occurrence that does not only imply to thieves alone but also some of the rentees masking themselves as honest customers. It is almost impossible to guarantee any documents received by a rentee at the time of renting out a bike.

Billing ambiguity: Maintaining an accurate record manually about the whereabouts of any bike in your fleet is not only tedious but also highly impossible. Extra hours here and there tend to get overlooked while maintaining manual records. Manual records also force the company to trust every detail given by the rentee with minimal evidence to the same. This in turn would eat up the little extra profits you otherwise would have made as an owner.

Accidents and mishaps:  These are unfortunate events you cannot abstain from. However, facts at the scene can be tampered with and stories can change if you do not have real evidence to the happening. In most cases, an owner may not even be aware of the whereabouts of his bike or the occurrence of an accident.

Manipulation of company rules: There are terms and conditions put before a rentee as company policy which are often found to be manipulated by them. Generally, for a little extra saving, a rentee tends to twist and turn company rules of renting in his/her favour thus adding to the minor losses in the bike rental firm.

If the aforementioned is a matter of concern to you and maintaining the bikes in your fleet is getting tougher by the day, look no further than the solutions Matrack brings to you. A Matrack GPS tracker is a device that serves as a onetime solution to solving all of the issues faced by bike rental companies.

Let us now understand how GPS trackers help with maintaining a fleet with utmost convenience.

GPS Trackers and Fleet Maintenance

Protection against theft: An owner can be carefree about the whereabouts of any bike in his fleet as he would have very detail of the same with a Matrack GPS Tracker. GPS trackers allow the owner/staff of the bike rental company to monitor his/her fleet at anytime from anywhere. Robbers often dismantle the bike once stolen so it becomes both easier to transport and unidentifiable. However, GPS trackers will provide with the exact location of the bike even if dismantled. This is the first step to maintaining a flawless fleet.

No billing ambiguity: You can now easily maintain records and foster easy and transparent billing with the help of a GPS tracker. 

The records maintained are fool proof and leave no scope of error eliminating all billing issues.

Real time tacking and Geofencing: Another factor of maintaining a smooth fleet is keeping a tab on bike handling while the bike from your fleet is away. This feature helps bike rental companies track any bike in their fleet while out on rent. Real time tracking enables owners to understand the duration as well as the handling of the bike. This feature will intimidate you when a bike from your fleet violates any traffic rule. On the other hand, geofencing is a feature that ensures that the bikes are ridden within the area marked as safe by the rental company and does not enter any prohibited area set by the company. Therefore as an owner you can vouch for the maintenance of the rules set by your company for your fleet with the help of a Matrack GPS device.

Transparency due to records: Maintaining a line of trust and reliance between renters and rentees is now not a haasle as a matrack GPS tracker brings in transparency in the form of records. 

Owners of rental firms are safe from losses caused due to rental abuse or dishonesty and manipulation as the Matrack GPS tracker stores necessary records of the same. This feature maintains amicable relations between owners and customers.

Bike Maintenance:  Keep forgetting the next service date of your fleet?

The GPS device studies the bike records and indicates exactly when it is due to service a bike in your fleet. This feature helps with maintaining every bike keeping your fleet in top condition.

SOS Facility:

In case of an accident, get the exact location and the easiest route to get there with a matrack GPS tracker.

Customers tend to appreciate this feature on the basis of safety.

Other than maintaining a flawless fleet, what’s more store for you?

Matrack GPS trackers provide;

  • Devices that possess a strong battery life which endures for a commendable 5 months
  • Trackers capable of breaking down the indoor-outdoor tracking barrier as they work in accordance with the latest Wi-Fi stealth technology
  • Configurable APIs that delivers data for software integration
  • Covert portable devices that can be hidden on the bike

Our devices come with a 1 year warranty and a 3 year battery life guarantee. Our services include a 24/7 helpdesk available to solve any issues faced by our esteemed customers at any time. We also have a 30 day return policy. Our devices are weather and waterproof. Maintain your bike fleet with the convenience of a Matrack GPS device.

For any assistance or additional information on GPS tracking devices, you could visit us at MatrackInc

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