ELD And Matrack; The Company That Saves
Emma PaulineJanuary 4, 2023ELD

ELD And Matrack; The Company That Saves

In a fast-moving world that is geared towards profit, you need reliable devices that help you efficiently transport, track, and safe keep assets; as well as products that help your company stay up to date with ever-changing laws and regulations to ensure you continue to flourish and gain. Matrack is here to provide you with solutions. Using our cutting edge technology in GPS devices we have a variety of options to meet all your needs; whether they are personal or professional.

Matrack has solutions to help both small and large fleeting companies. As we all know, being compliant with the ELD mandate is something that is on every trucking company’s mind. As the saying goes, “time flies” and the December 16, 2019 deadline will be here before we know it. Making sure that you have an ELD compliant devices installed in every truck is key to saving endless money.

Matrack’s ELD devices will help you make sure your drivers are keeping up with all FMCSA requirements so when the DOT audits them, no money will be wasted on unnecessary tickets. It’s also a great way to go Green and save money on fuel. With Matrack’s ELD compliant device and App, you’ll be able to see live, in real time the speed, braking, and idling of your fleet. In addition, using ELD compliant devices will automatically make sure that drivers don’t exceed their driving limit; which will ultimately prevent accidents due to fatigue; thereby saving both lives and money.

Don’t lose out on this great opportunity. Visit us today on our website and join in with the thousands of others who save time, hassle, and money by investing in our ELD compliant devices.

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