Matrack Solutions For Electric And Manual Bikes

Matrack Solutions For Electric And Manual Bikes

The problem of bike theft in the USA, is extremely discouraging for riders to enjoy their much loved bike rides. The primary setbacks for a commercial bike fleet as well are theft, traffic, inefficiency, etc. What if you found a solution to secure your fleet by tracking it from anywhere? Be it a manual or an electrical bike, a single bike owner or a fleet owner, Matrack facilitates you with the latest technology to track your bike where ever it goes. Technology has advanced to a point where you can gain access to a vehicle that is miles away from you through your phone or computer. Looking past how good this may sound, it is also convenient in many more ways. Before we take a peek at the solutions and convenience, let us first understand manual and electric bikes in detail.

The difference between manual bikes and electric bikes

Manual bikes are actually very similar to electric bikes. Their appearance and standard components are just the same. An electric bike can be repaired and serviced at the same store as the manual bike at the same cost. However, if the repair involves an electric damage then it would require an electric bike skilled official for service. Enlisted below are a few differences that make an electric bike different from a manual one.

For a long time, manual bikes have been dominating the world of cycling, especially because they were the only bikes available in that time. Off late, electric bikes, due to their convenience, seem to be taking over.

However, electric or manual the bike be, the issue of theft still prevails in the biking sector. Here’s where a good GPS system can serve as a formidable solution for every biker.

Let us now take a look at Matrack solutions for electric and manual bikes, and understand whom all will it help and how.

Matrack offers a range of GPS trackers for bikes, both electric and manual.

GPS trackers are a boon the technology sector offers. This advancement is indeed commendable due to the convenience it brings about. In the earlier days, it was rather difficult to monitor kids when they were on the go. Even commercially it was tough to keep a track on fleet movements leaving employees with a lot of room for misleading data and dishonesty. However, Matrack provides with solutions that diminish such issues, making it all the more convenient for both riders and bike/fleet owners.

For assistance or additional information on telematics and GPS tracker installation, you could visit us at Matrackinc

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