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The GPS tracking system is on the verge of growth due to the increased number of missing cases and equipment theft. Experts also forecast that the CAGR for the GPS tracker market till 2024 will be 15%. Heavy-duty industries like engineering, manufacturing, and logistics are sure to reap the benefits from it. 

Why is the demand for Matrack GPS trackers gaining significance now?

Knowing the vehicle’s exact location and the driver and the car’s condition becomes real information that can transform a business. Here’s why Matrack GPS tracking devices are known to be an essential gadget for a business enterprise:

  1. Reduces fuel costs – the information you get from Matrack location trackers can help the company have efficient reporting, routing, and reducing fuel costs. Over time, a few bucks saved on a trip can contribute to a tidy sum. 
  2. Improves vehicle health – with real-time updates from the Matrack vehicle trackers, companies can better control their vehicle functioning and not be surprised by sudden breakdowns and damages. As a company, you can have a timely service for your vehicles and improve the functionality, ensuring longevity and better performance. 
  3. Control driver behavior – the Matrack fleet trackers will help the company get updated information on vehicle driver behavior. Whether the driver is taking unnecessary breaks or not following the traffic rules, the fleet manager can know it simultaneously. It also becomes easy for fleet managers to give their drivers better training practices for better productivity and performance by reducing road crashes and negligent driving. The Matrack ELD is one such effective solution for keeping track of your driver’s driving work hours and pattern. 
  4. Positive impact on insurance premiums – when there are fewer accidents, there is a direct impact on the insurance premium.
  5. Recover lost vehicles – with the right GPS tracking solution like Matrack, the fleet owners can be fully updated with the vehicle’s whereabouts in case of theft. The misuse of the vehicle can be avoided to a great extent. 
  6. Reduces paperwork and documentation – gone are those days of hours of reporting and paper works. Simultaneously, the Matrack GPS trackers help in easy reporting of dispatch and delivery of goods automatically, so that the manual work is significantly reduced. 

So, it’s evident that these benefits make sense to buy a GPS tracker. That’s why business enterprises, be it small or large-scale, anchorage the GPS tracking technology. 

Top Industries where the use of Matrack GPS tracking is crucial

Any businesses into the shipment of their goods and services can integrate the GPS tracking technology into their everyday operations with ease to boost productivity and minimize cost. Following are some of the top industries where the use of GPS tracking has become more significant and crucial:

  1. Courier/delivery service – the most important among all is the courier industry, where the shipment takes place in bulk and in massive numbers. Courier and delivery service companies are the top to use these GPS trackers of Matrack. With useful GPS trackers, parcel tracking has been easier like never before with transparency in the data reporting for both the fleet manager and the customer. This is updated as and when there is a change in the delivery cycle or parcel’s position.
  2. Logistics – the second most important industry that comes to use GPS tracking solutions for their products is the logistics companies. A logistics company with large fleets has to keep track of every vehicle and every driver at all times. This is not possible through phone calls and messages and paperwork. Thanks to the Matrack real-time tracking solutions that communication and updating of the fleet can be readily reported to the fleet manager. 
  3. Construction industry – the growth and development of a state lie in its successful construction projects. The types of equipment used for construction are high-priced and have a high risk of theft. Trucks, power tools, on-site essentials may be a target for thieves. Matrack GPS trackers for the construction industry ensure drivers carrying loads from one site to another are not wasting time taking unsafe routes. Knowing that the tracking and surveillance are in place, drivers and other staff can be clear from their side while reporting to the fleet department and officials. 
  4. Hotels and catering services – the food delivery industry has grown to its biggest boom, with the home delivery and catering segment bringing an increased demand and convenience to customers. The foodservice market uses GPS tracking technology to deliver timely food and service to their customer and to ensure that their driver is punctual in his work. This also lets the company provide training for their underperforming drivers. 
  5. Educational institutions – there has been a steady rise in the number of missing cases. The disturbing fact is that half of the missing cases are of school children. With rising concerns for student safety, parents have started using GPS trackers of Matrack to communicate and know that their kids are safe. The Matrack advanced GPS trackers can send alerts to parents about delays and other concerns. Even schools and colleges use GPS tracking devices to monitor their bus movements without using phone calls and parents’ messages. 
  6. Emergency sector: Whether it’s an ambulance, fire, or police service, GPS tracking gadgets are used in full-fledge for smarter routing in crowded cities. With more features inbuilt into these location trackers, you can easily track the drivers and their behavior. 
  7. Pharmaceuticals and medical industry – though the logistics industry integrates these sectors, it is imperative to mention them separately as they have their own unique needs and requirements. For instance, a shipment carrying medicines of high value can render the entire medicine-batch go missing or useless if not delivered at the right destination.  
  8. Public transport industry – public transportation means like buses, trains, and taxis have a strict schedule. Customers plan their days and activities by booking these public transportation modes. And when it comes to public transportation, the hurdles of passing the traffic jam is enormous. When a taxi is supposed to drop their client at 5 pm, the road’s heavy traffic and blocks can result in a delayed drop off at 6 or 6.30 pm. But with the help of Matrack GPS tracking solution, the taxi companies can have a better interaction with their customers and thus eliminate the need to contact the operator for an update about their vehicle’s location. The cab service providers, like Uber, employ GPS trackers to provide a real-time update on their vehicle’s location. They have also set the trend to standardize the cab service industry with these advanced GPS tracking solutions. 

The Matrack list of GPS trackers include:

  • Vehicle trackers
  • Asset and trailer trackers
  • ELD

The Matrack list of GPS tracking solutions include:

The Matrack ELD logbook is an electronic logbook device that is DOT compliant and listed in FMCSA’s ELD approval list. The voice-based ELD logbook provides a voice-over feature to update the status easily. The Matrack ELD provides time-to-time updates about loading and unloading procedures from start to end with real-time reporting to fleet managers. 

Features of Matrack ELD logbook

  • ELD compliant
  • DOT log transfer – ensures safe transfer of digital files to the security officer
  • HOS logs – this helps the fleet manager to know whether the vehicle is in a driving or non-driving status. When a commercial motor vehicle moves faster than 5mph, the ELD will automatically be prompted to consider the vehicle as in driving status.
  • Geo-fencing – you can create customized zones so that if your vehicle enters/ exits a restricted area, you will be informed right at the moment.
  • Idle-time tracking: Once the vehicle’s speed comes to 0mph and remains at that same speed for three consecutive seconds, then the Matrack ELD will report the vehicle to be in non-driving status.
  • Real-time alerts – the Matrack ELD and GPS tracking solutions provide real-time data with unlimited alerts sent directly to your mobile phone or email. You will know the precise location of the driver and vehicle. 
  • Accident reporting – the Matrack GPS tracking solution lets you instantly get notified of your trailer accidents. The instant notifications with detailed report will be sent to your email or smartphone.

Apart from these industries mentioned above, the Matrack vehicle tracking devices are used in mining, fisheries, and cab/car rental service companies. They use these GPS trackers for their shipment/vehicle tracking. The cab service providers and vehicle rental companies use GPS trackers for tracking their fleets, driver behavior, functioning, and safety of the vehicle and passenger. This clearly defines that the GPS tracking system has numerous benefits for the companies and industries. 

Even individual customers prefer buying Matrack GPS tracking devices to keep track of their teen’s driving behavior or keep an eye on their children. Every industry has its customized GPS solutions available. The smart move is to understand how these tracking solutions can solve challenges faced by a particular industry or company that can help build reliable data solutions. 

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